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Richard Armitage Coiffure Take 2


Two Richard Armitage Hair posts in a row is just sloppy blogging, but what’s a fangirl to do?

This could’ve been avoided had Richard emailed me and shared his intentions of walking the red carpet sporting a beyond sexy do!

Next time I hope you’ll be more considerate Richard!


I can’t fixate on the Poldark news until it has been fully confirmed, but maybe we’ll get another round of Armitage as a romantic hero in a BBC costume series, hence the style!

Be still my heart and try to take in the Armitage coiffure beauty without bursting into flames!

BAFTA LA TV Tea 2013 Presented By BBC America And Audi - Red Carpet

No hard feeling though Mr Armitage, your look tickles my lady bits and I most certainly give it my two trembling thumbs up.

It’s a bit of a Brazilian blowout and I refuse to believe you can just step out of the shower, run you’re fingers through it and be off.

There’s no wash and go here!

Visually the do is stunning but I’m withholding passing ultimate judgement until I am able to run my fingers through it!

Is is soft and smooth or more crunchy from hair products?

As much as I approve of Richard’s hair, here are some other styling ideas he may want to consider:

He may want to channel the lovely Dawn French and get himself a Dibley vicar haircut


If that’s a little too conservative, how about a little Justin Beiber (minus the baggy pants and brat behaviour)?


Oh Baby, baby, baby Yeah!

Billy Idol anyone?


It feels like a good day for a white wedding, let me just go grab my veil and I’ll meet you at the altar…

If punk is less your thing and metal is where your tastes lie, how about some rock classic


And my favourite, the artsy take on a Warhol…


and if I want to be a Pin Up, I wouldn’t mind Richard being one too 🙂


My favourite still remains this…

BAFTA LA TV Tea 2013 Presented By BBC America And Audi - Red Carpet

Richard, you still manage to astonish and amaze me each time you appear on any red, green, or aquamarine carpet!

You keep it up and I’ll be more than happy to change the name of the blog to “Richard Hair Watch”!

Ps. Not that I was looking but the hairy chest is back too…

Red carpet images from RANet.

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  1. Your name was the first thing that came to my mind when I saw RA last pictures a few minutes ago… LOL
    I personally liked this one because you can have a better idea of the style:

  2. I think there is a bit of product in there but I still think he has stepped out of the shower (…oh there’s an image for you..), towel dried it and just scrunched some product in last thing. We know his hair goes wavy when it gets longer. mine does exactly the same flicking up thing when left to its own devices, although I fear not as fetchingly.

    • I’m not sure, I definitely see a bit of a lift at the roots, but then my hair is as straight as can be, so I’d have to spend hours to get that look, if at all it was possible. Now, back to the more important issue, Richard steps out of the shower and towel dries you say… 😉

      • My hair does a lift at the roots if I don’t put any product in it at all. In fact, if I don’t coil it up or do something about it, the curls go nuts. But as you say, back to the more important issue, Richard steps out of the shower… *gunh*

        • My mind went to what he said on the Glamour Mag shoot as to what he does before going on the red carpet. Something like – “Put some product in my hair, I might not even shave but I will wash my armpits!” 😀

  3. Dear Richard, today I woke up at 6 a.m. and I switched on my PC as usual for first thing. I did a quick look at twitter and there you were. I must say it was the quickest awakening I can remember in ages. Those curls… all our talk about your curls, your hair came to my mind and I was yelling YES curls are there! Yes, sir, you have a role and you don’t tell us! Look, I still have to regain myself… 😛

    • Me and that profile picture are going to be BFF’s for quite some time I think… Those curls are giving this girl palpitations… It was a wonderful Sunday surprise and I hope many more are to follow.

      • yep, that profile pic is… well. And now we have the HQ one thanks … *thud*

        • I first came upon the Getty images which are marred with watermarks and that gave me the sads, but to see Richard in all his HQ glory is breath-taking! I’m really looking for an excuse to start PSing the pic of RA in profile, so I can fiddle with those nape curls in the only way available to me 😉

  4. Ah dear Agzy~ you are keeping me awake as the other ladies with all this posts~! *sigh* but I had to peak at this new pictures!

    • Peeking at the pics will make you even more alert. That’s the one good thing about living in Europe. We usually end up waking up to delicious new RA stuff and it’s better than a cup of strong coffee. Unless you have to get up super early, go to work and don’t see the new stuff till you get back and everything has been looked over, posted, analysed. Then again that’s when I get to nibble on the almost bare carcass to come up with something new 😉

      • I’m quite alert now~ we have a breakfast invitation at 8:30 and it’s almost 6am here. I’ve been awake all night playing and now I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep seeing all the pictures. I think I’ll just take an aspirin and wait until my family wakes up~

        • Ah youth! If I pulled a stunt like that I’d sleep for 12 hours the next night 😉
          BTW, what were you playing?

          • When I was younger it was easier if I didn’t sleep at all, but now I will need plenty of sleep later. My mom tells me that sometimes I’m like an old lady. I get cold easily, I drink tea, and I sleep too much~
            I was playing Sims 3 Pets. That game is so addictive even if there is not much to do…

  5. For a minute I thought you were channeling Kelly Osborne with her purple hair.

  6. Hahahaha! As always, these are brilliant. Though Richard would definitely look good as a silverfox a la DI Lestrade

    • I figured we’d hopefully get to see Richard the silver fox au naturel some day 😉 Then again, he seems t be liberal with the hair dye so maybe that’ll never happen…

  7. Agzy blogging about RA hairdos yesterday, and today the RA mullet (or manllet, as Agzy calls it) makes an appearance. Coincidence? *huffs* Really? Well, I’ll leave it with you to ponder that… Suffice to say that I had a nasty fit of giggles when I scrolled over the Bieber look that nearly resulted in one ruined keyboard. However, the Mod-look might be better for RA than we think. For the moment I am quite enamored with the return to Sir Guy.

    • Ahem, how observant of you. Actually it was ALL a cunningly organised ploy to warm everyone up with regards to RA’s stunning red carpet hair reveal. You’ve seen right through me and all that’s left is for me to fess up! 😉
      I have a thing for Aidan Turner curls (prior to the chop) and Kit Harington’s do, so I could just sit an watch Richards hair reach it’s sexy potential 😉

  8. His hair looks a lot like Patrick Dempsey’s hair! Anyway, I loooove it!

  9. Ah, that profile picture! That is sooo gorgeous.
    But this: “try to take in the Armitage coiffure beauty without bursting into flames” has so not worked for me. Nope. *thud*

  10. Agzy, how dare you start writing about how it might feel to run one’s fingers through Richard’s hair!!!! 🙄 I mean, look at him!! What a dazzling beau. He drives me insane! (This had to be said… and to top it all, it’s true!!) Did anybody of you ladies mention a shower and a small towel? 8-0 Oh be still my heart!

  11. littlesallyboots (Hannah A)

    I think I drooled into my Sunday shreddies when I saw these pics this morning!
    Good lord, I just want to go and live in his perfect, rustle-worthy hair!!! -_-

    My second thought was: There’ll be post about these pics from the lovely Agzy v soon…a couple of hours later… 😉

  12. Prawde mówiąc siedziałam wczoraj kilka minut z otwarta szeroko gebą…przykro mi to stwierdzic ale powtarzałam cichutko jednoczesnie dwu i jednoczłonowe polskie wyrazenia nieparlamentarne. Dziś tez zagladnełam tam gdzie poleciłas i znowu !, Jak on śmie tak wyglądac?! 🙂 To ciacho jest jak najbardziej w moim podłym guście…no Mariano Italiano jak zywy (brakuje tylko duzego złotego krzyżyka na klacie;)) A wiesz jak na takiego przystojniaka mówi pokolenie mojej córki? ” Ale dupa!” (wciąz cieknie mi ślina jak mojemu psu nad klatką z miniaturowym królikiem)

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