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Daily Archives: October 1, 2013

On chilling, being a slob and letting your mind go numb…

RA dragon 3

Peeps have been asking me how I celebrated the end of my MA quest and seemed perplexed when I told them I spent the entire weekend laying on 20 % of the couch (my two Yorkies took the rest) in front of the fireplace at my country cottage watching season 2 of Glee.


So what if I relax in pyjamas that also serve as day wear, a comb not even coming close to my hair, eating all different types of fried cheese (we experimented with camembert, Greek feta, and the string variety, all popped into a hot frying pan until it was either gooey, crispy or both…).

Don’t judge me.


That’s not the only mind-numbing viewing I needed in order to let all the stress go.

We also started on the UK X Factor season 10 last night.

I’m the perfect audience- I laugh when they want me too, cry like a ninny when they want me too, there’s no independent thought involved, no questions raised as to validity or value of this type of program.

Just good old mindless viewing, they provide the content, I provide my time and fruit fly attention.


 I’m not ashamed to talk about my guilty pleasures, even if  they prove I may well have abysmal taste in light entertainment.

I feel like I provide a good portion of intellectual stimuli to the little grey cells so I can dose them with the TV equivalent of an Amsterdam joint every now and again, numbing and dumbing down, but chillin’ man!

One may say that being involved in the RA community is also a guilty pleasure, something we do to take our minds off the outside world.



RAdmiring is a full-time profession, a labour of love, a commitment that you need a holiday away from because after a while is may run you down.

So what’s your guilty pleasure?

What food for not-so-much thought do you serve up when the old hat rack needs a break?


Cartoons by Mischa Richter.

By the way, talking of X Factor, if you haven’t heard of James Arthur, check him out.

We had a chance to see him live last year in London and he was amazeballs!

Here’s his version of Wrecking Ball which is actually a great song if you get rid of Miley with stringy spit running her tongue and private lady parts over metal objects.

And here is a compilation of his X Factor tracks:

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