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Daily Archives: August 4, 2012

Tom Hardy is Stuart: A Life Backwards

I’m continuing to act on my fascination with British actors.

I’d like to recommend “Stuart: A Life Backwards”.

The movie is based on a bestselling book by the same title, by Alexander Masters.

Masters elaborates on the process of turning his book into a screenplay in an article for the Guardian, which I recommend you read.

This true story follows the friendship between a writer Alexander (Benedict Cumberbatch) and Stuart, a chaotic homeless
(Tom Hardy), whom he gets to know during a campaign to release two charity workers from prison.

As Alexander learns more about Stuart’s complicated life and traumatic childhood, he asks if he can write his story.

Stuart advises him to write the story backwards, so that it’s more exciting like a Tom
Clancy murder-mystery.

The writer attempts to pinpoint the moment when Stuart’s life spiralled out of control.

Alexander is given a glimpse into the life of Stuart, as he gradually recounts his life story in reverse, his resilient personality and dry sense of  humour gives the story an almost tragi-comic edge.

Tom Hardy’s portrayal of Stuart is heart-breaking and outstanding.

He portrays a character that is violent, addicted to alcohol and drugs, a repeat offender, and yet he is lovable.

This movie is also an interesting experience of seeing Cumberbatch play the ‘straight’ character, allowing Hardy to shine.

If you get a chance, I recommend watching it with subtitles.

Here is the trailer:

You can also watch the movie online if you do a bit of digging.

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