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Daily Archives: June 29, 2012

Not All’s fair in Love, Lucas

Call me cynical, but I believe that there are two vital rules connected to love nowadays.

I wanted to explore how Lucas North fairs.

How very dare you even suggest that I may be a tad obsessed with the MI5 operative!

Ok, yes, I’m nuts about him…

The first rule is to never EVER let yourself be filmed or photographed in an intimate situation.

I don’t care how wonderful  your SO is, how important, romantic, trustworthy this person may be, the chances are that the tape will last longer than the relationship.

 Lucas was dating the American CIA (short for: Can Aggravate All) blonde Ice Queen, with no sense of decency.

She’d do just about anything to get her way, and bugging his flat was no big thing.

I bet the woman was nuts and paranoid enough to record all of her bed buddies.

All for the good of the US of A.

My second rule of love is to never EVER get a tattoo or your lovers name or face. EVER!

I guarantee the ink will last longer than your relationship… or both of your lives.

It’s true that Lucas’ tattoos served a different purpose altogether.

They were about survival, fitting in with the rough crowd, partaking in the daily activities of the harsh prison life.

Lucas never got a tattoo to ‘celebrate’ his relationship with Sarah, if that’s her real name.

I think she looks like a Cruella Debitch.

What tattoo would he get of her anyway?

Her image on his skin would just give him frostbite.

Maybe a praying mantise would be more appropriate?

I wouldn’t think having a tattoo was beneficial for a spy.

Wouldn’t that make you more memorable?

Then again, those tight Lucas jeans etched themselves on the mind of every female who cast her eyes on them, so I don’t think staying low-key was high on Lucas’ list.

I wonder if anyone has got a Lucas tattoo?

Maybe a  Richard Armitage tattoo?

The thought is a bit frightening.

How would you feel if Lucas North got your name tattooed on his bottom?

He did, you know.

Here is the proof!

This whole posts reminds me of a fan who got a David Brent from ‘The Office” tattoo.

By the way, if you haven’t seen The British Office, you must do so, immediately!

That is some scary stuff…

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