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Run Richard, Run! But what’s he running from/towards?

Empty Lucas Running insert idea

I really enjoy getting ideas from the comments my wonderful readers leave, so I want to try something new today.

I’ve used the image of Lucas North running many times.

There’s something about how Richard’s body looks in motion that makes me want to cry out a Hallelujah!

Just look at those thighs and that junk in his trunk!

I could send hours fiddling with this image and, actually, I have.

I’ve had Richard running with dogs:

Richard Armitage Lucas running dogs

And running away from dragons:

Armitage Dragon fire

Now I want to hear YOUR IDEAS!!!

What is Richard running away from?

What is Richard running towards?

Leave your ideas in comments and remember, the dafter the better and nothing is too out there!

Give as much info as you can to help me, maybe a little background story or link to a photo, and I will do my best to PS your ideas and post them throughout the week 🙂

To start us off, here’s Bilbo Baggins, the ultimate fangirlhobbit, chasing after Richard for an autograph!

Honestly, I can’t blame the amorous Halfling, that’s more or less what I’d look like!

Richard Armitage Bilbo autograph hunter

I can’t wait to see what you crazy lot will come up with!!!

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  1. Isn’t there a biplane chasing after him? I would love to see Mr. A. in a remake of North by Northwest. Cary Grant was one of my favorite actors when I was a little girl and Mr. A. is as *wow* a man as Mr. Grant was. Fangirling seems to be a genetic disposition of mine. Cannot remember a time in my life when I was not fond of one or the other hunk (although I have never been hit as seriously as by Mr. A.). And obviously I was gifted with great taste from the moment I was born. 🙂

    • North by Northwest? What a great idea! I’ve always thought that Richard in a Cary Grant b&w headshot would be wonderful. He has that timeless elegance when he scrubs up 😉

  2. *teehee* – how about a cat behind him and a dog with open arms in front???
    Whatever you do, remember to flip that image! In cinematographic symbolism, a movement to the left indicates a movement towards the past (or tragedy or desaster or death) whereas a movement to the right is imbued with more positive symbolism – the future, happiness, positive outcome. We only want the best for him, don’t we? Full steam ahead to the future.
    PS: That last manip is brilliant. Please post separately on tumblr. It’ll be a hit!

    • I didn’t know about the right/left rule! I just flip it when I’m sick and tired of Richard going one way 😉 I’m feeling a Richard/cat image strongly, but won’t cat lovers want to scratch my eyes out for that?

  3. Upon his early arrival to the airport, he discovers that one-forty-three flight was really elven-thirty-four (dyslexia strikes again) and he must now make a mad dash for his gate.

    Your “dragon flame” pic reminds me of the visits to my dear old Pop in his last years. Whenever I was about to leave, he would say, “What’s your hurry. You’re running out of here like your a$$ is on fire.” Thanks for the memory. Even today, over seven years later, he still makes me laugh.

  4. I don’t know how easy/hard this would be but I see him running away from just female hands and holding screenplays (and maybe a few high heeled feet) at the bottom that have all the names of movies we think he should be in…Poldark, 50 shades of Grey, that Potato one, some silly ones…

  5. He’s late for that dinner (with me) you mentioned in a previous post… LOL

  6. Nie na temat..ale ja przyczepiłabym mu łyżwy 😉
    Kapitalne te obrazki Agzym !

  7. Chyba jestem mocno spóźniona tutaj, ale czy Ryś mógłby uciekać przed nietoperzami i całym tym batmanowym szałem.

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