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Armitage- Belstaff’s No.1 Hottie

Belstaff Logo

Belstaff is a British brand, founded in Staffordshire in 1924.

It’s a garment manufacturer, best known for their jackets.

It is now Italian-owned and favoured by a certain sexy pair of shoulders.

I wonder if RA was introduced to the brand thanks to the Spooks costume department, or was he fashion savvy prior to Lucas North.

Richard has favoured the Belstaff leather jacket, my favorite navy blue shirt (Prada?) and those (*cough*) super tight denim jeans on many occasions in the past.

I wonder if post NZ we will see a shift in his style or will he put away the Hawaii shirts, shorts and flip-flops (because THAT’S what I think people way over there wear everyday) and pull the oldie but goody wardrobe elements we know and love.

 One thing’s for certain: whether in leather or fabric, the cut of the jackets is extremely flattering and seems to fit RA extremely well.

There’s something very attractive about a coat that’s worn, with the leather tarnished, but the guy inside is squeaky clean and beautiful 😉

 Armitage is not the only stunner who seems to favour the brand.

It would seem that:

British+Hot=Belstaff Outerwear

Image: Fashion Foie Gras

Richard Armitage, keep the jackets!

We hope to see them out and about, keeping you warm this autumn and winter, when you return to this part of the world.

Rarmitage - richard-armitage photo

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  1. Wow! Well done on finding the jacket, I’m impressed! I think it’s from the Strike Back wardrobe from when Porter visits Katie in the hospital in ep 2

    • I think most jackets he’s been wearing since Lucas North are from one brand. It would be interesting to see Ra wearing one prior to Spooks. Another reason to stare for hours at Armitage pictures!!!

      • I’m not aware of any photographic evidence. I recall a very old brown leather jacket and a pin stripe jacket worn on several occasions. I think the Belstaff leather jacket is from SB but the one he wears on the Hobbit set is slightly different, he may have bought that himself. He also got himself a very nice Burberry coat he wore at the theatre gala before he left for NZ. Classy and expensive cloths are a fairly recent discovery for him, it seems.

        • I loved that Burberry piece, but I showed those pics to my friend and colleague the Cambridge professor, and his reaction was that if you have a coat like that, you shouldn’t wear it with jeans 🙂

  2. Love the article. 🙂 A while back I was in a meeting at work, a lady sat next to me & I suddenly realised she was wearing a Belstaff jacket. I exclaimed as much to her & she started up a conversation about them. Well I know nothing about them apart from the fact that Richard looks drop dead gorgeous in them but I managed to chat without revealing that. LOL I also got a big laugh that you think us “down under” wear Hawaii shirts, shorts & flip flops which, would you believe, we actually call thongs. ROFL.

    • Or as our Kiwi cousins call them “jandals” BB!
      I couldn’t imagine Richard in a Hawaiian shirt!!! shudders at the thought – LOL

    • I’ve noticed that most topics I talk to people casually about I can somehow relate to Armitage. I don’t, of course, because I don’t want to be THAT person. I used to view NZ through what I had seen in the movie The Piano, so ‘thongs’ (LOL!!!) and Hawaii shirts is a step up.
      BTW I’m Polish and people always ask me if Poland is where polar bears live 😉

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  4. Hi IWantToBeAPinUp,
    I did not see the ‘Hawaiian shirt’ style in New Zealand. :0) I saw a predominant adventurer style with walking/tracking tennis and pants, old t-shirts without color defined, at least in areas that I visited that was not Wellington, but National Parks. There is a new collection of Belstaff designed for Ewan McGregor. It’s very cool!

    • I saw it the Ewan McGregor collection, but figured there would be waaaay too much hotness in one post 😉

      • Will we see RA breaking into modelling/becoming the face of a brand in the future?

        • Oh my, that would be lovely. I hear Brad Pitt is the new face of Chanel No. 5. Richard would make a good model for anything, but perhaps best for a designer belt brand 😉

          • It would be lovely to get lots of well done pics but I feel it is something he would never do, anonymous voice overs yes, but nothing more. He could have done it before, RPJ did model for men’s fashion when he was in Spooks. We will see.

          • He seemed pretty confident during the Project Magazine shoot. That was intended as a fashion shoot and the man channeled his inner Naomi and nailed it! Perhaps it’s not the case of: he wouldn’t do it (he’s spoken a number of time about financial security,). Perhaps it just hasn’t been offered to him, which makes me think clearly a huge portion of the advertisement world is simply insane in not seeing his potential!

  5. Just came across the interview he did with Radio One (first pic you posted above) on youtube. Love that he had unbuckled his belt for the interview, so I can so see him kicking back in flip flops 🙂

    • Yup. since Spooks and playing Lucas, he’s been looking quite prim, but you just know there’s a little artistic madness there too. Must focus on the belt. Now I have a reason 😉

  6. Snoozie’s comment reminded me that there’s an interview where he mentions flip-flops. It’s where he gets asked about something typically English to do and he mentions going out to concerts (and maybe Coldplay coming to Budapest) and says he’s always the guy standing the mud in flip flops.

  7. Do Belstaff advertise? Do they really need to? With hotties like Richard a walking advertisement for the brand (and the Spooks when they were around) they could save heaps of money. Only trouble is, you need your walking advertisement to be out and about a bit more often than Richard has been lately!!!


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