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Daily Archives: August 13, 2012

The Armitage Beard Fairy

By now I am sure you are all proud owners of The Armitage Beard Trimmings Delux Set!

We have been discussing the multiple uses from such an item, such as cloning or love potions.

I suggest you check out the comments from that post, as there are many interesting ideas!

Linda60 and I have actually come up with another way to best utilize your Armitage Beard.

Move over Tinkerbell, there’s a new fairy in town!

I’d like to introduce you to:

The Armitage Beard Fairy is not just a myth.

He comes to all the good girls who brush their teeth, wear nice pyjamas, place their RA beard trimmings under their pillow, and dream beautiful Armitage dreams!

Please click HERE or on the image to see the Armitage Bread Fairy in action, as wordp*ss has deemed the file too large 😦


By the way, this is no ordinary Fairy!

Instead of bringing coins, it comes bearing much sweeter-smelling gifts.

I managed to capture The Armitage Beard Fairy as it was about to visit a good girl’s home.

Investing in that spy equipment sure is paying off!

Have a look:

I wish you sweet dreams tonight 🙂

By the way, please stop by tomorrow, as I will be posting info regarding the Richard Armitage Birthday Countdown Bonanza,  also known as Operation Armitage Birthday, which starts this Wednesday 12pm GMT and runs for 7 days straight!

I’d like to take this opportunity to shout out a huge THANK YOU! to Seba from Gisborne’s Boy for being my partner in crime on this project!

I’m sure that in the not-so-distant future Seba and I will actually be on speaking terms again, and I won’t have to contact him through his lawyers 😉

See you tomorrow!

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