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A post on Armitage nipples, but may need some tweaking…


Get over here!

I’m about to grab you by the horns and there’s just no way of avoiding it!

This belongs at Richard Armitage Confessions, but I might as well post it here and hope for a sympathetic ear/eye.

Let me just get this off my chest:


Richard Armitage has perfecto nipples.

There! I’ve said it!


I’m not really a connoisseur of that body part by any stretch of the imagination (most of you know I’m a bum and thigh gal), but I know what is aesthetically pleasing and that pair certainly pleases me.


Could be the size, could be the lack of any odd hairs trying to overgrow and chock the said nipple, could be the shape or probable taste, whatever it is, as men’s nipples go, it’s hard not to give them two thumbs up and clearly other nipples suck!

Bez nazwy 31If you’ve ever wondered why men actually have nipples, you can read more here.

I’ll stick to the answer: so all other males are once again inferior to Richard Armitage!

A Full Armitage Breakfast

I’m still in the throws of my academic reality, but I’ve left you alone for far too long, so as a peace offering I give you something sizzling to go with your morning coffee.

There’s just a quick photo for you today, one that I put together a looooong while ago and it’s been sitting in the image file forever.

Armitage Army breakfast

It’s really hard to remember what possessed inspired me to create it, but I’m pretty sure it had something to do with a need to fiddle with Porter’s body (digitally of course…).

Anyway, I hope you all have a yummy morning and no matter where you are, make it a Full Porter 🙂

Armitage Army 101. All for One and One for All!

I’ve been toying with the idea of writing a series of (hopefully) humoristic posts about being a Richard Armitage Admirer.

Like most interesting ideas, I was running the risk of never actually bringing them into being until I came across info regarding one of our RA friends.

Melanie at Melanie’s Musing has given me the perfect opportunity to start off with the posts.

She’s trying to get her blogging hands on $10 000, but needs your vote to win, so please go here and support your fellow Richardette!

Let’s show the world the power of the Armitage Army!

I don’t know who the heck the winner so far Kendra Wells is, but she’s no Armitage Army Richardette!

You can vote once a day, so make sure you return and encourage others to do the same.

Just pretend that Melanie is Richard Armitage and we have to vote against Tom Hiddleston.

Back to the topic at hand!

ATTENTION Armitage Army!

Fall In!

Sgt. Porter is ready to drill you!

Mind out of gutter soldier!

At ease Richardettes*!

This hilarious term was created by Antonia Romera and is possibly the most underused phrase within our fandom 😉


Make sure you march over to Gisbornes Boy where Seba is giving you the chance to win a sexy Guy bag.

A Good Morning for Armitage Admirers + Chicks Dig Glossy Armitage Lips!

It’s another great day for the Armitage admirers!

I’ll start with some yummy news.

It’s seems that Frenz has bagged an interview with Todd Garner.

He in the producer of the film Richard is shooting now called Black Sky.

You can also follow him of Twitter @Todd_Garner.

Garner has proven to be very friendly towards Armitage admirers, and has even tweeted the pic we’ve all been drooling cooing over.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to do a little cooing over Frenz.

As I tweeted earlier, out of all the American b*lls of Richard Armitage admirers, I think Frenz owns my favorite pair!

I can’t wait to read the interview 🙂

By the way, whenever the movie, and its lead Richard Armitage is mentioned, the following picture is used.

It’s interesting, as it shows our favorite desert trooper John Porter.

It makes sense you’d want Porter by your side with a natural disaster looming.

I would, however, go with the following image of Porter to promote Armitage’s involvement in the film.

His clothes just happen to have been blown away by the tornado 😉

A post written by Servetus reminded me of something I had been meaning to mention a while back.

I’ve seen North & South hundreds of times.

Each time I do, there are new things I observe, then there are those that always catch my eye.

One of the things that sticks out is just how glossy Thornton’s lips are in the scene where Nicholas Higgins comes to ask for a job at the mill.


I’m a bit fan of Smackers Grape Fanta  flavour lip balm, but in Thornton’s case, I’m guessing cherry 🙂

I can just imagine a make-up lady running up to Richard in-between takes, making sure that pucker if glossy, soft and kissable!

Some gals have all the luck…

John Porter Strikes Back in the Desert, Alive and Kicking

A while back I upset quite a few people in my post by insisting that John Porter had met his maker, and therefore is yet another victim of The Hobbit.

I wanted to offer you this poem to help with your grief over the loss of our beloved soldier, written by Mary Elizabeth Frye.

What I couldn’t tell you then, and what I shouldn’t tell you now, is what really happened to John Porter.

I’m disclosing this top-secret info because I trust you, but if word got out, Porter would be in a lot of danger.

John is alive and kicking, last seen in the Middle East carrying out a secret mission.

He’s using a bushy beard as a cunning disguise, and changing his mode of transport to confuse the enemy.

Here’s what the satellite cameras picked up:

You’re welcome, just keep it to yourself!

The most ‘British’ Armitage Character

I’m siting here, in my plastic Union Jack bowler hat and matching g-string undies, drinking a nice Earl Grey with milk from my Kate and William mug, and thinking which Richard Armitage character is most ‘British’.

This is a toughy, and I’ll tell you why.

It all depends on the criteria.

1. John Porter and Lucas North have both risked their life for Queen and country, which would make them the biggest patriots.

On the other hand, we have no indication of what their motives were when they chose their professions (I’m conveniently ignoring the whole Lucas/John aspect).

2. John Standring represents the farmer, who works hard to provide food for British masses.

No matter where you’re from, farming is a tough business.

It’s people like John that keeps that giant machine called Great Britain going.

3. John Thornton is a member of the new middle-class of successful manufacturers, who helped Britain become an economic power.

He’s the quintessential Victorian Gentleman.

5. Guy, just because I know you ladies like the scoundrel, and nothing says British like leather pants and a noose…

He looks like the type to wear boxer shorts that read: The Sheriff went to London, and all I got were these crap pants!

6. Look-wise Harry Kennedy  is the most ‘British’, with his striped jumper, corduroy trousers, and floppy hair.

His personality could be described as the stereotypical yummines we expect from a British lad.

He knows his Jane Austin films, and loves the British countriside.

Philip Turner could be put in the same category.

As I said, this is a tough one, so give me your choices for the most ‘British’ RA character!

Who is the most stereotypical?

Who embodies the best qualities associated with a British gentleman?

The Casualties of The Hobbit Part 2. Richard Armitage in Strike Back

I’m continuing on the theme of the characters that have fallen victim to The Hobbit.

In part 1 I examined the exit of the vampire John Mitchell, played by Aidan Turner, from the show ‘Being Human’.

One of the most visible casualties, especially for Richard Armitage fans, was the rapid death of our beloved John Porter, in Strike Back.

The end of season 1 sees him driving into the sunset, with the promise of future adventures.

This by no means Porter was out of danger, as he heads to Iraq, and Delta force elimination team is given the green light to intercept him.

Fast forward, we have Strike Back: Project Dawn, meant as a continuation of the series.

It follows Section 20, a secret branch of the British Secret Intelligence Service (MI6), which is trying to stop Latif, a Pakistani terrorist, who is plotting “Project Dawn”.

John Porter is captured by Latif’s men while trying to figure out Latif’s plan.

He is tortured, then shot.

The end.

And a very sad end to our beloved character it is!

Don’t get me wrong! Armitage nails the whole scene, but the he’s had plenty of practice of how to make death on-screen look believable.

It could have been worse.

Some actors are never given a chance to return and tie up their characters loose ends. They simply vanish, and there’s a mention, in passing, of what had happened to them.

Perhaps letting John simply fade away, gone on some undisclosed mission, would have been a more fitting end.

Having said that, the finality of the bullet in the head ends all speculation on whether Armitage would even consider returning.

John Porter is the combination of two of the most obvious themes in RA’s career:

playing a character whose name is ‘John’ (Porter, Thornton, Standring, Bates, Mulligan)

playing a character that is killed off ( Ultimate Force, The Inspector Lynley Mysteries, Robin Hood, Spooks, Captain America, Strike Back)

I could only hope that with the demise of poor John Porter, Armitage will experience a different type of character.

Of course, we know how Thorin Oakenshield’s story ends, so that is wishful thinking on my part.

Knowing Richard’s luck, Thorin’s middle name is probably John, too.

Poor Porter, another victim of the ruthless Hobbit machine 🙂

Here’s a promo for Strike Back: Project Dawn.

Like with Spooks series 10 and Being Human series 4, I won’t be going back.

A loss of a beloved character spoils the show for me.

Images: RANet

The Armitage Runner’s Bum

Truly a post I can sink my teeth into 🙂

I have written about the Armitage Runner’s Body in a previous post, although the lack of any concrete information on the topic makes me think it was more of an excuse to rant about the man’s exterior.

Now I’ve left the best for last.

Strong thighs and good abdominal muscles are essential if you want to run a little better than an enthusiastic 5-year-old.

There’s no doubt RA has a shapely gluteus maximus– the largest and most superficial among the three gluteal muscles.

It is the primary contributor to the shape of the buttocks, and gives him a bum you could bounce coins off.

The primary purpose of this muscle is to maintain the erect position — of the trunk of the body (get your mind out of the gutter, please…).

Perhaps Richard has, at one time or another, experience a real ‘pain in the butt’ (and I’m not talking about the crazy fangirls…).

Muscle strains may occur in a variety of muscles causing butt pain in hamstrings, gluteal muscles, adductors (muscles bringing legs together), abductors (muscles bringing legs apart), or hip rotators, etc. as the good Doctor McLaughlin states.

Let’s hope Richard has a good masseur who can massage the pains away 😉


Changes suggested by Kathrynruthd  🙂

Armitage and the Runner’s Body

There’s no doubt that Richard Armitage exercises and takes good care of his body, and we thank him for it.

I think people can fall into a few categories when it comes to jogging, meaning those who wouldn’t even run for the bus, and those who get a high from the activity.

I definitely belong to the former, Armitage is clearly the latter.

Although the best long distance runners are usually short, with a slim frame, there’s something to be said about a nice strong set of thighs, that effortlessly carry the body.

I cannot deny, the man is a beautiful runner.

I like how he flexes his arms and points the fingers of his stiffened hands.

That truly is a thing of beauty.

And then there are the thighs.

Armitage clearly has what it takes to fill a pair denim jeans.

He seems like the type of man who will accomplish just about anything he puts his mind to.

Therefore, I can see him having the self-discipline to get up every morning and workout to get his body in the best shape he possibly can.

Women often complain that too much emphasis is placed on their body, and that they need to fit certain expectations, which are quite unreasonable.

We fixate on images of 20-year-olds advertising wrinkle creams and buy into the Brazilian super-model non-cellulite thigh, as if it were an attainable goal.

 I dare to argue that male actors feel the same kind of pressure.

After all, it is one of the most crucial tools to portray a character.

Armitage stated his relief at laying off his diet and exercising regime over Christmas 2011, which tells us it is never far from his mind.

We often talk about what a great actor he has and analyze every facial expression, brow lift, smirk. As much as his face portrays an array of emotions, we also delve into the meaning behind his body language (when he is portraying a character and when he is being interviewed).

This makes me wonder if Armitage would have such an appeal if he were a great actor trapped in a mediocre body.

Luckily, this is not something we have to worry about.

I dare say, I would be surprise to see a beer gut on Mr. Armitage.

Coming back to the concept of Richard Armitage as a runner, I can’t help but wonder.

Does he favour running outside, or does he like the treadmill?

I remember reading, ages ago, that a woman spotted RA running through his local park in London, and decided to buy a dog, just so she’d have an excuse to wonder around at the off-chance of spotting him (a little stalkish, Madam!).

Then again, he has made reference to the dreaded treadmill.

Does he have a special playlist for running on his iPod?

He’s probably past his Keane phase, but does he stick to rock classics, or does he favour a bit of Rhianna, Pitbull, JLo to keep his energy up?

Does he have a special set of running clothes, or is he more of a ‘whatever’s clean, whatever’s lying closest on the floor’ type of guy?

He’s stated before that he is pretty messy, and I too favour the ‘drop on floor’ clothing arrangement.

Does he prefer to jog in shorts or tracksuit bottoms?

As you can see, I have automatically eliminated those tight lycra running leotard bottoms.

We may never know the details, unless Armitage suddenly decides to become forthcoming about his daily fitness routine, but it’s fun to speculate, so I’d love to hear your thoughts!

PS. As you can see, I’ve left out the aspect of the runner’s bottom. Do not dispair, I have decided to write a seperate post on the bum 🙂

All images: RACentral

Welcome to Armitageopolis!

Welcome to Armitageopolis!

It’s the place ruled by thoughts of RA.

A place where eager fans can gather and share thoughts and dreams.

Where every RA role, gesture, picture, and quote is analyzed.

 Where creativity flourishes.

And people from all over the world find a common interest.

 Welcome to Armitageopolis!

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