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Daily Archives: August 12, 2012

The Lucas North BaDoinkDoink Experiment

I’ve always stated that Lucas North, as played by the actor Richard Armitage, has a bum you could bounce a coin off of!

I’ve decided to prove my point, therefore settling the issue once and for all.

This is The Lucas North BaDoinkDoink Experiment!

For my experiment I shall require:

One Lucas North, clad in tight denim jeans

One coin

I’ve decided to use a one pound sterling coin, party because the character is British, but also because this coin is heavy, and I’m anticipating that the bounce will be even more profound!

Let’s see what happens…

BadoinkDoink indeed!

I hope this puts the matter to rest.

Yes, you CAN bounce a one pound coin off Lucas North’s bum!

Neither Lucas or the coin were harmed in any way in the process of this experiment.

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