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Three posts in a row about RA hair is cutting egde blogging…

It’s a very hectic and busy week for me and Friday will either bring about a huge bang or just fizzle out.

While I’m dealing with RL stuff here’s a quick poll regarding RA hair and if 2 posts on one topic is sloppy, three is just plain old lazy 😉

From RA’s recent looks, which hair length would tickle your pickle more (if you had one that is…)?

Do you favour the sleek and chic Old Hollywood glamour length…

Armitage Robert Ascroft cropped

Or would you prefer your fingers to get tangle up in that hot curly mess…

BAFTA-LA-07 cropped Armitage

Here’s the quick poll:

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  1. Darling, there should be a 3rd option: “both” or “either”!!! I’d take him whichever way. Am not fussy.

  2. (from the gal who rarely comments) What Judit said.

  3. Both. Both are good. I chose only to add a vote, but seriously, who care how his hair are? Give me the man, whichever his hairdo is 😛

  4. littlesallyboots (Hannah A)

    I love a man with hair I can grab in moments of passion. I want to lose myself in those long locks… I want to run my fingers through his impressive head of hair!
    Aaaand I really should calm down because I am at work… >_>

  5. I am the one in the short cropped department. On second thought I love the curls. But no, the short cropped it is. Errm, no the curls. Although – I was always JT/LN/JP. But the curls are really sexy…..
    Sorry, can’t make up my mind. I am not one to choose. I want all of it.

  6. I am such a waffler…I love me a high and tight cut, but those curls…curls…curls!

  7. I simply love this man. Less or more curls is just a detail!!! 😉

  8. Hmmm, curls and long hair….. (Actually, I must admit that I wish that his Thorin’s look were real)…..

  9. Guy love rules, so currrrrrlz, no doubt!

  10. One of the perks of being a massage therapist is getting to run one’s fingers through the client’s hair 😉

    So I like the long wavy locks as much as I love the short crop. Too bad there wasn’t a third choice because I want it ALL 😀

    • “One of the perks of being a massage therapist is getting to run one’s fingers through the client’s hair” That sound lovely… unless it’s someone’s back hair 😉
      Seriously, as much as I love getting massages, I always think what hard work it is.
      BTW, do you remember the “Friends” episode where Ross pretends to be a masseuse and ends up massaging the old dude with wooden spoons and a toy car 😉
      Ps. Greedy hair fangirl 😉

      • You sure are right about the back hair LOL

        • Oh NO! I hoped you would chastise me for thinking of such things. Does it happen often? Are you tempted to pull out a wax strip and do some poor woman a favour?

          • Nah. It seldom happens and when it does, there’s shiatsu or compressions instead of the standard Swedish type massage.

            I also practice in the beach cities and L.A. and waxing is a common thing around here – even among men (and back facials). My friend even used me and her own mom and daughter for Brazilian waxing practice years ago LOL

          • Lucky you! I think men over here are still afraid of anything that may make them “metrosexual”. I actually see it as a victory that soap and deodorants are a standard thing for the male part of our society. Now if we could only get rid of the socks and sandals trend that graces the Polish streets each summer. Either it’s hot enough o wear sandals or cool enough to wear sock. You can’t have it both ways 😉

          • Yup, metrosexual is the word around here although it’s something we don’t really talk about.

            LOL socks and sandals just don’t go together! So grateful that the beach is just two blocks away from my office and from my house, about a mile!

          • Socka and sandals are a Polish/ Easter European thing, I was so proud to see David Beckham in thick white socks and flip-flops. I thought: He’s one of us now 😉

  11. Oh dear, I don’t think I could decide!

    • There’s no need to decide, I just trick people into making almost impossible decisions because I’m evil and their discomfort and confusion amuses me, therefore I pull out the Armitage big guns and watch 😉

  12. Uwielbiam RA w krótkich włosach, a jeśli dłuższe to w stylu sir Guy z 2-go sezonu. Tylko że z nim jest tak, że w każdej odsłonie jest mu dobrze 🙂 Więc siedzę przyklejona do monitora w zachwycam się tymi lokami 😉

  13. Agzy, there are happening strange things out there in hairy posting land!! I’ve left a comment here about 5 or 6 hours ago and I actually have seen it appear between Obscura’s and Joanna’s comments, before I left my PC…..and now it’s gone????

    • Oh no 😦 It didn’t pop up on my list of comments left and it’s not in spam. I certainly didn’t remove it, but I guess that goes without saying. The situation sounds hairy and I’ll keep an eye out but please let me know if it happens again as that will mean there’s some sort of glitch around here 😦

  14. Czech footballer made me de-lurk. 😀 But he manages to pull it off! I’d probably vote for short, even Hoobit-cropped-plus-beard short, if it wasn’t for delicious possibilities those locks offer. Feeling faint…

  15. I have literally have had to step away from the computer and stop looking at those pictures. They put me in such a state that I can’t concentrate on anything else. So, yes…I could literally watch those curls grow all day long and several times I actually thought I could see that hair growing.

  16. Such a choice! I love the idea of the curls, but I really like the shorter look aesthetically. If he was mine I would keep the curls. As an actor and public person, though, I think he’s better off shorn. Love him either way!!

  17. Wybieram styl “Mariano Italiano” 🙂


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