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The Lucas North BaDoinkDoink Experiment

I’ve always stated that Lucas North, as played by the actor Richard Armitage, has a bum you could bounce a coin off of!

I’ve decided to prove my point, therefore settling the issue once and for all.

This is The Lucas North BaDoinkDoink Experiment!

For my experiment I shall require:

One Lucas North, clad in tight denim jeans

One coin

I’ve decided to use a one pound sterling coin, party because the character is British, but also because this coin is heavy, and I’m anticipating that the bounce will be even more profound!

Let’s see what happens…

BadoinkDoink indeed!

I hope this puts the matter to rest.

Yes, you CAN bounce a one pound coin off Lucas North’s bum!

Neither Lucas or the coin were harmed in any way in the process of this experiment.

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  1. ROFLMAO!! Oh my god! I laughed so hard… My mom looked at me funny. You rock, miz Bug. You ROCK… Uhm… I was about to say “you rock my balls off”, but… WHATEVER. I love you!

  2. The experiment is very convincing and … magnetic !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. LOL!! I love this agzy, very funny, and verrry clever!

  4. Hahaha! ..kapitalne!….ale mnie swędzi ręka!:)

  5. Agzym, thanks for this undeniable proof. I can almost hear that little sound when the coin bounces back from Lucas’ luscious, oh so lusciousss….. What a Sunday morning, sunny and frivolous.Couldn’t be more glorious! BIG GRIN!

    • 🙂 it’s one of my most favorite experiments I’ve ever conducted! If science was like this at school I probably wouldn’t have been so cr*p at it!

      • That’s so true! Lucas’ backside would’ve heighten our scholastic concentration a lot more…BTW we don’t talk about diversion, don’t we?

  6. It’s really hard to take my eyes off your experiment!!! LOL
    What a wonderful way to begin a hot tropical Sunday!!! 😉

  7. A gReAt experiment to satisfy our scientific curiosity! Thank you, Ms. Experimenter!

  8. *applause*
    I love when science overcomes conjecture with solid conclusions.
    Well done, dear A, well done!
    And may I say, that this experiment is very, very easy on the eyes!
    Mmmmmmmmmmmm …
    *applause reprise*

    • *puts on tweed jacket and horn-rimmed glasses, then puffs on pipe* In this experiment I endeavoured to observe the trajectory of a coin set in motion, accounting for nonuniform gravitational forces and air resistance (drag and aerodynamics). I wanted to see what happens when the object encounters an obstacle made of pure Armitage bum sexiness 🙂 The experiment, I am happy to report, was a success!

  9. He really fits into both of those pants well. They show off his guy curves well. We need to thank his running ability for helping him to look like does. Hopefully, he does enough of that when he’s not acting during his current movie.
    I just remembered “Baby Got Back” with your post. There are probably better song ideas, but it just came to me.

    • LOL! Me too! Also “Sexy Back” and a line from “Shoop”:
      Umm, you’re packed and you’re stacked ‘specially in the back
      Brother, wanna thank your mother for a butt like that
      Can I get some fries with that shake shake boogie?
      If looks could kill you would be an Uzi
      You’re a shotgun bang! What’s up with that thang?

      • Is that in English? 🙂

        • It’s Joanna’s own special language. English using Polish letters, as spelled using Polish pronounciation of English words 🙂 It’s a very complex language, a bit like Latin, but not half as useful LOL!

          • Actually, I meant this quote/verse from “Shoop”: “can I get some fries with that shake shake boogie” ??? Can’t make sense of it!

          • It’s a pun on the American shortening of “milkshake” to :shake” and the common question at fast-food and drive-ins, “Want fries with that?”, fries referring to french-fried potatoes. “Bootie” = behind, bottom, bum, arse — that part that we find so appealing when it’s Richard’s.

  10. I think RA is up there with Marilyn Monroe for the best formed bottom. 🙂

    • Very true! And what is interesting, they both had beautifully beefy thighs to hold up the curvy butt structure! No point carrying that booty on a pair of matchstick legs 😉

  11. Very funny Agzym. 😉

  12. Pingback: Mr Armitage, I like you in your blue jeans, you give me sweet dreams… « I Want to be a Pin Up

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