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Daily Archives: June 2, 2012

Armitage- Belstaff’s No.1 Hottie

Belstaff Logo

Belstaff is a British brand, founded in Staffordshire in 1924.

It’s a garment manufacturer, best known for their jackets.

It is now Italian-owned and favoured by a certain sexy pair of shoulders.

I wonder if RA was introduced to the brand thanks to the Spooks costume department, or was he fashion savvy prior to Lucas North.

Richard has favoured the Belstaff leather jacket, my favorite navy blue shirt (Prada?) and those (*cough*) super tight denim jeans on many occasions in the past.

I wonder if post NZ we will see a shift in his style or will he put away the Hawaii shirts, shorts and flip-flops (because THAT’S what I think people way over there wear everyday) and pull the oldie but goody wardrobe elements we know and love.

 One thing’s for certain: whether in leather or fabric, the cut of the jackets is extremely flattering and seems to fit RA extremely well.

There’s something very attractive about a coat that’s worn, with the leather tarnished, but the guy inside is squeaky clean and beautiful 😉

 Armitage is not the only stunner who seems to favour the brand.

It would seem that:

British+Hot=Belstaff Outerwear

Image: Fashion Foie Gras

Richard Armitage, keep the jackets!

We hope to see them out and about, keeping you warm this autumn and winter, when you return to this part of the world.

Rarmitage - richard-armitage photo

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