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Daily Archives: October 9, 2013

Time for some divine intervention for The Almighty Johnsons!


I’ve already written about the brilliant and quirky NZ series The Almighty Johnsons.

A few weeks ago the last episode of series 3 aired and now we wait to see if the powers that be give the green light for season 4.

Without going into detail, if the story ends with this last episode, fans of the Johnson guys will feel somewhat content.

Plots have been wrapped up, fan hearts broken, problems solved and issues resolved.

It truly was an Almighty Farewell!



The writers left a tiny window of opportunity at the end which gives hope (courtesy of Colin/Loki).

I don’t want to spoil the plot, but there’s still plenty of potential madness and mayhem in store for our favourite Kiwi’s!

Here’s the thing:

If you have no idea what The Almighty Johnsons is all about, please check it out.

The episodes pop up on YT every so often, but seeing that the DVD of season 3 is out, you’ll have to search elsewhere.

You can also get the first season for under £10 on


I feel like the series is TV’s best kept secret.

It might not be so well-known, although Dean O’Gorman’s appearance in The Hobbit sure helped spread the word, but most people who see it fall for the Kiwi Nordic gods.

I have no doubt that the TAJ fanbase will continue to grow, but by then it might be too late to save the show.


We’ll be missing out on new gems, like the dwarf/Hobbit mentions with regard to Dean’s character Bragi 🙂

It’s not only the fans that are concerned with the fate of the show.

The cast, which is apparently very closely knit are also rooting for season 4.

Emmett Skilton TAJ tweets

If you are already a fan, you can sign a petition HERE, which is one of ways we can express our  insistance interest in seeing a fourth season.

TAJ also has a FB page HERE.


The show is definitely worth fighting for, so grab your swords, get hit by a lightening bolt, access your Nordic godly powers and let’s keep our fingers crossed!

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