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This Teacher’s Pet

Armitage Teacher's pet 1

It ends today!

I am leaving my summer cottage and going back to the city, and back to work.

There’s always an air of sadness connected to it, but I look forward to starting a new year at work, even though it means getting up at an appalling hour.

It got me thinking about the start of the school year.

How you’d be excited for the first few days, meeting up with friends, catching up, smoking cigarettes in the loo and gossiping.

After the initial enthusiasm passed, you’d be faced with 9 months of utter hassle and boredom, counting down the days for summer to come again.

I guess I was considered a bit of a bad girl at school.

Armitage board

I loathed it there, couldn’t stand the process and spent most of time coming up with ways to make in bearable, like cutting corners, cutting classes, smoking in the loo.

It wasn’t until my final year of secondary school, and then at university, that I actually gave a damn and my dad still think it’s hilarious that I’m a constant student and I teach people for a living.

Believe me, I see the irony in it 🙂

Armitage geek kopia

I was wondering what type of pupil Richard was.

We know he was shy, so I doubt he hung out with the “cool crowd”.

He doesn’t seem particularly geeky or overly bookish, so I don’t think he was a nerd.

Maybe he started smoking in secondary school too and would sneak off behind the bike shed for a puff.

What do you think?

All I can say is that maybe if the boys at school looked anything like Richard, I would have actually stopped by there more often 😉

Access Your Inner Pin Up Hilda!

Today’s post was inspired by our fellow Armitage Admirer Luciana!

She tweeted info about a Pin Up Artist that portrayed women in a bit of a different way.

I very often post pictures depicting sexy Pin Up’s with nicely rounded bums and I rack worthy enough to hang an apron on, all clad in stockings covering their shapely calf and thighs.

They all ooze innocent sex and are very feminine.

Duane Bryers created a series of amazing  Hilda paintings done specifically for Bigelow & Brown’s Hilda calendars, from 1957 to 1970, although he continued to do original paintings till the early 1980s.

Bryers employed a number of plus-size models to pose for him, reminding each of us that shapely women have always been considered worthy to inspire works of art!

The artist once said:

“I got the idea for a plumpy gal pinup and thought I’d like to make it into a calendar series, but how was I going to sell a plump girl?”

There are many MANY amazing Hilda images, as Duane painted close to 250 pictures of Hilda over 36 years!

I have no doubt this isn’t the last time I’ve posted images by Bryers, so today I’ve opted for pictures that remind me of autumn and early winter.

By the way, Hilda has more curves than I’d know what to do with, but I think we’ve all felt a bit like this at one time or another:

It’s official!

I love Hilda!

It’s time to take a leaf out of her book and grab life by the… chocolate sundae!

Thanks very much Luciana 🙂

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