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Thorin and Thranduil, The Sassy Kings of Middle Earth (and their hair is pretty too!)

This post contains recommendations of fanfiction that are of a mature nature and may contain explicit slash writing.

There’s shipping, OTPing, slashing and so forth, so be warned, if that’s not your cup of tea, that’s fine by me, I note your objections 😉

As always with regards to comments, keep it clean, don’t be mean!


Ever since I watched The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug I’m fascinated with Thranduil, played by Lee Pace.

The Elven King is the perfect and most worthy adversary for Thorin, the King under the mountain.

I love the scene when Oakenshield and his company are captured and he stands at the foot of a freaky moose-horn throne (they sell those in IKEA BTW, if you’re interested), and Thranduil is giving the pint-sized dwarf a nice pat on the head and trying to strike a bargain to get his hands in the crowned jewels he had long desired  (and when I say the crowned jewels I’m being literal, for smut scroll down) .

By the way, I found the object of Thranduil’s fascination a tad confusing: are they shiny like stars or made out of stars, what’s that all about?

Looked like costume jewellery to me…

Anyway, the scene was electric and the sass was flying left and right.


 All that’s missing is RuPaul sitting there shouting “Reading is Elementary*” while the two whip their hair back and forth throwing shade*…


* I realised that maybe not all of you have seen RuPaul’s Drag Race and aren’t familiar with drag queen terminology so here it goes:

to read someone means to point out someone’s negative traits, usually in a form of a funny one-liner.

throwing shade is a derivative from reading and means to point out someone’s flaws.

Thorin Thranduil

Back to sass and shade, I have to ask:

Anyway, I’m not the only one that’s digging these two (although I may be the only one who insists on waving my hand and snapping my fingers going: Oh no he di int! every time their scene comes up… at least I hope I’m the only one…).


Here are some fanfiction goodies I’ve come up with to quench a Thorin/Thranduil thirst, scratch that Thorinduil/Thradrin itch (does this ship have a name? it should because it’s already sailed…).

In The Mirkwood’s Dungeons – Thorin x Thranduil at Silvery Night (non-NS)
When Thorin is captured by elves guards, Thranduil discovers that he is irresistibly drawn to this arrogant and proud king. However, the king of the elves are not used to not getting what he wants, so he try to seduce Thorin without thinking of the consequences it may bring him.
The Last Alone by pherede
For good Hobbit slash/mature writing check out pherede’s other fics.
Thorin is victorious, and the terms of Mirkwood’s surrender are unbearable. There might be, however, another way. And Thranduil is not above sacrificing for the good of his people.
The Healing ~ Thorinduil Fanfic by |è†hål ð³§ir³s
Thorin stood in awe, forgetting to breathe, as he admired the divine being that approached Thror’s throne. The ElvenKing had come to pay respect to his grandfather. Never had he laid eyes on beauty so surreal…
Power Play by Destielixer
Thorin doesn’t really know how it turned out like this, him on his knees kneeling before Thrandiul on the throne…
Mortal Offence by Ludovica
When the King under the Mountain, frustrated by the Elvenking’s demands, insults him and his kin with equally insolent demands of his own, it becomes apparent that Dwarven culture and Elven culture are far more different than he thought…
Turmoil by malum_animi
While imprisoned in Mirkwood, Thorin and Company get caught up in a rebellion to overthrow Thranduil and kill his young son Legolas. When Thranduil is seriously injured protecting Legolas, Thorin realizes that his pride and hatred will lead nowhere but pain and suffering.
Honored Guest by pherede
Thranduil will do anything to protect his own. Even submit to Thorin’s punishment for his misdeeds.

I hope you enjoyed the recs and happy Thorinduiling 🙂

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  1. Hi A.,
    is the timing of this post a coincidence? There was quite some uproar on tumblr yesterday.

    • Are you referring to the Lee Pace/Armitage private pics circulating yesterday? I always miss the big uproars on tumblr as I only pop in once a day.
      Do you know the details?
      Anyway, yes, it’s a coincidence 🙂 I just really dig Pace’s Thranduil and the chemistry between him and Thorin is so electric that I’m digging that ship so much I’m just sailing away 😉

      • Yes – I have witnessed it. But it was nothing to dig into it. Private photos being posted on tubmlr that are claimed to have been stolen from a private facebook account. I would rather guess some media idiot was not able to set his/her settings on their facebook account correctly and posted for the whole world to see. Small wonder someone was out there to pick it up. The pics are rarely worth mentioning. It was more a display of bad taste by posters / bloggers who didn’t think twice before spreading them. If the two guys are friends: good for them. If there is more: good for them also. If there is nothing: also good. Over all: none of our business.

        But surely it could be water on the mills of dedicated shippers.

        • I see. I often wonder how often someone’s facebook account is actually hacked or whether they let images out there, soon realized that they can’t contain the spread online and started crying wolf (or hack ad the case may be…). I can see someone posting the pictures, sharing it with a group (and heck, if I had pictures like that I’d probably want at least a few of my friends to see them) and didn’t anticipate that, very much like a feather pillow on a windy day, there’s no taking things back online.
          Regarding bloggers, there’s a think line for someone who reblogs between pictures that are OK and those that cross the line. I’m not defending people but it’s easy to be swept away by the excitement and we rarely think that what we’re doing is inappropriate.
          I have a thing for airport paparazzi pics- I can’t stand them. I know that an airport is a public place and no harm is done, but they just give me the creeps. It’s just that you’ve spent hours in a plane breathing processed air, you look and feel knackered and then there are cameras waiting to capture you at a low 😉 not cool…

      • Oh – and on the topic of the post: yessss, these two guys are übersassy. I think they both look so gorgeous they should be sued for it. But beyond that I am afraid I do not get that special chemistry that makes me want to see them engaging into physical encounter. Nope.

        • I like these two because of the battle of powers they are engaged in. They are equals and have similar protective impulses toward their people but a high disregard towards outsiders. i think the battle of will, the flaunting of strengh and power is very primal and it just works for me. Having said that, I’ve always liked my fanfiction slashy, so I’m down with these two doing the horizontal tango 😉

          • I see your point – makes perfect sense. Guess I am a bit too shallow to think so far. All I see are two incredible handsome men (both in their own category). But probably it comes from my daily background. I am constantly surrounded by alpha male guys who think they are responsible to save the world (or at least the day) and be a knight in shining armour. This really wears off after some time and looses all sexual allurement. Epecially as all of them are by far not as good looking as Mr. A. and Mr. P. 🙂

          • LOL! See, in RL I definitely have bigger balls than most males around me, so I don’t mind indulging alpha men in my fantasy world 😉
            I started out reading slash with Durincest and Johnlock and I think I’ve been to possibly the darkest places in fanfiction, so now when I encounter anything racy I’m like *shrugs shoulders* mhe, that’s OK…

      • Private pix? They are in a golf cart giving 4 of Lee’s family children a ride! There are 2 little girls who could have fallen out and been seriously injured if someone was not holding them. This picture could have been taken in NZ during filming. They use these cart on set all the time. Get over it, people. Private picture, gees…..It’s not like they were naked…LOL

        • Like I said, I haven’t seen them so it’s difficult for me to comment. I understand that the main issue is that finally there was a non Hobbit picture of Lee and Richard. Apart from rumors about seeing a film together and conjecture that it apparently means something that they both live in NY (them and about 8 million others…) this is the first indication of their RL friendship, as if any was needed 😉

  2. ROFL—The disclaimer I have to write for this FANFIC listing!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

  3. As someone who only recently figured out what “ship” means (and hasn’t quite figured out “slash”), I find all this fascinating. It reminds me of the Star Trek fandom from long ago, when people wrote Kirk/Spock romances… but of course, since they had such incredible chemistry;) That was before the days of the internet, when people had to mimeograph things and send them by snail mail. But it seems that plus ça change…

  4. I just can’t decide who is sassier. Every time I come up with an answer, I change my mind … and I love these fanfics.

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