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Daily Archives: October 5, 2013

The “It’s Behind You, Richard!” Game

After trying to analyse what charming object is growing out of Richard’s shoulder, I thought we might have a round of:

It’s behind you, Richard!!!!

Ah, but what is it?

You will find the answers at the bottom.

Revenge is Oh so sweet!

When admitting he was a dog lover, maybe it isn’t the owner’s wrath that Richard should fear?

What's behind Richard Armitage empty_edytowany-1

Halloween is right around the corner and no abandoned house could do without one of these…

What's behind Richard Armitage empty_edytowany-2

Friend or foe?

Or maybe kin, a distant cousin?

What's behind Richard Armitage empty_edytowany-3

Personally, I stopped seeing the appeal when I was 6, but apparently these are still huge…

What's behind Richard Armitage empty_edytowany-6

We know Richard is reading about cadavers, but has he been reading up about that other part…

What's behind Richard Armitage empty_edytowany-3b

Last, but not least, no celebrity heart-throb is ever really free from one of these…

What's behind Richard Armitage empty_edytowany-5

Here are the answers:

What's behing Richard game answers

Have a wonderful Saturday!

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