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Daily Archives: August 21, 2012

1 Day till Richard’s Birthday! Operation Armitage Competition!

Welcome to the countdown to Richard Armitage’s Birthday!

Congrats to yesterday’s winner!

This is the last day of Operation Armitage, and your last chance to get your hands on a cotton shopping bag, with an amazing illustration by  Seba, from Gisborne’s Boy.

Thank You Seba for working so hard on these illustrations!

It’s been an absolute pleasure, and I hope you will soon forget how difficult it has been, so we can work on a project soon!

Congratulations to the winners.

If you haven’t been lucky, not to worry.

Tomorrow, on Armitage Day, I will be posting a very special picture created by Seba, as well as a step-by-step guide on how to make your very own Armitage print goodie!

The Hobbit related image we have in store for you tomorrow is simply beautiful, and I bet you’ll want it on your T-shirt or bag 🙂

I will also be awarding a prize to one of my super loyal readers, who happens to be the one who has commented most on my blog, so please stop by!

It’s the last day of the Operation Armitage Birthday Countdown.

I know some of you really REALLY!!! want to get their hands on the Armitage Bag, so I’ve decided to help your luck!

Let me introduce:

The Richard Armitage Hunger Games Twist!!!

You can give multiple answers to the competition question.

Each time you do, your name will be put in the box.

The more times you answer, the more times your name appears in the box, the bigger chance you have of winning!!!

You can litter that box with your name, leaving you opponents far behind 😉


Either I’m very good, or terribly nasty, but let’s see who wants it bad enough 🙂

To read about the rules, please go  HERE.

This whole week has been a barrel of laughs, so it’s only fitting that the last cotton shopping bag has this print on it!

Bilbo is adorable, although I’m not a fan of hairy toes 😉

I wonder if dwarves also have hairy feet.

On second thought, I’d rather not know!

Remember that if you want to strut to the cinema to see The Hobbit with this bag on your shoulder, please leave the answer to the following question in comments and keep your fingers crossed.

Bear in mind The Richard Armitage Hunger Games Twist!

The question is:

Why is Thorin juggling fish?

Comments close at 12pm GMT tomorrow!

Please make sure I have the means to contact you either by email or Twitter!

Also tomorrow, there is a special Seba image for all the RA fans, and a guide on how to print it on your T-shirt or bag at home!

Good Luck!

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