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Daily Archives: August 17, 2012

5 Days till Richard’s Birthday! Operation Armitage Competition!

Welcome to the countdown to Richard Armitage’s Birthday!

Congrats to the winner of yesterday’s competition!

It’s already day THREE of the competition, and there’s yet another chance to win an Armitage goodie!

To read about the rules, please go HERE.

Today’s goodie is:

The more observant of you can probably guess that it’s a cotton shopping bag, with an explosive  illustration by my Bug, Seba from Gisborne’s Boy!

I really can’t sing his praise enough, so I’ll just say I am fortunate to call him a friend.

That Heinz is always up to no good!

 I trust Lucas North’s abilities to disarm a bomb, and Porter’s pecks can melt any mechanism, so I hope the world is safe once again.

Remember that to enter the competition, and get your hands on this item, is answer the following question in comments.

The question is:

If Richard Armitage started his own secret service agency, what would it be called?

Comments close at 12pm GMT tomorrow, and that’s when the next competition post is out 🙂

Please make sure I have the means to contact you, either by email or Twitter!

Good Luck!

Ta! to Seba, Magzy and Max’s iPhone 🙂

Comments are now CLOSED!

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