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Access Your Inner Pin Up Hilda!

Today’s post was inspired by our fellow Armitage Admirer Luciana!

She tweeted info about a Pin Up Artist that portrayed women in a bit of a different way.

I very often post pictures depicting sexy Pin Up’s with nicely rounded bums and I rack worthy enough to hang an apron on, all clad in stockings covering their shapely calf and thighs.

They all ooze innocent sex and are very feminine.

Duane Bryers created a series of amazing  Hilda paintings done specifically for Bigelow & Brown’s Hilda calendars, from 1957 to 1970, although he continued to do original paintings till the early 1980s.

Bryers employed a number of plus-size models to pose for him, reminding each of us that shapely women have always been considered worthy to inspire works of art!

The artist once said:

“I got the idea for a plumpy gal pinup and thought I’d like to make it into a calendar series, but how was I going to sell a plump girl?”

There are many MANY amazing Hilda images, as Duane painted close to 250 pictures of Hilda over 36 years!

I have no doubt this isn’t the last time I’ve posted images by Bryers, so today I’ve opted for pictures that remind me of autumn and early winter.

By the way, Hilda has more curves than I’d know what to do with, but I think we’ve all felt a bit like this at one time or another:

It’s official!

I love Hilda!

It’s time to take a leaf out of her book and grab life by the… chocolate sundae!

Thanks very much Luciana 🙂

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  1. Oh, I LOVED your post today!!! Guess I love Hilda too… 😉

    • Yay! I’m so happy! I did a little digging, hoping there’s an album with his images I could quickly stick on my Christmas wish list, but no such luck 😦

      • It’s a pitty you didn’t find anything with DB images. 😦
        By the way, I loved you in your vampire costume! 😉

        • Wait till you see me and this blog closer to the Hobbit 😉 I still need to find an angle to dwarfasize the header and background in a few weeks!
          BTW I was surprised that it would seem no one bothered to publish the Hilda images in an album too. There are so many Elvgren omes, why not Hilda?

          • I can hardly wait for your dwarf version…;-)
            I also wonder why not a Hilda album??? ;-(

          • It probably has to do with the copyright of the seires, or maybe no one has realised the potential, as people really do seem to love Hilda.
            I still don’t know which direction to take with my dwarf explosion 😉 Any ideas?

  2. I love these! Hilda does not have an easy life, but she looks great while she’s doing it. She makes those plump curves look very comfortable and appealing. LOL the red longjohns. By the way, you look much better as a vampire than any of the Twilight lot.

    • Thank You My Dear! It’s because there is no dodgy wig in sight! I’m having tomato soup today for dinner to continue with the bloody theme 🙂
      I’m trying to learn more about Hilda and I’m quite surprised that there isn’t an avalanche of info, books, calenders etc.
      One thing is certain. She’ll be back here soon 😉

    • Yay, what’s there not to love!!! She dresses like a Playboy Bunny (meaning barely anything there most the time…) and knocks down walls with those curves 😉

  3. I love Hilda, great post AgzyM. 🙂

  4. Great post! Any artist who gives curvy girls some love gets my vote.

  5. Lovely! Though those longjohns for me are a bit in need of getting used to but at least they are in red.. Actually the paintings remind me sometimes slightly to “The Grinch”. LOL Very funny and invigorating.

    • I actually say some longjohn PJ today and they looked really snug. There was one problem though- they were missing the bum flap and I could imagine wanting to go use the ladies room and having to almost fully undress to do that. Huge turn off!

  6. She is lovely! 🙂

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  8. Where did this gal come from? She’s great!!! there should be more out there! Go Hilda!!

  9. Well I love this woman! Cute, real life, rural and chubby!
    A man could ask for nothing more! ‘Cept I already got one of my own I love to the sky!!


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