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Daily Archives: March 22, 2012

Coffee, Chocolate and Cigarettes Retro Spoofs

I’m a woman full of dedication.

Unfortunately, I’m most dedicated to my vices! 

Vintage Bitch

Spectacle Richard Armitage

Hello, can’t really wrap my head around a proper Armitage post (I’m still going through the FanstRA 3 posts), so I shall leave you with something sweet and super adorable, but a bit on the lazy and unimaginative side!

IWantToBeAPinUp luvs you! She just needs to get her groove back 😉

I have a feeling I will be scheduling a date with John Porter and Strike Back really soon!

Girls love to make passes

At men who wear glasses…

The question is, who wears them the best?

Harry Jasper Kennedy

Faux Russian, Lucas style

Herr Heinz Kruger

 Images: RACentral 

Remember about The Paper Richard Competition!

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