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Supersize Richard? The more the merrier or Stay on that treadmill please?

My determination to lose a few pounds has got me thinking about Mr Armitage and his beyond hot body.

I’m not trying to be vulgar, but that body really makes you want to give it a sponge bath…

We know Richard looks after himself, exercises regularly (I need pictures as proof please).

We know he’s a method actor and goes the extra mile to play his role convincingly.

We’ve seen him super skinny as a tormented Lucas North in Spooks.


Get the man some fish&chips asap!

He’s bulked up as John Porter in Strike Back.

It looks like John has been eating all his vegetables!

Richard’s playing a stocky dwarf Thorin in The Hobbit, although the effect is achieved thanks to padding.

Despite the saying about men who wear big shoes, they seem to need extra padding…

Now he’s sporting a surprisingly slim frame as Gary the teacher in Black Sky.

Gary Morris Armitage

I hope the tornado doesn’t blow him away 🙂

My question is:

Would you like to see Richard Armitage gain weight for a film role?

I’m not talking about a few kilograms to bulk up.

I mean Val Kilmer proportions (sorry Val).

Step off the treadmill and grow a double chin and bear gut.

Would Richard still be as appealing to you?

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  1. Well, that was easy. 😉

  2. I voted no because health is PRICELESS and gain weight in Val Kilmer (poor man) proportions could ruin his health ! A few kilograms yes but more NO !

    • BTW you have my support in your weight loss efforts Agzy ! Good luck !

      • Thanks Nadia, it’s happening 🙂 I’ll tell you this much though. I can pig out on fat and sweet things, my body is OK with that. But, boy, a vegan diet is really taking a toll on my the old belly 😦 My boddy is cleary fighting all those vitamins and minerals LOL!

        • Vegan? That’s a tough one. I’m not surprised your belly is complaining. Even if you’re careful to eat complete proteins (combining vegan ingredients that complement each other chemically), the body is not thrilled with the sudden influx of gas-producing enzymes and large amounts of fiber. Soy protein is particularly troublesome, often causing reflux as well as other g.i. trouble.

          • Yup, it’ll take some getting used to. On the plus side, it’s cheaper than a pig-out diet and I have more energy. Just happy I won’t be taking any 9 hour flights in the near future 😉

    • I watch a young Marlon Brando and wonder what the heck happened. Having said that, didn’t he win an Oscar for The Godfather? Wouldn’t have worked if he was a skinny mob boss. I also find slim actors in fat suits a bit disturbing (hear that Gwenyth P?)

  3. I would watch Richard no matter what his size. However I don’t think that actors should lose or gain huge amounts of weight for a film role. Like Nadia said, Good health is too important.
    Good luck with you’re quest too Agzy ♥

    • Thanks Mers! It would be interesting to see him with a beer gut but the whole situation reminds me of that documentary Supersize Me. It’s a must for anyone who’s addicted to fastfood. He put on the weight so fast, and yet struggled to get back to good health.

  4. I voted “no” because the kind of weight you’re talking about isn’t good, neither putting on nor taking off. I would hope that he can relax a little in the coming years, and not have to work so hard at keeping in shape. He says he has a fast metabolism so that’s good. At some point, he should be able to feel good, look good, and eat what he likes, without spending half a day at the gym to pay for it. He might acquire a bit of padding, but I’d find him just as compelling.

    • The metabolism slows down with age, so i fear Richard will actually have to work out more now. I doubt he’ll lax in that, or in the amount of roles he accepts. I think he’ll try to take advantage of The Hobbit and say yes to most opportunities that come his way. He seems like the typ of actor who knows what it’s like to not have work, so saying no to a project wouldn’t come easy.

      • I agree, but I was thinking two decades or more down the line, when the appetite typically decreases as well as the metabolism slowing a bit, and when taking roles that are very physically demanding will be less of an issue. Oh, I’m sure he’ll work! No doubts there. Directing or producing as well as acting is a lot of work, but people don’t expect an actor on the high side of sixty to do all the heavy lifting.

        • It’s hard to say what will be the norm for celebs in years to come. Look at Madonna or Demi, both in their 50s sporting bodies to die for. I think there are also certain expectations with regards to men. You’ll never see Clooney with a pot belly. It seems 50 is the new 30 and ceebs are expected to have a slammin’ body no matter how old they are.
          BTW, I like the idea of RA moving into directing. I feel that would give us, his fans, a chance to learn more about him as a person/professional.

          • If I remember correctly Clooney put on a lot of weight for Syriana and surprise, surprise, was awarded an Oscar for the role! The Academy certainly likes those transformations!

          • There is something to puttin on weight for a role. I remember there was a time when each female Oscar winner won after playing the part of a character that was in some way ‘ugly’.
            BTW, funny you should mention Syria. Didn’t Clooney damage his back during the shooting and is still feling the consequences? They should spin it like this: you gain weight, you have back problems 😉

  5. No, because I’ve seen many actors/actress doing horable things to theirs bodies and I really don’t think this is healthy at all… not for Richard or anybody!!!

    • Haven’t some actors had their teeth pulled fo a part? That mad. The two actors I think of as extreme is that NKONB Walberg (sp?) something in Sixth Sense and Bale in The Mechanic. They both looked like death walking, and yet I vividly remember the parts they played. Maybe for an actor sacrifices are worth a memorable performance.

      • Mark Wahlberg was in Sixth Sense? What does NKONB stand for? Also, Matt Damon lost an awful lot of weight for certain roles and then soon after put a lot of weight on for other roles and I seem to remember him saying that it did take a toll on his health.

        • New Kids On The Block … eighties singing group. Mark is brother to Donnie from that group. (Don’t ask how I know that. *giggle*)

          • Yay! I don’t know why, but was never a big fan of NKOTB. They were a few years too soon for me. Having said that, I got my crazy on for Take That! Oh, how heartbroken I would be if only I knew at the time I’d never end up marrying Robbie Williams!
            Now eeryone together: Good Vibratioooons! 😉

  6. Btw, I voted “no” too because his health is more important than any role and any Oscar out there!

  7. Uuhhhaaahhhhh!!! A new striking colourful banner!!! VERY NICE!!!!!
    A supersize Richard? NO!! Selfish as I am. I inter alia don’t want him to look like Val Kilmer (a real pity!!) or Marlon Brando whom you referred to above. Stuffing your body beyond all measure (maybe even repeatedly) and then put him on diet again is for sure not a healthy way of treating one’s body!!
    I prefer him more or less the way he’d just regularily looked the last years (whatever that is!!? LOL) as, you know I’m a so non-lover of bodybuilding-type men!! Have been quite astonished and relieved when a couple of weeks ago those candid pics from the set of „Black Sky“ emerged on which he’s appeared somehow really slender and boyish! But „firm“ as those lucky women reassured us!!
    Genuinely I’d love to know how many hours he’s to spend in gyms to look the way he does now. What probably helps, as he’s mentioned in interviews, is that when he’s busy working he tends to forget to eat! Which would explain the whole lot!! LOL. Unfortunately I’m not even rudimentarily likewise!!
    Anyway, good luck Agzy, with your intentions. Healthy vegetarian (vegan?) food sounds more than ok, but I hope there is a chance for a little glass of good red wine every now and than????

    • You lost me at Richard and Firm 😉 He does seem to look very good in the BS pics and I like that lean but a tad muscular body shape.
      I’m taking each day at a time and I’m reading up on the vegetarian and vegan lifestyle. I’m actually at a point where I’m scratching my head wondering how the hell I allowed myself to be at a point where the choices I’ve been making have lead to me not fitting in my clothes. I feel like a moron, if I’m honest, but at least I see the error of my ways!

  8. LOVE the new header! Very Halloween-y! Not sure I would want to see him alter his weight for a role, I’m sure he would be able to pull it off an make it convicing (and STILL be attractive in the process).

    • Thanks Triski 🙂 I have a special Halloween header waiting for end of October!
      That’s a good point. Maybe Richard wouldn’t have to gain a lot of weight to pull off a role that would demand it. After all, there’s a charactertistic way an overweight person might sit, walk etc.

  9. Yes, yes, yes! (As that wasn’t an option I didn’t vote.) Not super-fat perhaps, but chubby like a guy comfortably settled in middle age and enjoying his food. If he’s unhappy with being a sex symbol and offered action hero parts, stop working out, start looking like a real man in his forties.

    • WHAAAAT!!!!!!??? *faints dead away at the thought* 😉

    • LOL it’s no-nonsense Jane!

      • Don’t get me wrong, I love how his body looks, may it be as skinny Lucas or as Porter. His muscles are never too much and it helps that he is never tanned to avoid a tacky look. But I don’t like the idea of working out to be sexually attractive to potential partners, respectively an audience that would like to think of him as a potential partner.

        And it just isn’t realistic. Only a character that would actually work out or do hard physical work would look like this. I guess for Porter it was okay. But not for your average guy, like a teacher. And that makes all his character idealised heroes, not real people.

        • What about the idea of working out in order to stay healthy? Surely being attractive is not the only incentive to stay in shape? And a teacher can’t work out in real life? RA has to be plump to get character roles? I really hope that’ll not be the case because I think his natural body shape is lean. I think it’d be hard for him to put on a lot of weight even if he stops exercising!

          • He is one lean machine, Amen to that! I think just like sexy handsome actors play a role that requires them to look like the adverage Joe. Imagine RA as an office worker, married with 2 kids, a little beer belly, letting his hair thin through. I’d ike to see that for a movie and see him back to his lean self when the time comes to promote it 😉

  10. I’m with Jane in that matter.
    PS:Powodzenia Agzym!…na pewno się uda:)…bo po czterdziestce to mówię Ci..MASAKRA!;)
    …ach i żebym nie zapomniała: Śliczny nowy banner!

    • Dzięki Kochana! jeśli po 40 jest jeszcze gorzej niz po 30, to wsypa dla mnie! Pamiętam czasy złotej młodości kiedy można było zgubić dychę w miesiąc, widać te czasy minęły 😦


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