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Daily Archives: March 18, 2012

Dress and Undress Richard Armitage

Happy FanstRA 3!

We’re in Day Seven of the FanstRAvaganza 3 in The Freeform tagteam chain!

If you missed Day Six, check out the posts at White Rose: Sincere and Simple Thoughts and C.S. Winchester  and Something About Love (A)

Also in Day Two, see my partner’s post at Me, My Thoughts and Richard Armitage and La Loba

I hope you are having a wonderful week! I know I am!

There has been plenty of chatter about RA’s style and thorough analysis of his fashion choices.

We’ve had some hits and quite a few misses.

Some may say Richard is in dire need of a stylist!

I am giving you the chance to style and dress him yourself.

You can also undress him as often as you like…  🙂

I know our love for Richard is bursting at the seams.

Therefore, I present the Richard Armitage Paper Doll and a collection of outfits and accessories.

My designs were inspired by my favorite RA characters and although I’ve taken a little artistic liberty, I hope you enjoy them.

So get your scissors ready and let the fashion show begin!

This is your base.

 I recommend that you print him out on high density paper.

Let’s just say Paper Richard needs to be… stiff…

Below, you have an array of fashion styles.

All of them are designed for A4 paper and will fit Stiff Paper Richard.

I suggest you mix and match the different styles and elements.

Maybe a little Gizzy with a Porter scarf?

How about Thornton pants with a Thorin fur coat?

Just go crazy with it!

And if you feel you’d like to leave him in his tighty whities, that OK too.

Just remember to borrow a scarf from Harry, as it does get nippy in the evenings…


Let’s start with naughty Gizzy! Oh, he was never what he seamed…

Feel free to take Porter’s style, before starting each commando expedition, John is debriefed…

Celebrate the looming Hobbit premier with a little Thorin fashion…

Our beloved Spooks character may have been stitched up by the writers, but his tight jeans were always fitting…

In his ironed shirt and waistcoat, John Thornton had a lot of pressing matters to attend to…

Harry is handsome, smart and romantic.

I guess you could say he’s a triple thread…

And last, but not least!

As long as Richard is well rested, nothing else really mattress…

I hope you enjoy Paper Richard!

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