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Run Richard! Reader’s Ideas!

Thanks so much for all your ideas as to why Richard is flexing his thigh muscles and legging it!

I’m still collecting new ideas so feel free to drop them in comments.

Here are some of your suggestions from yesterday 🙂

First up, i.f. suggested that Richard channels some classic Hollywood charm.

Her brief was:

“Isn’t there a biplane chasing after him? I would love to see Mr. A. in a remake of North by Northwest.”

Wouldn’t we all love to see Richard running across fields dodging planes!

Here’s a poster from this gripping thriller:

Richard Armitage North by Northwes poster

Next up, Guylty is still not ready to put the cat/dog dispute to bed (although I think she’s about ready to put Richard between the sheets…), so she said:

“how about a cat behind him and a dog with open arms in front???”

I thought maybe we could push that idea a little further.

My sincerest apologies to those suffereing from Ailurophobia (an acute fear of cats).

Guylty made me do it, so you guys sleep tight tonight 😉

Beware of the cats Richard Armitage_edytowany-1

Perry suggested that Richard shouldn’t be running away from something.

“You can have him running towards your pin-up girl – I can’t see him running towards the empire state building..”

How about Richard running towards a sexy Pin Up standing (-ish) by the Empire?

Richard Armitage flowers pin up

All I can say is that is one lucky Pin Up Girl and I bet she’s happy she put on her good undies 😉

Kitty chose a different route:

“Upon his early arrival to the airport, he discovers that one-forty-three flight was really elven-thirty-four (dyslexia strikes again) and he must now make a mad dash for his gate.”

I bet being late for planes is something Richard is probably accustomed to.

Heck, maybe that’s where he gets those burly thigh muscles!

That’s one suitcase I wouldn’t mind rummaging through…Richard Armitage running through airport1

Will he make it?

I hope so, especially that he clearly has nothing to declare!

I do however declare that Richard is one hot piece of a…. anyway, moving swiftly along…

Last up for today Arkenstone suggested I:

“I see him running away from just female hands and holding screenplays (and maybe a few high heeled feet) at the bottom that have all the names of movies we think he should be in…Poldark, 50 shades of Grey, that Potato one, some silly ones…”

This was a tough one.

I couldn’t get Richard to hold anything and trying to stick books into hands just didn’t work.

I though that maybe I’ll approach this idea in another way.

Richard is running towards Hollywood, but there’s someone always grabbing at him and wanting something.

The hands are beyond creepy though, but at least the camera is aiming in the right direction 😉

Richard Armitage Hollywood

That’s all I have for today, but I hope to be back tomorrow with more suggestions as to why Richard is running.

Keep those ideas coming 🙂

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  1. *ggg – the poor chap! So many things to run away from. Hope he will find shelter somewhere to get some rest. He could come around my place – in the back of beyond. No one would ever find him….

    • I’ve suggested he pop round mine whenever he feels like it, although he should call ahead as I’m very messy. I can offer shelter, comfort, good food, relaxation. That’s of course after I com around after passing out seeing Richard standing on my doorstep 😉

  2. Very good fun – I particularly like revenge of the cats. And some classic biplane action in black & white would be most welcome.

  3. Brilliant. Oh you make me smile every day, Agzy. Thank you for that. And I love that your own take on the suggestions, my own cat-thing included. Much funnier than my suggestion. The airport scene looks almost real (oooh, I am going to the airport in a minute – I’ll keep my eyes peeled for him :-D), and I quite enjoyed the slightly more artistic interpretation of Arkie’s suggestion. Well done!

    • Thanks, it’s all a bit of a laugh as I don’t pay enough attention to detail o really go to town with PS 😉 There’s always that one thing that isn’t quite right, but I always see it as my “artists fingerprint on the canvas”!

  4. A haha! Swietne! A może mógły uciekać przed myszami ?…w strone kilku zblazowanych kotów (może jakieś koty z kreskówek) ;(

  5. Poor thing! 😀 I’d really like to see him running towards something with such enthusiasm, even if it’s only a big bucket of chocolate ice-cream.

    /Well okay, he did get the pin up girl – and luckily she has a dog, not a cat. :D/

  6. Thanks Agzy. The last one in Hollywood running away from press and fans is probably a fanstasy of his.

    • Fantasy/nightmare perhaps. Hollywood must be a big mean place and it’s probably tough if you aren’t the current golden boy like Benedict Cumberbatch.

      • Either way, I like the image you created. I look forward to more. I think it’s because I like that running photo so much. Sometimes when he runs, especially as Guy, he looks a little klutzy – here he is grace on wings.

        • He is a BEAUTIFUL runner. Some people just do it so well and Richard is one of them. When I’m running (well, in the first 30 seconds, then I get tired), I think I look like a gazelle. Then I see my reflection in a shop window and it’s like Thomas the Tank Engine just derailed 😉
          I still have a few for tomorrow and hope to get some suggestions before I schedule my next post.

  7. I imagine him running away from the producers of Fifty Shades of Grey… 😉

    • LOL! That’s a great one! What a big mess that project it turning out to be. I for one enjoyed the books, but it’s really a story that I doubt will translate onto film. I wouldn’t want Richard involved for many reasons, it being a career killer and such, but I REALLY couldn’t stand the moaning of his fans!

  8. Very funny, I love it. 🙂

  9. Perfectly done!!!! You are terrific!!!!

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