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Daily Archives: March 21, 2012

Hey Sailor, A Look at Elvgren Sailor Pinups!

Celebrating Spring!

Oh, for the Love of Vintage!

Hello lovelies!

As you realize, from reading my ‘A Look at Saint Patrick’s Pinups‘ post, I adore vintage pinup illustration. The women are so beautiful and their frocks, hair, accessories are simply amazing.

One of my favourite pinup artists is American Gil Elvgren (1914-1980). Elvgren is one of the most influential pinup artists of all time and you can find his artwork licensed on a ton of merchandise. When I come across such items, I can’t help myself from buying them! I even had to have these mints just for the case. *lol*

This post isn’t a biography of Elvgren, but if you wish to read one please check out I’d like to focus on something Elvgren and I have in common. What is that you ask? Our mutual love of the sailor girl theme. I can’t get enough of sailor dresses, nautical tops and skirts…

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Barbie as a muse Part 2

A while back I wrote a post about Barbie as a muse to recreate masterpieces HERE

The artists, Jocelyne Grivaud, creates an alternate reality, playing with the stereotypes of both famous pieces of art and what we associate Barbie with.

I fing these fascinating!

Guy Bourdin

Otto Dix

Pablo Picasso


Armitage tackles Share Fraud

The news that Fraud Squad series 2,  narrated by Richard Armitage, will be shown on ITV1 on Tuesday 27th March at 9pm, inspired me to check our series 1. This consists of 2 episodes.

 The description of the series states that it examines UK police efforts to track down share fraud.

I’m not going to lie!

 I love RA’s voice and would listen to him reciting the phone book.

 That’s why I found the idea of an Armitage narration so appealing.

All images: RACentral

This documentary threw me for a loop, though.

I found it incredibly sad and thought-provoking. It may serve as a lesson to us all.

 Instead of swooning over that sexy, velvety voice, I got involved in the story.

I dare you not to get emotionally involved.

It comes highly recommended!


Part 1 of episode 1, series 1

Part 2

You will find the other parts on YT.

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