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Daily Archives: June 8, 2012

Welcome to Armitageopolis!

Welcome to Armitageopolis!

It’s the place ruled by thoughts of RA.

A place where eager fans can gather and share thoughts and dreams.

Where every RA role, gesture, picture, and quote is analyzed.

 Where creativity flourishes.

And people from all over the world find a common interest.

 Welcome to Armitageopolis!

American Gothic

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m busy with end-of-year exams.

I’ve just taken my History of American Art exam.

While I was researching, I came across the following image:

It’s a twist to one of the most famous images in American Art.

Many know it, but can’t identify the title or the artist.

The title is American Gothic by Grant Wood.

It was painted in 1930, as part of the American Scene/Regionalism movement.

The title may be misleading to European art lovers.

The painting is named after the cottage in the foreground, which is an example of gothic revival architecture, with a distinctive window up top.

Despite misconceptions, the painting actually shows a farmer with his spinster daughter, modeled after the artist’s sister and his dentist.

Here are some parodies of American Gothic:

And for The Office fans

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