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Daily Archives: November 15, 2012

Share Your Screensaver, Share Your Dreams…

Ok, so the saying in reality states that if you share your drink you share your dreams, but in a virtual reality that is virtually impossible 🙂

I have a quick idea for today.

I’ve had this stunning and haunting image of Aidan Turner as my screensaver for some time now, as it seems I just can’t let go of it just yet.

Before that there was this beautiful Thorin part of The Hobbit scroll:

I’ve also had some bloody Aidan/Mitchell, but found it a tad unnerving:

I also like the odd joke:


My question for you is:

What image do you have as your screensaver and/or wallpaper right now?

Link the image in comments and write why you chose it 🙂

Can’t wait to see!

I’ve shown you mine, now you show me yours!

Update: As you can see I’ve been getting into the Twilight mood, so I felt it was only fair to update my computer.

Heaven help us all before The Hobbit!

I think I may actually grow a beard!

Anyway, this is the image I’ve chosen:

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