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Daily Archives: March 28, 2012

Eve Arnold meets Marylin Monroe

Eve Arnold, a pioneering photojournalist, is best known for her intimate portraits of Marilyn Monroe.

She first photographed Marilyn in the early 50s.

The most striking images come from the set of “The Misfits”, filmed over the summer of 1960.

It was a time of turmoil for Marilyn, which saw the unravelling of her marriage to Arthur Miller.

This is what Arnold had to say about Marilyn:

How to undress Porter

I am still on my Strike Back high.

I am here to tell you a secret!

You want to see John Porter in the nude?

Just order him to strip!

Works like a charm!

Look how I do it:

John Porter!

Over here, John! 

Listen to the sound of my voice!

Have you noticed how hot it is?

The sun is scorching, you feel sweaty and need to cool down…

Therefore, I think should STRIP!

Don’t be shy, you should take that jacket and T-shirt off…

That’s it, all the way off…

Now, that’s a good Porter!!!  😉

If only all men where that easy…

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