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Daily Archives: June 12, 2012

Armitage and the Runner’s Body

There’s no doubt that Richard Armitage exercises and takes good care of his body, and we thank him for it.

I think people can fall into a few categories when it comes to jogging, meaning those who wouldn’t even run for the bus, and those who get a high from the activity.

I definitely belong to the former, Armitage is clearly the latter.

Although the best long distance runners are usually short, with a slim frame, there’s something to be said about a nice strong set of thighs, that effortlessly carry the body.

I cannot deny, the man is a beautiful runner.

I like how he flexes his arms and points the fingers of his stiffened hands.

That truly is a thing of beauty.

And then there are the thighs.

Armitage clearly has what it takes to fill a pair denim jeans.

He seems like the type of man who will accomplish just about anything he puts his mind to.

Therefore, I can see him having the self-discipline to get up every morning and workout to get his body in the best shape he possibly can.

Women often complain that too much emphasis is placed on their body, and that they need to fit certain expectations, which are quite unreasonable.

We fixate on images of 20-year-olds advertising wrinkle creams and buy into the Brazilian super-model non-cellulite thigh, as if it were an attainable goal.

 I dare to argue that male actors feel the same kind of pressure.

After all, it is one of the most crucial tools to portray a character.

Armitage stated his relief at laying off his diet and exercising regime over Christmas 2011, which tells us it is never far from his mind.

We often talk about what a great actor he has and analyze every facial expression, brow lift, smirk. As much as his face portrays an array of emotions, we also delve into the meaning behind his body language (when he is portraying a character and when he is being interviewed).

This makes me wonder if Armitage would have such an appeal if he were a great actor trapped in a mediocre body.

Luckily, this is not something we have to worry about.

I dare say, I would be surprise to see a beer gut on Mr. Armitage.

Coming back to the concept of Richard Armitage as a runner, I can’t help but wonder.

Does he favour running outside, or does he like the treadmill?

I remember reading, ages ago, that a woman spotted RA running through his local park in London, and decided to buy a dog, just so she’d have an excuse to wonder around at the off-chance of spotting him (a little stalkish, Madam!).

Then again, he has made reference to the dreaded treadmill.

Does he have a special playlist for running on his iPod?

He’s probably past his Keane phase, but does he stick to rock classics, or does he favour a bit of Rhianna, Pitbull, JLo to keep his energy up?

Does he have a special set of running clothes, or is he more of a ‘whatever’s clean, whatever’s lying closest on the floor’ type of guy?

He’s stated before that he is pretty messy, and I too favour the ‘drop on floor’ clothing arrangement.

Does he prefer to jog in shorts or tracksuit bottoms?

As you can see, I have automatically eliminated those tight lycra running leotard bottoms.

We may never know the details, unless Armitage suddenly decides to become forthcoming about his daily fitness routine, but it’s fun to speculate, so I’d love to hear your thoughts!

PS. As you can see, I’ve left out the aspect of the runner’s bottom. Do not dispair, I have decided to write a seperate post on the bum 🙂

All images: RACentral

Polish Movie Posters

I have often heard it be said that Polish movie posters are some of the most acclaimed in the world.

I remember them freaking me out when I was younger, but I find merit in them and I can understand why they have such a huge fan base.

Just a word of clarification- most of these posters are quite a few years old.

Nowadays, the posters are unified and, I should imagine, the same around the world.

That means that, say,  The Hobbit will be promoted using the same images.

Here are some Polish posters promoting European and American films:

Breakfast At Tiffany’s

Fatal Attraction


Raging Bull

Return Of The Pink Panther


Enter The Dragon

Crocodile Dundee 2


Star Wars – The Empire Strikes Back


Terms Of Endearment

Terms Of Endearment



Eyes Wide Shut


Fanny And Alexander

Airplane 2: The Sequel

Weekend At Bernie’s

Weekend At Bernies

Apocalypse Now

Alle Images: WellMedicated

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