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Confessions of a Gossip Rag Reader

Confession time…

*takes a deep breath and whispers*

I shamelessly and illogically love reading celeb gossip…

There, I’ve said it!

Yup, I almost daily check out UK tabloids, flip through ridiculous rags that cover stories about the likes of Jordan (heading for her third divorce), Kim Kardashian’s awful dress sense (makes me feel a tad better about myself), the Royal family (that Kate is adorable)…

I read Daily Mail… well…. daily…

So yes, I am one of those people who punch the air when they see that Mr A is mentioned (which doesn’t occur that often).

It doesn’t happen often but when it does, it’s this strange crossover between the Armitage Universe as I know it and the dirty world of the tabloids.

So when I see a paparazzi pic of Richard, I can’t help but love it.


I make myself feel better that it’s not a private pic, so that’s OK, that the press was probably invited to snap away on set as a means to drum up some interest in the project, but still…

I’d hate for him to feel hounded (although, as the last installment of The Hobbit is heading our way, I doubt it’ll ever come to that) and I’m more than content to get my grubby hands on images that are shot either by professionals or at a red carpet event.

But then I see a picture like the one above and something stirs in me, something that makes me want more… more candid pics, more images where Richard is caught off guard, a peek into his day when he doesn’t have his project promo hat on.

Hell, the heart wants, right?

Richard Armitage Chip Leeds film set

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  1. I’m sooooo glad I’m not the only one who reads the rags!!! It’s my guilty pleasure!(yes, I’m ashamed of myself but it could be worse- I could be smoking for instance!) I have to say I’m OK with RA being photographed on set – however, I feel bad for him when he’s being photographed “off duty”.. I could hardly look at the JFK airport pic that surfaced last week, he looked so grumpy, not happy to be looking into the camera lens at all! I know it comes with the territory, his job, etc, but I still couldn’t help but feel guilty for “peeking into his day”..

    • *embarrassment high five*
      I really don’t like airport pics for the simple reason that I usually feel like I’ve been through the ringer when I land somewhere and I really wouldn’t want that moment immortalized, let alone have it all over the internet.

  2. I read them but I don’t *buy* them (my little rationalization). And I love the Lucifer Towers sign. We finally learn where Richard Armitage really lives!

    • No, I don’t buy them either an restrain from flipping through them when I’m waiting for an appointment, but ask and ye shall receive online 😉

  3. Bollyknickers

    I’m not much of a gossip mag person but that is partly because the calibre of celebrity in Australia is so poor. Having said that, James Packer getting into a brawl last week ( and then having to go to a funeral with an enormous black eye) was quite good fun and as the Packer money comes from trashy mags, it’s karma in my opinion.

    Although I feel I should frown upon airport pics of our boyfriend, if I am being honest, I love them. Partly this is because he still manages to look so darned hot even after a long flight. Those photo’s of him landing in NZ last year still make my heart flutter and the JFK ones from last week made my day. I get off a plane looking like I’ve just been released from a secure wing so it makes me even more awe struck by boyfriend’s gorgeousness.


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