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On standing next to Richard Armitage

Yesterday I rewatched Vicar of Dibley, with the lovely Harry Kennedy *collective swoon*.

There was one thought nagging at me.

When Harry was strolling hand in hand with Rosie, I could help wonder height-wise, how I’d fare next to Richard.

According to IMDB Keeley Hawes, who plays Harry’s sister Rosie, is 5′ 10″ (1.78 m).

Remember that this is info from IMDB, so you need to give or take 0,5 inch 🙂

Anyway, that would make her more or less my height.

I think I’d look good standing next to Richard!

That’s quite a nice fit 🙂

A few centimetres shorter is Hermione Norris who plays Ros Myers 5′ 7″ (1.70 m)

I’ve always like the chemistry between these two.

I think they had a great working relationship because each knew they could kick the others butt!

Then there’s Marian, played by Lucy Griffiths, who is 5′ 6″ (1.68 m)

Daniela Denby-Ashe, N&S’s Margaret Hale is 5′ 4″ (1.63 m)

Dawn French, who plays Vicar Gerry, is the shortest from RA’s leading ladies, at just 5′ (1.52 m)

By the way, I think Dawn had to stand on a rather large box to balance out this promo image.

The things we do to snuggle up to a tall dark handsome man!

Images: RANet

So, which leading lady is closest to you in height?

Would Richard have to bow down to plant a kiss on your lips?

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  1. Lucy and I are the same height. She’s currently on True Blood and watching her snog Alexander (who is a half-inch or so taller than RA) shows some neck crooking was required. 😉 I suspect having Richard seated when kissing Daniella made that scene work better than it might have otherwise. And it worked very, very well, of course. 😉
    Now, Agzym, if you wore the right stilettos you’d be very close to RA’s height. Which could come in handy for certain–activities. 😉

    • I just watched Lucy in True Blood yesterday. My sister turns to me and says: You do realise she’s snogged two of your favorite hotties! Well, darn, yes she has! I wonder which one she’s pick as the better kisser 🙂 Of course, there was a lot more going on with Eric, but I doubt Guy would have been a worse sh*g, if he was given the chance!
      Me, Richard, stiletto heals *comes down crashing on floor passed out*

  2. Well, awkwardly enough, I am John Thornton’s Margaret! I’m pretty satisfied with our type of kiss though, maybe on a train station somewhere…?

    • Hey, that was a great kiss! I definitely wouldn’t turn it down wherever it happened. 😉

      I wish Lucy had been able to give Richard a genuine kiss–you know, not the “I’m using this to distract you so that Bobbin and the gang can get away” stuff. (poor Guy!!) I am pretty sure if she’d had her way, they would have.

      • I knooow… I wanted that too… Stupid show. DAMMIT. Sigh… I really wanted them to share a genuine kiss! But well… Stupid Bobbin.

        • A sum of one kiss, with tongues between Guy and Marian. Unfortunately, she died while still being in arrears. Very sinful!

          • I loved that Guy described their kiss as the most perfect thing that has ever happened to him…Poor darling.

          • It really doesn’t say anything good about poor Guy’s life… Having said that, wouldn’t many of us describe a Gizzy snog as the highlight of our lives too, if we were ever given the chance to experience it?

      • Really, why go for the boy when you can have the leather clad man! Most of us would wear Guy out, given half the chance, and yet she seemed immune to his charms! I guess if every man in Sherwood forest walked around shirtless, Guy would win every time She’d take one look at Robin’s pale boyish chest, and she’d run straight to the arms of Gizzy 🙂

        • You know, there was that one scene Marian had with Bobbin where he was shirtless and I noticed Marian didn’t seem to be affected by Bobbin’s chest in the same way she seemed to with Guy’s beauteous chesticles. I certainly wasn’t impressed. Now, if Alexander had been Robin . . . Now we’re talkin.’
          I have no doubt Guy was the hottest thing in all of Nottinghamshire. 😀

          • The thing with The Armitage Upper half is: 1. He has beautiful chesticles and a stomach you can grate cheese on. 2. He has adorable nipples. I am more of a rounded behind admirer kinda gal, but when RA takes his top off, I swear the Earths axis shift!

          • Honestly, he does have the most wonderful chest. I find myself looking at other actors with their shirts off and I think, “Well, nice, but not as good as Richard!” :LOL Those perky little raspberry nipples almost beg for attention, don’t they? And he’s muscular without looking like the overdone gym rat type. I’ve never been into the bodybuilder sort of look.

            The backside has a lot of redeeming qualities, too. *grin*

          • His chest is perfect. I don’t like that overly muscular look, and I’m not a fan of very visible veins, so RA hits all the spots. I’d trim the armpit hair, but now I’m picking at details. From head to toes, Mother Nature got it just right with our Richard 🙂 I wonder if his brother is just as fit. Just for the record, I’m not going to go out hunting for an image, it’s just a musing on whether RA was a lucky sexy fluke, or is the Armitage gene pool just simply superior in the looks / voice department.

          • Oh, I don’t like the veins popping out either. *shudder* If they look like they might be on anabolic steroids–no. Not attractive. They often don’t seem to have a NECK, either. And I love RA’s long neck. I admit I wonder what his family members look like, too, but never have even thought of looking for their photos. Curious for the same reason you are–does it run in the family, or is he just a miracle baby? He certainly blossomed into one beautiful swan, that little Richie Armitage.

          • That’s it. I feel I need to state that it’s a matter of: I wonder… NOT Let me google! I never felt the need to underline such issues, but things being as they are…
            The ugly duckling turning into one sexy swan is one of the things I like about RA! Anything RA prior to N&S really doesn’t rock my boat, but he just keeps getting better with age. I wonder if he’ll even peak, or will he pull a Clooney and just get hotter with time? I’ll be putting my false teeth in a glass of water on my bedside table and stare at pictures of Armitage still looking like a Greek demi-god 🙂

    • Ahhh, that’s so sweet! I actually like the height difference between Miss Hale and Thornton. There’s something nice about being able to snuggle up to a man’s chest, with him kissing the top of your head 🙂 I had to date a super tall guy to get that effect, an believe me, there aren’t that many dateable hot super tall men around!

      • I would imagine there wouldn’t be, Agzy. I love the whole kissing the top of your head stuff, too. Something very comforting and endearing about it. Mr. Fedoralady does that sort of thing well. 😀

        • Mr Fedoraman sounds like a lovely bloke! Either you trained him very well, or he came with these lovely romantic skills. Either way, bless his adorable soul! Not many of those around!

          • Boy, my email is crazy today. I just got a batch of emails from an hour ago. ?? Fedoraman is a very lovely fellow. I think he came with a lot of those skills and then I helped hone them a bit. He is great at thoughtful, simple gestures. Picking wild roses from the roadside to bring me. Not just romantic stuff, either. Buying our poor kitty a hot pink “coffin” because he knew it was more girly and he thought we’d like it better. Staying right with my sisters and me the last painful hours of my mother’s life. He’s just a good, good man and a true gentleman. And no, there are not enough of them, it seems.

          • These good men don’t have to be husbands, boyfriends or lovers. My best friend is a wonderful guy, so good that he’s flying to the Hobbit premier in December with me, and he can’t stand Tolkien. I feel sorry for women who go though life never having experienced what it’s like to have a good man look after you. Worse still if they don’t know the feeling, and yet they’re married or in a long-term relationship. That would just depress me to no end. BTW, it’s women who raise their sons to be future companions to women. Not pointing fingers here, but you should raise your son to be the type of man you’d like to have by your side, not a selfish pr*ck with low self-esteem!

          • Exactly. My late mother-in-law raised four boys, and my husband was the youngest. She always worked outside the home so she made sure those boys knew their way around a kitchen, how to do laundry, etc. She did her best to raise them to be considerate and gentlemanly. But I think she saved the best for last.

            You are right, it’s simply good to have a nurturing man like that in your life, whatever the circumstance. I feel sorry for women who do not.

            So many people we’ve known over the years have commented about my husband, from my former teacher whose computer he worked on (“He’s so patient about everything. He doesn’t make me feel stupid like some of the computer techs”) to my newspaper colleagues who interacted with him where he worked. His boss is a–well, I won’t say, but hubby is unfailingly kind and pleasant to be with, a breath of fresh air.

            I often find myself thinking of Margaret Armitage and what she must be like and I wonder how she feels now that her boy is about to become world famous. It’s a lot for a mama to take in. I do believe Richard must have been (as we say around here) raised right.

          • I think Mrs Armitage probably still looks at Richard and sees a cheeky 6-year-old. She probably cooks his favorite dishes when he comes to visit, and can’t wait for his telephone call. We can never claim to know an actor, but from what I see, she’s done such a great job. I admire his parents for letting him follow his dreams (didn’t his mum get a job so he could attend the school of his dreams?), for standing by him through the tough years (he mentioned driving his dad’s hand-me-down cars for years). RA’s parents should sit back and enjoy their son’s success. It seems they have been very much a part of it! Papa Spears and Lohan could learn a thing or two about raising a talented child from Richard’s parents.

  3. Same height for Daniela and I too, and even if I’d love to be a little taller, I love that overwhelming feeling you get when kissing and snuggling a tall guy 🙂

    • It must be nice to have most men be much taller 🙂 Daniela was nicely rounded, with a slim waist, so she really did look adorable next to Thornton. It was when she opened her mouth and gave that disapproving look that things went downhill LOL!

  4. Height, standing next to Richard, kissing… What a wonderful way to begin my Saturday! 😉
    Just for the record, I’m exactly Lucy Griffiths’ height but, unfortunately, not so lucky as she is!!! ;-(

    • She is a lucky little devil, that Lucy! Have her making out with Aidan Turner, and that’s it, I’m boycotting my life! LOL! Nevertheless, it is a lovely topic for a Saturday, and I’ve just finished my post for tomorrow. I hate to hoot my own horn, but it’s very simple but quite funny, I don’t mind saying so myself 🙂 Even my sister got a giggle from it, and she’s reluctant to fall under RA’s charms!

      • Now, I’m very curious for the Sunday post!!! 😉 However, I have to warn you, here, in the deep heart of South America, is already very hot and you are making it hotter…. one of these days I’ll be catching fire and there’s no Richard, no Aidan, no nobody to help me… LOL

  5. After splitting up with my 7-year-long-boyfriend, I back then stated, I would never ever again want to have a tall man like him as a partner. He’d practically the same size as RA has. I’m something in between Lucy and Daniela. Over time I’d quite often felt it arduous to look up at him and developing a growing unease of being dominated (being looked down at) had inter alia finally worn me out. Now, 20 years later, I know the problem wasn’t all about the height, though it wasn’t of any advantage either. Well and truly neither were smaller men the ultimate solution to this issue!!..Ha, Ha!!
    Being literally blown away by the virtual acquaintance of a breathttakingly handsome actor called Richard A., I found myself faced again with this topic of size difference. Life IS NOT as it has been before…… Now, still being overpowered and feeling dizzy most of the time, I dream of not only snuggling to the chest of a certain tall dark handsome man. Bearded or not bearded, even that doesn’t matter any more… LOL.. and besides I couldn’t care less if he had to bend down to me to plant a kissssssss on…. just wherever..Mmmmhh. That’s it! The plain truth. Let’s face it! 🙂 (Oh, it’s actually me whom I’m telling this!!)

    • Loved reading this comment Linda! A big Amen to that!
      I’ve used my height to dominate a conversation with a shorter man in the past. On two work-related occassions men shorter than me were trying to be macho, so I lifted my butt from the seat, stood up on my high-heeled shoes, and shifted the tone of our conversation. They were both a head shorter, and I felt like an Amazonian goddess 😉
      If I’m honest, Richard can loom over and dominate me any time, beard or no beard. I think we all share the dizzy feeling he provides, so I guess cuddling up to his chest would actually result in fainting! Then those lovely strong muscular arms will come in handy!

  6. When I was trying to figure out how tall I’d be next to Richard, I didn’t go with one of his leading ladies. Instead I looked at the Comic Con photos where Sir Ian McKellan was standing next to him. 🙂 Sir Ian is 5’11, like me.

    • LOL Jas! If I ever need I female army of fab warrior princesses, you’re the one I’m calling! So, how does Sir Ian look standing next to RA? Is it a good fit? Dating a woman like you would do wonders for his back and neck!

      • Agzym, you have no idea how much this cracks me up, as my real name means princess warrior! 🙂 I think Sir Ian looks like a good height standing next to Richard, but then I’m biased. 😉

        • Dear Warrior Princess! I think you’d look really cute together. A real power couple! Not all guys could handle a tall woman, but somehow I think Richard would be man enough 🙂

  7. Hi Agzym,
    Nice subject! Some days ago I was in the bank line and there was a very tall man standing just in front of me. I was dying to ask “what’s your height”, but shyness didn’t allow me – he could think I was flirting with him, LOL.
    By the way, I’m between Lucy and Daniella. 🙂

  8. Love this! Me … nearer to Daniela than anyone else. So, unless Richard and I were seated, he’d definitely have to bow quite a bit for lip contact. 😉 That, of course, is assuming that I haven’t passed out cold in a heap on the floor in his presence.

    Several years ago, I had the unbelievably wonderful experience of meeting the object of my young teenage devotion. Looooooong after I was a teenager. I *had* teenagers. That didn’t matter; all of a sudden I was transformed into a 13-year-old. *sigh*

    Through a bit of serendipity, hubby and I were introduced to him. Except for a few giggly moments on the way in the car, I was being amazingly coherent and non-fanlike throughout the evening. And then … there he was, standing in front of me, smiling at me, reaching out to take my hand, saying *my* name. At that point, everything became a blur. I know we spoke for several minutes, but I haven’t a clue what was said beyond the usual pleasantries. I do remember Hubby and he chatting as if they were old school chums. And then came “The Moment”, crystal-clear … Mr. Teen Idol, still holding my hand, glanced up at hubby, and asked, with a cheeky glint in his eyes, “Would you mind?” And hubby, being equally cheeky, said “She’d kill me if I said yes.” And with that, Mr. TI turned me to face him and leaned in for a kiss. O! M! G! The teenager in my head fainted. It was a sweet kiss. It was everything the 13-year-old ever thought it would be, if she ever regained consciousness. Surprisingly, the woman I was remained upright and conscious. And flushed (goodness, it got hot in there!). We said our good-byes, with Mr. TI giving one of the best hugs ever. Hubby took my arm and we made our way out of the building. Good thing he was holding on, because when we got to the steps, my knees turned to water and I started shaking uncontrollably. He just smiled indulgently, pulled me into his arms, and waited until my strength came back, kissing he top of my head, brushing his hand over my hair. We walked to the car, his arm around me, and I could hear him chuckling. I said something like, “You think this is funny, don’t you?” I remember his response exactly. He said, “No. I think it’s cute. For a few minutes in there, you were the teenager I fell in love with. It was good to see her again.”

    So … based on prior experiences … I wouldn’t bet on staying upright and coherent. *giggle*

  9. I’m 5’2″, so tiny, but not as tiny as Dawn, bless her heart. 🙂 So yes, RA would have to bend down quite a bit to kiss me. Or I could stand on something to equal things out. 🙂 Or he could sit down… Or…no I’m not going there!

  10. Jestem wzrostu Hermione Norris….szkode ze inne wymiary się nie zgadzają.;)
    Ha! ileż my tu mamy wysokich bogiń, zawsze chciałam mieć jeszcze 5 cm więcej.:)Prawdę mówiąc wzrost faceta nigdy nie był dla mnie ważny a bardzo wysocy wcale nie robią na mnie wrażenia(oprócz Ryska , młodego i starego Skaarsgarda:))Przy b.wysokich czuję jakiś dyskomfort-dominują zakłopotanie,wrażenie dominacji, bóle kręgosłupa.;)

    • Oj Ty niegrzeczna! I papa Skaarsgard i syn wampirek! To trochę taki dramaty Szekspirowski 😉 Co do wymiarów, nie jest może tak jak u Dawn, ale proporcje moje względem Rosie też się znacznie różnią!

      • Would you mind translating what you said about Mr. Skarsgaard? Or his father? I’m curious!

        • Joanna mentioned that she’s not that keen on tall men apart from Armitage and Skarsgaard Senior and Junior. I mentioned that it’s a but kinky to fancy the father and the vampire son, and that it’s a bit like a shakespearean drama. I think that’s the gist 😉 In other words, we’re all hot for Armitage, with a little Alex on the side 🙂

          • Cheers!! 🙂 I don’t fancy daddy so much but son is pretttttty hottt. Not as hot as RA, obviously, but then, no one CAN be as hot as RA. 😀 Not keen on blondes myself apart from ASkars. But I’ve always had a thing for tall guys. Maybe it’s opposites attract as I’m so petite. 🙂

          • Me too! Alex is the only blonde I fancy! Alex on the one side, Richard on the other. Now, THAT’S what I call a tasty sandwich 🙂

          • Sorry, had to return and comment on the phrase “I don’t fancy daddy”! It’s just so funny and wrong when taken out of context LOL! They should make T-Shirts with this quote!
            BTW daddy S is still producing offspring all the time, say the gossip mags. Usually I think I man should quit reproducing at a certain age, but with this family’s gene pool, and judging by Alex, I can only encourage it! 😉

          • I meant daddy Skarsgaard you naughty girl, who did you think I meant??? Last time I checked daddy S. had 7 children, 6 with Alex’s mum and a 7th with a new wife/partner, has he produced more children since then? 🙂

          • I know, just being silly 😉 I don’t really know the details of papa S’s offspring, as I’m too focused on his dashing son, but that sounds about right! So no fertility problems there LOL!

        • Hahaha!..Judit!…daddy Skarsgaard is very hardworking but papa Armitage performed a really good work too…;)…and it is high time for Richie!:)
          PS:Dziękuję Agzym! skrobnęłam coś w jęz.udajacym Angielski i już się wstydam;)

  11. I’m the same height as Daniella, it would probably be easier to sit on his lap! 😉

  12. I’m 5’3″ *sigh* poor Richard’s neck 😉

  13. Len (a woman's name in the Netherlands)

    I’m 6’3, so…. He wouldn’t have to bend down. I would….

  14. I’m 5’3 so yup, he’d have to bend down. or sit 😉
    but my husband’s almost 6’6 so I know quite a lot ways to kiss a tall man 😉

  15. I’m 5 feet tall so I’d be the same height as Dawn. My second husband was 6″1″ so I have a pretty good idea what it feels like. When I was younger many short men had crushes on me because they could feel manly next to me 🙂

    I’ve always wished I was taller. I worked in an office at one time where I had to talk to people at the factory frequently. We conversed for a couple of years before they met me. The first comment was “I expected you to be much taller!”


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