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It’s all about Thorin! Thorin! Thorin!


There was a Brady Bunch series where Jan, the middle daughter, complained that ‘It’s all about Marcia! Marcia!Marcia!”

I think we can easily apply this thinking to our little fandom, as it does all seem to be about Thorin! Thorin! Thorin!

I think it’s only natural that the lead-up to Richard’s biggest step in his career means we have shifted focus from other beloved characters.

I have observed that about 80% of Armitage news and posts is connected to The Hobbit.

Believe me, I know I’m guilty of focusing a majority of my posts on that little sexy bushy-eyebrowed devil!

I too am beyond excited about December, although I’ve vowed not to send a penny on merchandise until I actually see the movie, but it does make me feel like I’m ungrateful to the other RA characters.

Let’s not forget the months at a time when there’d be absolutely no RA news.

The drought was painful, and yet we survived and thrived because we found hidden depths in the characters available to us.

We had to dig a little deeper and flex our creative muscle to shed new light on old characters.

I miss Thornton and Porter a little and wonder when they will once again get the attention they deserve.

I have a quick question for you today:

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  1. I dont think I have abandoned any of Richards other characters as I have so many DVD’s starring Richard I can watch him in a different role every day!

    • We are very lucky in that regard, although I haven’t watched any Richard inba few months which makes me a bad fangurl 😦 I promise to play catch-up after I’ve watched the stuffing out of Thorin!

  2. Hi, I’ve been lurking … 🙂

    While I’m a newer admirer of RA and haven’t had the two-year drought, in watching as much of his work as humanly possibly since March, I see it as the triumphant emergence of a talent that was forged in those roles.

    We are going to see the man who created all those tortured souls for us, sometimes with barely a script to work with, and see him in a role I think we all agree he was made for. His humble fear that he might not be up to the challenge reminds us why we know he will stun us, for he regularly questioned whether he could play a role as he felt it deserved.

    So, I think we can wallow in the onslaught of Thorin for a while. Meanwhile, I am still working my way through as many big and small roles I can find, knowing that these that came before made him the man who would be Thorin today.

    • Hello Janine the Lurker! I’m happy you’re a lurker no more, and you are very welcome both here and in our fandom 🙂
      What I find interesting is that even his long time fans still haven’t seen everything. I feel like I always want some Armitage goal to reach and so I feel no need to get through everything. I’m pacing myself and prolonging the joy of discovering new Richard material.
      From less popular Armitage stuff, I suggest you watch The Great Sperm Race which Richard narrates if you haven’t already (on YT). I just adore him using all that vocabulary connected with sex, and yes, you can call me a dirty fangurl and I’ll tell you that if having dirty thoughts about Richard is wrong, I don’t want to be right 😉

      • “The Great Sperm Race” is plain brilliant. It’s such an interesting and funny documentation but first and foremost it’s Richard’s voice speaking the texts/words which is soooo sexy!! No problem with dirty thoughts on my part….. 😉

  3. In spite of being anxious for Thorin, I don’t forget my ‘precious’ Mr. Thornton or Guy or Harry… lol

  4. I don’t feel like there was ever a drought. Peter Jackson kept us warm that whole time, and there were regular news reports. That said, I’m not bothered so much by the predominance of Thorin as, increasingly, by the feeling that my nostalgia is being manufactured in advance, which doesn’t relate as much to merchandise as it does to the way that the information about the content of the film is being released.

    • I think that maybe we didn’t feel the drought so intensly because we amused ourselves best we could. There were months when we wouldn’t hear a peep from Jackson or Armitage and I think it was blogs and fanvids, fanfic and gifs that puled us through.
      I’ve stated before, at the risk of sounding like an old fart, that I’m done with the teasing. I get it. The films coming, it’s epic. I’m teased already. Now can I actually go and see it please! I know The Hobbit is going to be just under 3 hours so I’d rather not have a good portion of that sprinkled in TV spots etc.
      I want to see the film and get to think my own thoughts on the topic.
      Then again, I may just be a spoil-sport who doesn’t know how to play along and demands instant gratification 😉

  5. I do not feel I have abandoned the other characters. I just added up Thorin and gave him space. :0)

  6. Oh, and he is a king! :0)

  7. Nie ma sie co dziwic, w koncu to najwiekszy film, ktory Rysiek zrobil do tej pory. Nie kazdy oglada BBC a wlasciwie poza BBC to on niewiele zrobil.

    Well, yep, it’s kindda pathetic that I intend to go and see Hobbit in the cinema because of RA only. I guess, I am pathetic. Let it be so.
    I certainly count on big break-through for RA.

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  9. I discovered RA because of Thorin (just never happened to see any of his work before) and this handsome Dwarf fits right into my idea of a hunk — long hair, full beard and angst. Because I’ve only been a fan since August I still have RA work to see and have not had the drought other poor souls have had to endure. I have fallen completely in love with John Standring, although I adore Harry as well. I appear to be the lone holdout with Guy although I adore RA’s portrayal and think he’s sexy as hell. I’m looking forward to the next two movies and seeing RA’s star rise. I want to see him win an Oscar some day. That would just be da bomb.

    • It’s so lovely to see our RArmy expand! I’ve been a fan for quite some time but still haven’t seen many of his projects. I think I like them to melt on my fangurling tongue like good chocolate 😉
      You are very welcome within our ranks, there’s a huge group of Armitage Admirers on tumblr and ( a favorite of mine) twitter, so I hope to hear from you soon 🙂

  10. First time I saw the Hobbit I didn’t even know about Richard, I thought the movie was good but little silly. Thorin was the best thing, there was something in his eyes but I didn’t care that much about him. Later that evening I thought that I just have to look up who that Richard Armitage is. I should never have done that. Because that night fell totally under his spell and went totally mad. These last couple of weeks I have only been thinking about Richard Armitage every damn second. I’m not myself anymore. This grazy thing has never happened to me with a man, I’m 26 and I have never accually even had a boyfriend ore anything. Damn you Richard, you have cursed me. There’s just something about that man that drives women mad.

    Anyway I have watched a little bit of his works now. I totally love nort and south, spooks I can’t watch because what I have heard about Richards last seeson in it, Robin Hood I don’t like, I really hate Guy although he is the most interesthing character. I only watch it because Richard is so hot as guy. Anyway I really hope Richard gets more roles like Thorin and the one in North and South. And please no more énglish televisionseries because most of what he has done only seems worth to be seen because of him.

    • Hello Thora 🙂 You have been bitten by the Armitage Bug and I can assure you, there’s no known cure, so the illness needs to run it course. To what effect? No one can really know 🙂
      You will find that with most projects Richard steals the spotlight, even if they are quite good like Spooks or Moving Without Drowning. It’s a wonder directors even bothered to cast other members and didn’t keep the projects as one long Armitage monologue.
      Talking about Richard talking, have you checked out his audiobooks? If not then you are in for a treat!!! I recommend Lords of the North which is an almost 12h audio orgy 🙂

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