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Daily Archives: August 25, 2012

On leaving home, and traveling to London to see the Hobbit

Today’s post is about packing a suitcase, and braving the big world.

I really hope I don’t forget my f*cking passport when I travel to London the weekend of the Hobbit première!

OK, as a member of EU, I don’t need a passport to enter the UK, but I hope that’s not what you’re focusing on 😉

Yep, the decision has been made!

We know the when and where, although the rest of the details are still a little fuzzy.

My GBF and I are heading to London to check out the Hobbit première at Leicester Square, and will try to catch a glimpse of Richard Armitage and Aidan Turner on the red carpet.

Time to start thinking about designing special T-shirts and signs 🙂

Well, technically, I’ll be getting my RA crazy on, and Max will be pretending he’s never met me before, as he stands by, embarrassed by my fangurling behaviour 😉

I know Judit is also planning on traveling there, although she has warned me she won’t be camping out for 4 days straight at Leicester Square just to get a good spot.

Not to worry, that’s so not me either.

I’d much rather have a look, then go to a pub for a nice drink, some fish&chips, and a good old chin-wag about Richard!

We could all meet up and see the film in the company of other Armitage admirers, which I think could prove to be an absolute hoot!

If you are also planning to travel to London that weekend, and would like to meet up and celebrate the success of Richard’s biggest acting achievement to date, please let me know 🙂

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