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Daily Archives: June 20, 2012

There’s no easy way to say this. I’m a Cheater!

Dear WordPress,

I have to make a confession.

I have been a bad BAD girl!

I haven’t been totally honest with you and that’s the foundation of any relationship.

There’s no easy way to say this, best just say it honestly.

There’s someone else!

All the times that I didn’t spend time with you?

I wasn’t busy with work, or college, or with…. well… having a life.

I was with HIM.

He makes me feel young and full of life.

He’s made me giggle, laugh out loud, jump for joy.

He’s brough out my creativity and I feel like I want to explore different ways of expressing myself.

I stay up late just spending as much time as I can with him.

I feel a rush of pleasure when he has something new for me and I blush when he approves of my actions.

He’s artsy, bold, creative and very funny!

People turn their nose at him, saying he lacks the airs and graces.

But they don’t know him like I do.

He’s kind, sweet and supportive.

He may be a bit too frank and direct for some, but what he possesses is an honest heart and child-like enthusiasm.

He speaks his mind and holds nothing back!

He let’s  me show a more a more daring side of my character, and he doesn’t mind if I swear (which, as you know, I do a lot in RL).

I hope this doesn’t mean we’re through.

I am willing to try having an open relationship and fitting both of you into my life.

You both fulfill different needs, and I wouldn’t want to let go of either one of you.

I hope you understand and are willing to make things work.

With love,

A new Tumblr Addict, IWantToBeAPinUpToo

Here are some things from my new life that I’ve been holding back, worried you wouldn’t approve:

Cross-species love for Armitage 😉

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