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The Most Used and Abused Armitage Character

In a previous post, written after re-watching Strike Back, I stated that out of all the characters RA has played, John Porter is quite possibly the most abused.

It made sense to me that poor Porter would constantly be physically harmed and  forced by circumstances to put himself in danger.

He was lied to and abandoned in his time of need.

The fact that he’s been ill-treated cannot be doubted.

But is he the most tormented character?

I just don’t know, so I’ll let you choose.

Poor Gizzy has had his fair share of abuse and humiliation.

Poor Lucas spent years in a Russian prison, being both physically and mentally tortured.

John Standring has had his heart trampled on a thousand times, but continues to come back for more.

John Thornton has had more than a few ups and downs, and that was before he met the head-strong Margaret.

Perhaps there is another character you feel deserve the title of “Most Used and Abused” Armitage character?

Monet? Thorin?


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  1. I just don’t get tired of admiring RA photos in his characters!!!
    Answering your question… what was the question??? LOL
    Ah…. Most Used and Abused” Armitage character? I don’t know, but according to what I read, guess it’s JP!!!

  2. Good question. I voted for Lucas. He was not only assaulted within the show, but his character was assassinated by the writers.

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