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One Minute in Heaven with Belstaff-clad Armitage

Here’s the beautiful Belstaff jacket in action.

Oh, and there’s a hot Richard Armitage attached to it ūüôā

I’m waiting in anticipation for The Hobbit.

It’s that little film which includes the funny equation.



Armitage Poll Results

It’s time to round up the polls that have popped up in the past couple of weeks in separate posts 1¬†and 2¬†.

Thanks to everyone who took part in the different polls, your participation is what makes it FUN!!!

Let’s start off with the SNOG:

It turns out that Lucas North is the most snogable RA character, with 38.24%

In second place we have John Thornton, with a little over 20%.

I think that perhaps a little railway station platform lip and tongue extravaganza may have had something to do with the results.

The character we would like to MARRY is Harry Kennedy, with a whooping 50%.

¬†It’s nice to see he had gained your favour despite being an accountant. I bet it has something to do with¬†those¬† jumpers.

Harry kennedy jumper

John Thornton came second, with a little over 26%.

This means a few of you wouldn’t mind getting physical with Miltons finest, but aren’t interested in making an honest man out of him.

Paul Andrews and Thorin Oakenshield¬†¬†are the ones you’d DISS, each earning 36,36%!

¬†I guess we just don’t like them super hairy and wearing socks in bed.

Another poll asked you which WET & WILD Armitage character brightens up your day or rocks your boat.

Your top answer- Lucas North, with 86%.

I was a bit unfair as I included the wet jeans pic, smashing the competition to pieces!

I also asked who, in you opinion is the MOST ABUSED Armitage character.

The winner- John Porter!

He received 45.45% of your votes, leaving the rest behind.

I also asked you who was THE FIRST RA character that caught you in the Armitage web.

Most of you have similar experiences as me, with dashing John Thornton sweeping you off your feet and changing your life for ever (over 72%)!

Thank You to all who participated!

Obsessing about Armitage¬†with a group of like-minded¬† nuts makes it so much fun ūüėČ

A round of Snog, Marry and Avoid, RA style

Let’s do a round of Snog, Marry and Avoid with RA characters!

I suggest we start with Snog

Moving on to Marry

Last, but not least Avoid

I can’t wait to see the results!!!

The Most Used and Abused Armitage Character

In a previous post, written after re-watching Strike Back, I stated that out of all the characters RA has played, John Porter is quite possibly the most abused.

It made sense to me that poor Porter would constantly be physically harmed and  forced by circumstances to put himself in danger.

He was lied to and abandoned in his time of need.

The fact that he’s been ill-treated cannot be doubted.

But is he the most tormented character?

I just don’t know, so I’ll let you choose.

Poor Gizzy has had his fair share of abuse and humiliation.

Poor Lucas spent years in a Russian prison, being both physically and mentally tortured.

John Standring has had his heart trampled on a thousand times, but continues to come back for more.

John Thornton has had more than a few ups and downs, and that was before he met the head-strong Margaret.

Perhaps there is another character you feel deserve the title of “Most Used and Abused” Armitage character?

Monet? Thorin?


Dress and Undress Richard Armitage

Happy FanstRA 3!

We’re in Day Seven of the FanstRAvaganza 3 in The Freeform tagteam chain!

If you missed Day Six, check out the posts at White Rose: Sincere and Simple Thoughts and C.S. Winchester  and Something About Love (A)

Also in Day Two, see my partner’s post at Me, My Thoughts and Richard Armitage and La Loba

I hope you are having a wonderful week! I know I am!

There has been¬†plenty of chatter about RA’s style and thorough analysis of his fashion choices.

We’ve had some hits and quite a few misses.

Some may say Richard is in dire need of a stylist!

I am giving you the chance to style and dress him yourself.

You can also undress him as often as you like…¬† ūüôā

I know our love for Richard is bursting at the seams.

Therefore, I present the Richard Armitage Paper Doll and a collection of outfits and accessories.

My designs were inspired by my favorite RA characters and although I’ve taken a little artistic liberty, I hope you enjoy them.

So get your scissors ready and let the fashion show begin!

This is your base.

 I recommend that you print him out on high density paper.

Let’s just say Paper Richard needs to be… stiff…

Below, you have an array of fashion styles.

All of them are designed for A4 paper and will fit Stiff Paper Richard.

I suggest you mix and match the different styles and elements.

Maybe a little Gizzy with a Porter scarf?

How about Thornton pants with a Thorin fur coat?

Just go crazy with it!

And if you feel you’d like to leave him in his tighty¬†whities, that OK too.

Just remember to borrow a scarf from Harry, as it does get nippy in the evenings…


Let’s start with naughty Gizzy! Oh, he was never what he seamed…

Feel free to take Porter’s style, before starting¬†each commando expedition,¬†John¬†is debriefed…

Celebrate the looming Hobbit premier with a little Thorin fashion…

Our beloved Spooks character may have been stitched up by the writers, but his tight jeans were always fitting…

In his ironed shirt and waistcoat, John Thornton had a lot of pressing matters to attend to…

Harry is handsome, smart and romantic.

I guess you could say he’s a triple thread…

And last, but not least!

As long as Richard is well rested, nothing else¬†really mattress…

I hope you enjoy Paper Richard!

Make sure you check out my FanstRA 3  tagteam buddies, you will find details at the top.

The way I see it, it’s much better to¬†read a¬†post¬†twice than to have never clicked on it at all!

Think of all the fun you might be¬†missing, not to mention not being able to have your voice heard by commenting¬†ūüôā

You can find the whole list of bloggers and posts HERE!

It’s a Dog Eat Dog World, Richard Armitage

Happy FanstRA 3!

We‚Äôre in Day Three of the FanstRAvaganza 3 in The Freeform¬†tagteam chain! If you missed Day Two, check out the posts at Melanie’s Musings, An Obsessed Fanatic and¬† Do I Have a Blog?

Also in Day Two, see my partner’s post at A is for Armitage  and Funky Blue Dandelion

It really is a Dog Eat Dog World, or as Britney Spears would say to her dogs: It’s Richard Armitage, b*tch!

As a dog lover, I can’t help but notice how much humans tend to resemble their dogs.

So with hardly¬†a moments¬†paws…

Take Guy of Gisborne, from Robin Hood

The fierce rottweiler-like¬†henchman of the Sheriff is¬†loyal but deadly. Whether he was really a good man, that’s a matter to chew over…

Because of that evil Vasey, poor Gizzy felt like he was going round in circles, chasing his own tail.

Then again, every time an evil plan was hatched, Guy was all ears.

He followed at the Sheriff’s heel and that always ended badly.

Yes, Gizzy has done plenty of bad things, but afterward at least he didn’t try to flea.

Perhaps Guy is like a mixed breed dog, half Lab, half pit bull.

¬†Sure, he might bite off¬†your leg, but he’ll bring it right back to you.

Then we have the spy extraordinaire, the international man of mystery and mischief, Lucas North from Spooks.

He is one mean, lean, London saving machine!

I bet¬†he makes you hot under the collar…

With his strong frame and long muscular legs, he reminds me of a pedigree Doberman.

Of course in season 9 it all went to the dogs.

I guess RA fans have quite a bone to pick with the writers of Spooks.

But, as I said to my friend Russel: It don’t mean jack! We still love Lucas!

Then again, from a certain angle…ermm… he resembles a different breed altogether…

Then there’s poor John Standring¬†of Sparkhouse, bless him!

As this was the first high-profile role for RA, it probably gave him a new leash on life…

As a farmer, he’s good at handling farm animals, much like a sheep herding dog.

Anyway, with Carol’s mood swings, poor John often ended up in the doghouse.

Now that¬†was ruff…

John tried to reason with her, but he just wasn’t herd.

I often wish John would stand on his own four legs!

What does Carol expect? That he’ll wag his tail every time he sees her?

But for poor John life is like a dogsled team. If you aren’t the lead dog, the scenery never changes.

Next up is the unappreciated Claude Monet, dogged by all the art critics.

 That really ticked him off!

No wonder he was so melon collie in The Impressionists!

Poor Richard had questionable facial hair and dodgy wig in this one, much like a chinese nude dog.

Nevermind, I still find him quite fetching…

Then there’s John Thornton from North & South.

He sure marked new territories in the textile manufacturing world of Milton.

I mean, his position in the North is nothing to bark at, he was a mastiff success…

Must have been thanks to the Lassie faire economy.

Maybe instead of a cotton factory, he should have had a chocolate lab.

By the time the strike had finished, it had all gone to the dogs.

Luckily, Margaret could retrieve it all.

Dear Thorin, The Hobbit hasn’t yet hit the screens, but I have a feeling you will be this woman’s best friend!

You have kept Richard away for a long time, but I’m not sniffing at that.

There’s no point in b*tching about you being away filming for the past year.

We love you anyway and where you lead, we follow!

Let’s not beat around the bush, the movie’s going to be¬†a great dane.

And if Richard Armitage was a dog, I’d treat him just like my two Yorkshire Terrier puppies, Emma and Mela.

I ‘d love it when he slept in my bed, even if he took up most of it.

¬†I’d let him lay on my lap for hours and stroke him.

¬†I’d let him lick my face to show how much he loves me.

I’d¬†forgive for any naughtiness the moment I laid¬†eyes on that beautiful (not pug) face.

I’d¬†bundle him up warm¬†when it’s cold and hate to force him to pee outside when it’s frosty…

And for all the awful K-9 puns, I beg your Paw-don…

Feel free to raise your leg in¬†salute¬†to how doggone¬†ridiculous they are ūüėČ

For more of The Freeform chain in FanstRA 3, see my partner’s post at A is for Armitage  and Funky Blue Dandelion

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All F3 links can be found HERE

Fashion at War

This would have been another great reason to travel to New Zealand, apart from stalking The Hobbit set and being on the lookout for a certain hunky dwarf who sure can carry a tune*.

Oh well, you can’t have it all.

But some would be nice…

It makes me wonder how the fashion of the 40s Down Under differed from that in other parts of the world. Europe was in the throes of the war and women had to be creative. In the US women joined the workforce.

Shall research and get back…

* The dwarf in question- Thorin Oakshield

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