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Braid It Like a Hot Dwarf!

I really adore this movie poster for The Hobbit!

There are some wonderful beards and hairstyles that prove that Dwarves are quite stylish.

You just have to admire a male who takes pride in his physical appearance.

I felt Thorin could use a little style twist to make him stand out a little more.

Apart from bushy eyebrows, another fun idea for the première of the film that should be called The Dwarf would be a nice plaited do.

Here are some interesting ideas, so it’s time to start practicing, as they do seem complicated.

Let’s hope we’re not bald by the time December rolls round because of the braiding experiments.

Show Thorin some love!

A great Hobbit première idea if you’re seeing the film with other fans

Cross braids instead of swords…

How about a nod towards Richard’s new tornado film Black Sky

When traveling with a Hobbit, weave your own picnic basket so you’re always stocked up on snacks.

Thorin’s pony needs a style upgrade too.

Channel your inner Elrond and go Elf-style.

My favorite 🙂

Then again, you may just want to directly imitate the dwarves styles.
I’d go for this look, with the triple mohawk decorated with braids:

Ladies, it’s time to Dwarf Braid it Like it’s HOT!

Images: Buzzfeed

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  1. LOL We’re coming into the season when my hair decides there are no rules, so I’m just about to “braid it like a hot dwarf”. I have to do it myself so I can’t get fancy, though: center part, then from crown to top of ear section and braid, cross braids over the top and pin; twist back section and coil; secure with pins. It may look a bit 19th century, but at least I’m not shedding all over the place. Now I can simply say I’m rockin’ it like a hot dwarf.

    • That sounds like amazing! I love all those 19thc. early 20c braided hairstyles, howver I’m much more of a ‘bun on top of the head sprayed down to keep it in place’ type of girls 😉

      • Normally, that’s me, too, but when the air turns humid, all these curly bits escape from the bun. At my age, the frizz bomb is not a good look and I shed like a cat. The braids capture all the stray bits until I’m ready to brush it out at night.

  2. LOL… This is all I can do when I look at Thorin ‘new hair style’!!!

  3. Wow! These are amazing braided hairstyles! I wonder who does all the Dwarfs hair for them while they’re on their quest? Or does Gandalf conjure some magic Dwarf grooming every morning? Ha!

    • That is a very important question Grati! Do they sit around the camp fire braideing their hair like monkeys picking each other parasites? Does one of them have the propper braid training and that’s the reason they were asked to come along? Why doesn’t Gandalf braid his beard and hair? Those silver locks must get in the way of all those magic tricks 😉

  4. As I sport a pixie cut, there is no chance of braiding, so I need to wear a wig??? Uggh, haven’t thought about that! Those picnic basket hairdos are really impressive and the four girls with their interwoven plaits are simply hilarious. Guess it somehow “only” requires certain adjusted movements which would be hard for me……. LOL

    • LOL time to wig out! I love Ru Paul and drag queens and I’d go crazy trying on their wigs. I dream of a giant blonde afro 😉 Not for The Hobbit premiere though, as some poor soul would have to sit behind me!
      BTW the dwarf braiding does not have to be your hair (and a beard would probably be a bit difficult…). How about a braided scarf/necklace! Braided belt. handbag strap etc. So many possibilities, Miss Pixie Cut!

  5. My hair isn’t long enough anymore (lost 12 in August), but i wish Thorin would put those little brain caps on the ends of his mustache, like Kili.

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