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Halloween Pin Up Girls

Happy Halloween!

I was thrilled to find these Gil Elvgren Zombie Pin Up Girls, as it’s the perfect way to celebrate the holiday 🙂

By the way, if you want to assure that you end up a sexy Pin Up Zombie, make sure you carry this card on you at all times just in case 🙂

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I’ve picked mine up and this is the result:

Have a Zombielicious Day!

Taking a Knife to Thorin and other Halloween Delights

Happy (early) Halloween!

We’re celebrating a day early this year as my BFF Max in going home for All Saint’s Day.

We’ll be celebrating by watching a few Tim Burton movies, as I’m not feeling bloody gory horror films this year.

We’ll also be testing the bread I’ve been baking.

I’m trying to find the perfect balance to make the perfect loaf of bread for All Saint’s Day.

It must compliment the Bigos, a stew of sauerkraut and meat that I make once a year.

I’ve even pulled out a bit of butter from the freezer to spread on the hot slices 🙂

I’ll also be carving a pumpkin, although I’m yet to find the perfect one.

Pumpkin 10

Last year I stuck a knife into the top, it got stuck in the hard pumpkin, I tried to yank it out, and ended up smashing the knife handle into my forehead.

Believe me, a giant plum-like bruise on the forehead caused by a resistant jack-o-lantern is one hell of a conversation starter 😉

I wish I could pretend that I’m carving The Hobbit dwarves this year, but my pumpkin will be pretty standard, and as always, I’ll probably end up burning the inside with a candle that’s too large.

It’ll start out as a charming toothless grin but soon will turn into a desperate grimace as we always place the jack-o-lantern too close to the telly.

By the way, I always though there was something Zombie-like about Dwarves.

Although they know how to enjoy life and like their wine and song, they all display a narrow-minded obsession and follow it with little regard of the consequences.

This is also a great idea for Sir PJ.

Once he’s milked every ounce from the Tolkien books, he can always do a few The Return of the Dwarves or The Night of the Undead Dwarves.

I know I’d go to see it, and so would you 🙂

Anyway, obsessed or not, alive or very much dead, Thorin is hot Dwarf Zombie!

Happy Halloween!

Taking Fashion Tips from Guy of Gisborne

I came across the following image at Debbie Does Doodle and it immediately made me think that it’s focusing on the wrong character from the Robin Hood story 🙂

Here’s the styling, which really embodied Robin, but interprets it in a way that any woman would feel feminine and sexy.

Gone are the green tights and dodgy hat.

I especially like the arrow earrings and gold leaf bracelets.

I though about how to reinterpreted the style of our Sherwood sweetheart Guy of Gisborne, and perhaps it could serve as inspiration for a mild version of a Grizzly Gizzy Halloween costume, or a least a themed outfit that nods towards him.

I see plenty of leather, beautiful boots, an interesting studded trench and some green velvet, here present in the form of a clutch bag.

The thighs are on full display and the shoulders are bold.

What’s missing?

I doubt any modern woman could afford to be tied up quite as often as Guy seems to be!

Let’s leave the rope at home!

I’m especially excited about the black pearl Ciate nail varnish.

I’m actually going to get my hands on it today and I’m still not sure if I love it of find it really weird.

Because I’ve been eating very healthy, my nails are very long and strong, so I may end up looking like I was given a manicure by Morticia Addams.

I’ll keep you posted 🙂

Have a wonderful Gizzy Day, take some fashion tips from him and strut like you won’t fit in the door frame!

Hey RArmy, do you have your Owl Hat on?

Happy Silly Sunday!

I very rarely have dreams connected to Richard Armitage, but during the summer I had one which was a bit on the bizarre side.

It actually involved the RArmy of friends more than the man himself.

As it turned out, I never ended up writing the post, but something I came across reminded me of it.

The dream involved The RArmy wearing these snazzy owl hats.

Do I mean snazzy?

Nope, I think I should write: silly!

The picture above is the best representation of the image I saw in my dream.

We all looked like cheesy corporation staff posing for company photos for a poster on ethics in the workplace, for which I really do apologise.

If it makes anyone feel any better, it’s not really how I see us during my waking hours 😉

But back to the headgear:

I’ll let you try to think of reasons why a group of intelligent Richard Armitage fans would feel the need to wear matching hats to express their belonging to a group.

It would, however, seem that the Owl trend is an absolute Hoot (OK, that’s out of my system…) for autumn 2012.

That means that the more fashion-conscious Richard Armitage fan can express their allegiance to the RArmy in many different ways, besides the unflattering felt hat.

Don’t want to mess up your funky hairstyle with an owl hat?

How about an owl T-Shirt

own tshirt

Too cold? How about a jumper to cover up your cold hooters…

Do you like your Blink blink?

Can’t afford diamonds?

You’ll just have to wing it with this cute owl necklace…

Birds of a feather accessories together, so you should go for these gold earrings too…

How about an owl handbag to keep all your RA dreams in?

No two ways about it!

I don’t give a hoot what you say, Owls are flying high this season!

Even the Big Boys on fashion, like Burberry Prorsum, are keeping things owliscious!

I can’t help but think my RArmy owl hat was somehow prophetic in egged on a whole new fashion trend!

It’s like I hatched a plan to introduce a new Richard Armitage admiration symbol to the ignorant masses!

They think they’re wearing a cute owl accessories.

In reality they are affiliating themselves with Armitage admirers…

Take some of this Armitage love, Fashionistas!

Waaaa…WaaaaHHHHHaaaa… WwaaaahhhhhaaAAA… (evil laugh continues for some time…).

So Ladies, if you’d like to express your Armitage admiration, and you’re still not ready to walk around wearing a T-Shirt with an image of Guy of Gisborne that says: Swollen Leather Goods, how about a little owl design somewhere on your person 🙂

I promise I won’t tell anyone that far from blindly following a fashion trend, you’re actually expressing your luv for a certain sexy British hunk!

Walt Otto’s Pin Up Girls

Autumn is slowly slipping away from us, but I found these beautiful illustrations by Walt Otto that are reminiscent of harvest season.

They are very wholesome indeed 🙂

Walt Otto

vintage girl illustration

Walt Otto pin up

3D Thorin Oakenshield and a little practice for December

I had the idea to create a few 3D versions of Thorin Oakenshield and his fellow The Hobbit dwarves to start practicing before December.

There’s only one problem with this plan, meaning I don’t actually own a pair of 3D glasses.

Anyway, here are a few images, so put on your stereo anaglyph glasses, if you have any, and let me know what 3D Thorin looks like 🙂

I need to check online and see how to make a pair of specs at home (see the results below)

Enjoy :)!

And just for good measure, I couldn’t resist a little Lucas booty:

Here’s an image for my fellow Richard Armitage body part fetishest Servetus 🙂

Here are some great ideas how to quickly make some 3D glasses at home 🙂


I just used a pink and blue CD cover and held them up to my eyes, being the classy lady that I am 😉

A Very Weird Whining Wednesday with a Dash of Irony

This wasn’t the Whining Wednesday post I was planning on writing this week.

It was supposed to start with the stats.

After a little over 1 month I’ve lost 5,5 kg (a little over 12 lbs.), which bummed me out until I realised that not for one second of that time was I hungry or  felt deprived.

On the contrary, I’ve been eating very yummy vegan dishes.

There’s still much room for improvement with portion control and regular exercise.

I haven’t had a cigarette in over a month, nor am I likely ever to.

With each passing week second-hand smoking bugs me more and more as it really does stink something awful.

Let me tell you, it sure tasted better from the cigarette straight to the lungs 😉

I was going to recommend that you watch the documentary Fat, Sick & Almost Dead (extended trailer at the end of the post) which I found very motivating.

It’s a story about Joe Cross who confronts the consequences of his terrible lifestyle and embarks on a 60 day juice fast.

Highly motivated by what we saw, the plan was to go on a juice fast starting Monday.

It all went terribly wrong on Sunday afternoon.

I started feeling very dodgy, with a huge headache ready to burst my head open, and I had blurred vision and light-headedness.

I just felt off, which is not something I’m accustomed to.

The next day the fast began.

I wasn’t feeling very well, but soldiered on, and battled through the nausea.

The nausea won big time!

By the afternoon I had my head stuck in the loo like a greenhorn on board a crabbing boat in the Bering Sea (can you tell I’m a huge fan of Deadliest Catch?)

It was a disaster and quite frankly it freaked me out.

I hadn’t felt this bad in ages, and I’m usually quite smug about having a very strong healthy body that might not look like it belongs to  a Brazilian supermodel, but it’s built to last!

I finally reached the conclusion that I need to get my blood pressure checked as my dad has been battling high blood pressure all his life and it’s one of my greatest fears. All of the symptoms apart from the Dehi Belly pointed to this problem.

I figured that although all my results had always been perfect, maybe the changes I’d made came too late and I’d have to pay the consequences of a lifetime of sins.

Turns out….

I have extremely low blood pressure.

It’s almost like all my life my body has been doing its best to keep it healthy and balanced despite my horrible eating habits and smoking.

When I eliminated these two vices, my organism struggled to maintain the proper blood pressure.

As my BF Max put it:

Sh*t, you smoke and eat junk, they tell you it’s bad…

You’re trying to be good, you get ill!

You can never win…

Don’t worry, I’m still going strong and WILL NOT be going back to either smoking or a diet of fat, sugar and meat.

I just need to readjust my body a bit.

Maybe I’m still going though the nicotine detoxification, which is a very scary notion.

Unfortunately because I reacted so badly to the juice I drank, the thought of going on a fast is nauseating.

Maybe one day I’ll be able to come back to the idea, as I think it has merit.

By the way, this is a HUGE victory for my sister Magzy as I’ve been trying to get her to limit her coffee intake.

The whole situation has just shut me up 🙂

Time to whip up some artificial Thorin coffee-like powder to perk up my day!

Here’s the extended trailer to the documentary I recommend you watch:

More Hobbit Funnies on a Silly Sunday

I can’t help finding these very funny!

I especially like the Sherlock reference, because, if you remember, Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman are both evolved with The Hobbit.

 I hope everyone has a laugh and a giggle on this Silly Sunday 🙂

A Post in which I Play Catch-Up

Sorry I’ve been away for a few day.

My regular readers will remember that I’ve been moaning about writing the first chapter of my thesis paper all summer.

I extended my first deadline, missed the second and ignored the official one that was set for last Saturday.

On Sunday I got a semi-angry email from my professor basically asking WTF!

Nothing inspires you more than a good old shock to the system, and seeing as I was blocked with half the writing already done, I sat down on Monday to finish that annoying thing that’s been looming over me for almost 3 months.

The final deadline I set for myself was Thursday, and I’m happy to report I was able to email the chapter that evening.

What’s even better is the positive feedback I got after my professor read it.

Although I have no doubt it will come back dripping with red ink, she really liked what I had written, much to my relief.

Sitting down and typing isn’t a natural activity for me.

I’ll usually write a paragraph, get up, empty the dishwasher, get started on dinner, sit down and write some more, pop out to the shop, check my emails, write another paragraph…

I’m just happy the block is over.

While I was busy with my thesis, there were a few things I’d been meaning to write and a few projects using PS that I had an idea for, so I hope I’ll have time at the weekend to fiddle with them.

tThere was even a post I didn’t finish and publish on Tuesday, so let me play catch-up and, with a few alterations, dump them all here.

If someone had told me a month ago that a cuddly soft version of Thorin would be available, I’d think I’d be all over it.

It really is cute, although I’m disappointed with the tamed mane and beard.

Would it have hurt them to make the hair a little longer?

Isn’t that a characteristic feature of our favorite dwarf?

They’ve got the angry eyes down to a tee though!

The mascot really is adorable and I think the design is well executed.

The truth is, as I’m on a tight budget right now, I need to pick and choose which Oakenshield merchandise I’d like to send my money on.

Maybe if I didn’t have the financial constraints, I’d be able to buy anything that had The Hobbit/Armitage image on it.

I’d be sitting around waiting for the postman to bring my fan goodies which I could photograph and display here 🙂

Well, I don’t think I’d be buying anything with Thorin on it.

Posters and calendars are out of the question, as my flat has a serene minimalistic theme, and I’d like to keep it that way.

I adore Thorin, but I loathe clutter more.

Another aspect of my reluctance to buy any of the Thorin items is exclusivity.

In the past only a handful of lucky fans managed to get their hands on merchandise connected to Richard Armitage.

ItsJSfor Me  is the proud owner of a number of Guy of Gisborne figures, and created my favorite band of rascals, The Lils!

What made them unique (apart from leading a jet-set lifestyle that I for one am jealous of) is that most of us wouldn’t be able to buy a Plastic Gizzy, even if we tried.

Talk about getting your hands on an incredibly special item, I laughed, and cry, when reading Servetus‘ thoughts after she received her WETA Thorin Oakenshield figure.

Let’s not forget the Captain America Costume Card which I didn’t even knew existed, until Servetus spilled the beans that she was the proud owner of.

The truth is, I feel like it’s all or nothing.

I’m afraid that if I say yes to one item, I’ll want the others and the Hobbit merchandise really does seem endless.

A cute Thorin mascot means figure means books means mugs….

Where does it end?

Maybe I just haven’t come across Thorin merchandise that I’d like to stick on my Birthday or Christmas wish list yet.

I’m sure the good people being The Hobbit merchandise are working hard to remedy that 😉

Maybe subconsciously I’m trying to pace myself as many MANY other items will become available and there’ll be more to choose from.

There’s a possibility that once the Thorin merchandise floodgates open, I’m be living in a Oakenshield hoarding paradise.

Is anyone else getting these feelings?

Are you all in the throes of fanguring heaven, dropping your hard-earned dosh? 

Should I just shut up and start spending?

Fritz Willis’ Pin Up Girls

Fritz Willis is one of the most famous vintage illustrators.

He worked on ads for Pepsi, Quality Papers, Max Factor, Purex, Sunkist, Crown Zellerbach, SpringMaid Sheets and others.

He also did story work for Esquire, Saturday Evening Post, Redbook, Collier’s, and covers for Ice Follies programs from 1952-1969.

vintage pin up girl

Fritz Willis pin up girl

Fritz Willis pin up

pin up girl

Fritz Willis

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