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Hello, thank you for visiting my blog!

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I was planning to write something hilarious and very witty about myself, especially seeing that people actually come here, but no such luck!

This all started our so innocently in January of 2012.

I was planning on using this space to keep my research findings in one comfy space without having to clog up my computer.

By that time I had already been a Richard Armitage lurker since July of 2011, but couldn’t quite imagine myself crossing that particular line and becoming one of THOSE people (I think craycray fangirl nut fits well here?).

Oh dear, guess it’s too late now!

I do post a lot on the topic of the Talented Mr A, however I’m a fangirling cheat/slut which means my crushes may vary at any given time and I’m sure this blog reflects that.

The truth is all I’m after is a good giggle.

I’m here to amuse myself and am flattered if I entertain you in the process.

I try to keep this a space of positive energy and avoid any dramaz, that’s probably why I post so many pictures on incredibly hot men!

I think they soothe!

I try to rein myself in, but sometimes the themes of my posts or recs may be of a mature nature, and I try my best to signal that.

I also like mentioning books I’ve enjoyed reading, TV series and films.

I’m also writing an Arty Farty Friday series devoted to art and documentaries that have caught my eyes and I feel are worth a mention.

I hope you enjoy the physical representation of this twisted mind and I’d love to hear from you, so don’t forget to leave comments!

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  1. I love your Blog ♥

  2. What a great way to enjoy research! BTW, I do love the clothing women wore in the 40s and love the look of your blog.

  3. Thanks for liking.
    Good luck with your Masters!
    Check out my site for some 40s patterns.

  4. Thanks so much for the “likes”.
    Check out my 40s patterns on my website!
    Best era ever for fashion!
    Good luck with your Masters!


  5. I awarded you with the Liebster Award.
    If you would like to accept, please follow these rules:

    • Thank your Liebster Blog Award presenter on your blog.
    • Link back to the blogger who awarded you.
    • Pick (up to) 5 other blogs who fit within the award parameters (less than 200 followers).
    • Inform them that you have chosen them by leaving a comment on their blog.
    • Post the award on your blog. You can take it from my post here, as well as any other useful Liebster information for reuse on your blog:

    Cool blog. ♥

  6. As a perpetual student, I fully appreciate you! I’m enjoying this “intersection” which brought your world near mine. I’m a constant student of all things in life and look forward to more! Selfish HAS to happen at some point in a woman’s life! 🙂


  7. Hola,

    I have nominated you for the reader appreciation award, because I ADORE your blog!

    If you can be bothered with the rules, they are here:, otherwise, just enjoy!

    Bug @ STYLEoverSENSE

  8. Hello PinUp Girl 🙂 You have wonderful blog.
    Some link for You
    But I consider that You know all of these
    Take care 🙂

  9. Hey! We saw your great comment on our Hobbit Blog and just wanted to say thank you. Also — we were wondering if you ever wanted to post some Richard Armitage/Thorin stuff (loved him in North & South, btw!), or any general Hobbit things, we’d love to invite you access to our site. Your call! If interested, email us at Thanks so much! – Adam

  10. Hi,

    I’ve been following your blog and I love it, you have great taste in handsome men. 🙂

    Yesterday I started a petition requesting that PJ give us a scene set in *extras* on the DVD release of There and Back Again, that is set in the Halls of Waiting. Here we could witness Thorin, Fili and Kili being welcomed like the heroes they are. This is not a change of canon or anything that would affect the movie. This is just a request for an additional extra scene. I know that it is probably impossible to do, but if you don’t ask — you don’t get, so I thought I’d give it a shot.

    When I was 11 I was destroyed when Thorin, Fili and Kili were killed. I just fell in love with that cranky old man and his nephews. Imagine my surprise to find that Richard Armitage had been cast as Thorin. Great, now I REALLY love that cranky old man. The casting for Fili and Kil was inspired and these two are brilliant together. I’ve been spending entirely too much time on Tumblr seeing all the lovely art showing Thorin as a loving uncle to these two small boys. Talk about cranking up the feels. Finding I am far from alone in worrying about the end of the third movie, I decided why not start a petition to ask to show them laughing and being welcomed and honored by Thrain and Thror. I thought that if it does actually get a number of signatures and the scene is impossible then at least, Richard, PJ, Aidan and Dean will see how many people will miss the characters they’ve done such a good job of bringing to life.

    So I’m contacting people whose sites I follow to see if they might promote it just a bit. I’m not getting anything out of doing it, it’s purely a labor of love for Richard, the movie and the lads.

    Thanks for your time.

    Jane Gael Rafferty

  11. Just wanted to stop by and thank you for the “like” on my latest Connect the Blogs, starring that other Armitage-crazed woman! lol I like your blog’s concept. My almost 30 yr old daughter LOVES the pin-up style. I’ll have to point her to your blog. Colleen

  12. Great Sight…. can you send me more on your research…. I am working with my fiber arts group on a presentation Art Meets Fashion. Any information you can share would be great.

  13. um sorry to interrupt , I read your blog often and I think im right in thinking your in England ?if the final film prems in London would you be up for … meeting up …dressing up and hopefully seeing dear Mr RA in RL . this is something I would really like to do … I am tech challenged and very middle aged ..but ..oh I would so like to do this…any thoughts, advise or just plain direction would be great ….um and yes , I am smitten with this wonderful actor !

    • I’d absolutely love to 🙂 I travel in December to London from further East, but it’s usually to see the film once it’s out. Maybe this year I should shoot for the premiere instead. Hopefully we’ll have info sooner so I can book flights/hotel.
      I think celebrating Richard’s final outing to Middle Earth AND doing it with my RA friends would a wonderful adventure!
      I know that Guylty will probably be there and a few people that went to Berlin for DOS. The best way to see who’s doing what is to either check out twitter close to the time, I also write posts announcing when I’ll be in London, so just keep an eye out closer to the time 🙂 You can also reach me at iwanttobeapinup[at]
      BTW, some of us may be middle-aged, tech challenged and many other things, but we sure have excellent taste in men 🙂

  14. Hi 🙂
    I ‘discovered’ Richard quite recently, so I am rather a new recruit in the fandom. In general, I’m rather a quiet observer and I rarely write or publish anything (because I tend to think that what I’ve got to say has been already said before, usually multiple times 🙂 , Yet when I popped in here today, I decided that I really should leave a word of appreciation. You have lovely way of writing, and I really enjoy your balanced view on various matters – including the controversial ones 🙂 I also have similar tastes to yours (I love books, beauty in all its aspects, I am an anglophile, etc.)
    I’m pretty sure that I’ll be a regular visitor here – even if I won’t write too much 🙂

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  16. Hi Agzym,

    I nominated you for a Liebster Award–it is a fun way for bloggers to spread the love and to feature blogs to different audiences.

    If you wish to participate, you answer one or more of my questions in a post on your blog and in that post you also identify 5 – 11 other bloggers with new questions for them, etc.

    If you choose not to participate, that’s okay. Not a problem.

    Here is the link to my blog post–where I initially respond to the people who nominated me–where you can find out more:

    Hugs & Cheers! Grati ;->

  17. Someday you’ll get there! Are at least you’ll pin it up on your blog!

  18. Where can I find the artist of your bbw pin up girl?


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