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Daily Archives: August 9, 2012

A Care Package for Richard Armitage

We’ve been getting new about The Armitage Twister thingy, and I don’t mind telling you, I’m green with envy!

Firstly, there’s an extra on set who slipped and fell straight into RA.

I slip, I fall, I have NEVER fallen on Armitage.

Where is the justice?

If I were to slipt and fell on him, I’d knock the poor man down and made sure he felt a real woman had landed on top of him 🙂

Anyway, there’s been one more report from the set.

Doesn’t it sound gruesome?

So, I decided there was nothing else to do but to assemble a care package for Richard, just to make the filming process more comfortable.

Here are my ideas, if you would like to add something, let me know.

First of all, how about a nice pair of wellies to keep his feet toasty warm and dry.

We can go patriotic:

I prefer these, seeing that he is a busy bee, going from one set to another:


Then, the man will need a comfort blanket.

I suggest to go for the cow motif, as there will be plenty of them caught up in the tornado:

cow blanket

He’ll need a good umbrella.

If I were there on set, I’d suggest this one:

As I’m not, maybe this one is a better option, not to tempt fate and make some chick on set feel she can just climb under RA’s umbrella:

I’m going to throw in this, just as a small hint…

Last but not least, after standing all day, next to that nasty wind machine, with the water hose on, I think Richard really needs someone to give him a nice warm cuddle at the end of the day.

teddy cuddle

The only trouble is he’s not very popular with the ladies, so where am I to find such a dear who will sacrifice the next 2 months wrapping her arms around Richard at the end of a hard day of shooting?

Do you know anyone who’d be up for the job?

Update: No beard! Did you see! He’s clean-shaven *does mad man dance*

DING DONG The bushy beard is GONE!!!

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