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Monthly Archives: February 2012

Sexist Vintage Ads

I’ve done freaky, disturbing, inappropriate ads.

I think it’s time for Sexist Ads

Images: Odee

Ladies, meet Pete!

Ladies, meet Pete!

He’s dashing, sexy and handsome.

He looks great in a suit and drives a snazzy car.

He’s the best accessory when you go to a posh do and need some arm candy

He knows fine wines and can converse on all the latest topics

And makes all the other men feel inadequate

Bless You Pete!

You are a perfect speciman of a female fantasy.

All images: RACentral

What I actually do

Maybe you will find yourself in one of these:

All images: What We Actually Do

Vintage Funny 3

For a rainy day…

Smoochy RA

Hope you’re having a Smoochy Day!

To balance out a bad, frosty, boring or stressful day.

By the way, in  the picture above Porter seems to be saying: Plant one right here!

I say: Yes Sir!

And if you wanna know

If he loves you so,

It’s in his KISS!

 Images: RACentral

Image: me+Richard

Images: Something About Love

They made Mr Thornton wait? How rude!

Can you believe RA was the first to audition for the role of John Thornton in North and South, but was the last to be cast?


Image: Armatige Fan Blog

Excuss me, but what was the hold up?

Was ther EVER any doubt?

By the way, it makes me wonder what other movies and series RA auditioned for, but didn’t get.

Do you think he would have been a good Sherlock?

vlcsnap-00148 copy.jpg



Image: RACentral 

Pin Up Girl. Men are like dogs

Men are like dogs. They keep coming back.

Ladies are like cats. Yell at a cat one time…they’re gone

Beyond creepy vintage ads part 2

Another round of the bad, the ugly and the right darn disturbing!

Vintage Ad by Texaco

i eat mentos , do you

daily gum massage

Images: weirdomatic

Guy and Archer, the Gisborne boys


My, those Gisborne boys do have long swords ( and yes, I know Archer isn’t really a Gisborne, but it sounds so much better).

Do you think there is any family resemblance  between Guy and Archer?




Pin Up Girl Housework

A spotless house is a sign of a misspent life.

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