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You’ve taken RA blogging too far when:

Hair growth Armitage

You know you’ve taken RA blogging too far when:

– instead of getting up to wee when nature calls you continue struggling through just to make sure the RA post is acceptable and you can hit “schedule”

– you post 3 (count em’ THREE!) posts in a row about Richard’s hair and the chase that up with another one nit-picking through the same photos

– you are beyond happy when someone identifies the brand of an RA item of clothing (loathed knee-pad pants are apparently Belstaff)

– your laptop battery is dying but you can’t tear yourself away from replying to comments and wish you had some solar panel system installed so you wouldn’t have to deal with interruptions

– the ratio of RA to non-RA stuff on your computer is about 4:1

– EVERYTHING is a potential blog idea and EVERYTHING is related to Richard, yet you’re stumped when you sit down to write

– in general, everything can be explained, analysed, focalised, and soothed with the use of an RA pic

– you think attaching Richard’s head to stranger’s bodies is an appropriate form of amusement and a productive way of sending your time

– dinner, housework, laundry- none of them get done

– you are vocal in your appreciation of someone’s arse… publicly and repeatedly…

– you are facing the most important day in your academic career and yet instead of preparing for it your main concern is that you don’t have posts scheduled for the next few days


I too had a normal life once… 

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Sew, Rip, Repeat... and love each moment of it! Join me as I embark on a myriad of sewing and crafting shenanigans.

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  1. Oh dear! It seems I have almost the same problem as you! Almost! No blogging (does a guest appearance count?) also need to add for me * that you kids know everything about RA as they can’t easily escape!

    • Kids need a well-rounded education and that includes knowing about marvels like Richard. It’s not ALL about Loki and Spiderman! You are helping your children establish their aesthetic ideals and quite frankly they will thank you one day when they too know the difference between standard pretty and exquisite beauty!

  2. Gee Agzy, and we never even met You know me so well. And you can add,it’s 4:24a.m. here and I am answering comments.

  3. 4:1? Sounds more than reasonable methinks. Could be far worse. 😉
    And yes, I also had a real life once. It’s some time ago. I can hardly remember. And I don’t care. *gg 

    • LOL! Could be worse but I’m including work stuff and 2 years of research connected to my thesis, dozens of ebooks, articles etc. So in that light I’m sad pathetic obsessed weirdo 😉 AND!!!! wouldn’t want it any other way!

  4. So true ! I also back up my RA files to an external hard drive and USB stick in case of HD crash !!! C’est grave docteur ?

  5. All you said (blogging apart if you don’t count tumblr as a blog) but 1 added:
    – you spend days listening/reading abridged version of RA audiobooks trying to correct your unabridged digital copy of the books (desperately trying to understand what the h**l his marvelous voice says) so that you could, in a future, read/listen without losing narration thread.

    • Micra, that’s a actually a wonderful and very useful side-effect to Armitage obsession. You can always say you have unusual syllabus to improve your skills 😉 After watching “The Almighty Johnsons” which I’m obsessed about, I shall now add “Recognises the difference between NZ and Aussie accent” to my CV. What? It’s a skill, no? May come in handy…

      • Sure! I found out how to pronounce many words and that I was actually wrong in pronouncing a lot of them. ahhh Professor Armitage… 😛 ♥

        • It’s tricky! My favourite phrase I learned when watching the BBC series Pride and Prejudiced was when Lidia plopped down on a chair and said “I’m fagged!”. It’s such a weird and funny expression, not to mention it may bring other things to mind, but it actually refers to feeling tired 😉

  6. Oh dear 😀 There’s not much else I can say but your posts do make me laugh 🙂

  7. Wait – do you have a keylogger or camera installed on my PC? How did you know I was researching potential RA haircare products last night? Did you read the private fanmail sent about plans to stay up tomorrow night to queue my Tumblr blog way ahead of schedule due to a business trip? Or is it that we are all equally obsessed? I think these just be common symptoms of being RAddicted. This is why we blog – so we know we are not alone in this special insanity who is Richard Armitage. By the way, those are ruffled pleats, not knee pads. The Belstaff tight jeans bend like a straw when one is on a motorcycle or in other stretchy positions.Cheers!

    • Shhhh it a secret but I have taken it upon myself to monitor RA fan activity, although *some* would frown upon it. But hey, it works for the Americans so how bad can it be 😉
      I jest (hear that CIA, I know NOTHING….)!
      Explain the ruffles vs. knee-pad thingies. They look more paddy than ruffly.

    • *giggle* (yes, I’m twelve) … she said “other stretchy positions” *giggle*
      *thud* (yes, I’m “older than twelve”) … she said “other stretchy positions” *thud*

  8. I was just thinking yesterday about some of the things you mentioned Agzy when I went out to buy cinnamon rolls with my mom and sister in law to the mall…
    I began wondering if it was too much to see men clothes and think “I bet Richard would look good wearing this”

    • See clothes and think of Richard? Absolutely fine. Buy cinnamon rolls and think of me? What is it you’re trying to tell me? Are you calling me fat? That’s it! I’m going on a diet! LOL! 😉

  9. Normal life? What is normal life? I prefer an RA world. Keep RA blogging.

    • Like I have an alternative to RA blogging… It’s like the mafia, just when you think you’re out, they pull you back in 😉

      • OMG, I just choked on my drink…I breezed through while hubs was watching The Godfather 3 the other day, just at that point, and a similar thought occurred…I could make some really awful la cosa….nah, too easy 🙂

        • Easy pop culture references must ALWAYS be made. Saves us from having to actually come up with something smart ourselves 😉 BTW, no horse heads in my bed please, I just wouldn’t know what to do with it and I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t fit in the freezer!

  10. wait, this is when you take RA blogging too far? I thought all of that was just what blogging was all about? *scratches head* now I’m confused… 🙂

  11. I was doing fine until the “stretchy positions”.

  12. LOL Great post, sweetie. (And only a 4:1 ratio? Is more than that considered excessive? *giggle*)

    A, I knew there was a reason we got on so well. You’re sharing one of my few remaining synapsing brain cells! All the rest have been Richardized.

    Isn’t it wonderful to have such great company in our communal affliction? 😉

  13. You’re the very poster woman for doing it right, Agzy. Such devotion to RA duty is to be applauded, unless of course you don’t get to bed early enough and sleep through that oh-so-important academic interview!
    Good luck!

    • Let’s just say important work issues are dealt with when I get up super early as my evenings/nights are occupied 😉
      Ps. Love the book avi 🙂
      PS2. Watched TAJ episode. We don’t know what powers Frig has. I think it’s healing and Michelle will be fine because Frig will save her, adding salt to her wounds as b*tch already stole her man LOL!. Maybe you should change “think” for “hope” in the last sentence 😉 I really don’t want them to kill Michelle off, she has plenty of damage to do and I don’t think Mike has paid for dumping her and chasing after a more important goddess. She didn’t even get to plant eggs and fish in his flat…

      • I’m sure I read somewhere that ‘someone’ will die this season, presumably one of the main cast. I like Michelle’s character- she’s a good strong foil to counteract the boys, so I’ll be happy if they find a way to make her not dead!

        The continuation of the dwarf gag was fun- I’ve seen a gif of it where you can clearly see Jared cracking up trying not to laugh. I think Dean plays those gags very well- all huffy and annoyed!
        Like my little pic, hey? I’m all signed up with a reader and everything now, aren’t I a clever girl- without the aid of your promised ‘how to’ guide as well!

        • Oh no, and we were just commenting that this isn’t Game of Thrones so they won’t kill off such a rich character 😦 I really liked the plot involving her and Mike, even when it turned nasty so I have to wonder why they’d want to let her go.
          BTW, I think Jared is often on the verge of corpsing, you can see it when he’s doing a scene with Dean. The dwarf references are hilarious. It reminded me of when Cumerbatch was doing “Cabin Pressure” and asked that no references to Sherlock be made. So one character exclaims: “Wow Martin, you’re like a famous detective!” So everyone is waiting for the obvious gag t follow but then he adds “Just like Miss Marple!”. Very funny!
          Re the guide, it’s coming 🙂 It takes a long time and effort to create a step-by-step post that’s clear and useful and I have a very important day Friday so apart from the odd peek here and there I’m trying to devote all my energies to this one thing. I hope to wake up Saturday feeling free like a bird, but not as dead as a Dodo 😉

          • Just kidding. Get to it when you’ve really got the time to do it justice- I’m just proud of myself that I can now do all those things you talked about, such as ‘liking’ a post!

            Honestly don’t know how TAJ will finish up, since they don’t even know whether yo keep the story lines open or not. The death rumour could well be wrong, but I saw it mentioned by a couple of girls on tumblr who seem to follow it all pretty closely.

            I think Dean and Jared are close mates in real life, so I imagine they have a lot of fun clowning around on set.

          • You should be proud! I sometimes press something by accident and learn a new easier way to do things 😉 Then again I sometimes just end up deleting everything, so it’s not a general rule 😉
            I’m hoping the success in Canada will keep the show afloat. We started rewatching s1 a few days ago and it’s just as good second time around plus we actually understand the accent now so we don’t have the : The hell is he saying?!? look on our faces 😉

  14. I now do laundry around blogging about RA. I play golf around blogging. Jon just gave me a list of things to do and started it with “when you finish blogging about RA….” I’d stay to chat, but I need to zip over to the Story Board Blog…. xoxoxox

    • I honestly believe that if I retired today (no such luck, I’m not even half way there…) I’d find a way to fill my entire day and still complain that there aren’t enough hours in the day 😉 RA is keeping me super busy and why venture out there to get a life when everything I need is right here!
      PS How are things going at MSB? I’ve been busy so I haven’t had time to do my usual rounds, but is everything OK?

      • Everything’s great. Slow, but great. I’ve been using the covers of the stories the writers had for their covers. We’re good. When you’re not busy come by–I’ll yell if I need something…

        • That’s great, a quick tweet about a post a few time a day helps to get traffic in, but it may just be a slow time in general. I hope that by Saturday my schedule will be more manageable and I can focus on more important things like Richarding, so if you need me for anything, Holla at cha’ girl! 😉
          We could also think of some way to get more peeps here, readers and writers like maybe have a ficlet competition. A writer will write a short piece based on suggestions left in comments. I’m just thinking out loud, but will keep my thinking cap on to come up with something 🙂

  15. Tu wszystko jest możliwe, więc dlaczego nie rozwinąć innego działania? Dlaczego nie ukazać światu więcej RAłysiny? Skoro na czworo dzielić kłaczka, to dlaczego w ogóle nie odjąć włosa od głowy? Wpatrzyłam się w łysinę, z której okrutna dujawica piorunem stargała włosie wraz z cebulkami i stwierdzam, że też mu przystojnie, a nawet więcej, choć mniej. Świadczyłby, że. W końcu taka przypadłość też ludzka, a na szczęście miągw „myślących” inaczej nie tak dużo spotkałam w tym całym RAświatku. Górą łysi (i koniecznie bez karka), czyli włochaci inaczej w całych 100% procentach problema! Patrzę na RA=Garrego Morrisona, któremu włos urasta przerażająco nagle i falowo, i cóż kojarzę? Ano od „poćciwiny” Piasta Kołodzieja vel „zaklęte rewiry w ząbek” po świntuszka/pięknisia księcia Bogusława z żądzą czci Łoleńki, choć tu bez broszy we fryzach, acz wolałabym z broszą, bo broszę lubię na tymże Bogusławie. A łysego w zestawie ni ma, a przydałby się, bo niektóre z nas to „off-topic” ze skorupiakiem i nam łysina własna i cudza zwyczajna, i opatrzona.
    Chociaż dobrze Ci życzę, AgzyM, a pewnie by się narobiło, że piękna odejmujesz albo żałujesz. W półmroku też nie lubisz siedzieć i całkiem słusznie. Biorę więc na siebie tę twórczą myśl: łyse jest piękne! Trza go więcej, by lud oświecać nawet takim poblaskiem! Niech ma, chce czy nie chce – jego, czyli luda problem! Będzie post o tym nawet. Oczywiście dla łysych, łysawych lub takich, którym wolno, ale odrasta już bardziej. Dzięki za pomysł!
    A tak w ogóle to ja o tym chciałam – dbaj o swoje sprawy i przyjemności, bo nic nie jest ważniejsze od Ciebie samej. Mądre takie jakieś wyjszło…

    • 🙂 Ja się cieszę że Rysiek dla mojej przyjemności z łysizną walczy co jest ewidentne z biegiem lat. Urody mu z czasem przybywa, ale włosów na głowie też. Wolę by grosza nie szczędził na zabiegi upiększające niż by kasę na jakąś zołzę modelkę i orgie wydawał. Zaproponowałam łysego Rysia kilka postów temu by rozwiązać problem braku fryzurowej spójności przy kręceniu filmu Czarna Noc (podtytuł Czarno to Widzę), zawsze łatwiej Gilette podziałać niż przylizywać by krótsze się wydawały.
      Nawiasem, nawiedziła mnie zajawka filmu o Lechu I Danusi W. Szczególnie Pani D powinna czuć się szczęśliwa bo aktorka która się w nią wciela jest bardzo urodziwa i sama bym się nie obraziła gdyby mnie też zagrała (w filmie pod tytułem “Co za dużo to nie zdrowo” obowiązkowo z Cezarym Pazurą i Bogusiem Lindą). Jakoś ludzie od castingu przychylnym okiem poparzyli na bohaterów tamtych czasów i jakoś tak ładni w tej stoczni ludzie byli. Ale to tak nawiasem…

      • Nie no, oczywiście nawiasem. Fajne jest to, że czasem długo, ale w końcu życie uczy wszystkie D-e, że trzeba być szczęśliwym, bo to niemal obowiązek, rzekomo nietrudny. Ee, co tu się z „życiem” spierać… Słyszałam, jak ta dzielna cytowana akurat to wypowiedziała, czym zaskoczyła wszystkich zebranych w studio. Już za to właśnie wielka chwała i AG jej się słusznie należała, jak sam L po sprawiedliwości babskiej na pewno nie. Tak nawiasem, oczywiście. A może już obcesem, choć zupełnie tak tu niegroźnym? Masz rację, że z biegiem lat, z biegiem dni, czyli na filmowo problem trzeba chyba widzieć w kolorze i w pełnym asortymencie środków wyrazu. Od przybytku głowa nie boli, AgzyM, a mówi to ta, która w osobistym tytule sprawdza i sprawdza, jak na jakość działa ubytek różnej ilości. Widać. Tak nawiasem, nie wiem dlaczego (bo i skąd przecie, nieee… gdzieżbym tam…), ale zobaczyłam naszego „gościa” w czymś takim, co okrągłe i bardzo bujnie pudlowate, powiedzmy. Okropna wizja, taka wciskająca się zaraza. Taki rodzaj bidnej głupawki, a śmiech to zdrowie i toczek na łysinę. Z zawadiackim piórkiem, a jakże!
        Starczy tych takich, AgzyM, starczy…

  16. Jak to dobrze że urok Ryska działa tez na inteligentne i twórcze dziewczyny 🙂 Oj nie byłoby tego RAświata bez was!
    Wszystko co ja robie to wzdycham, chichocę przed komputerem lub usmiecham sie do obcych ludzi na ulicy, bo akurat przypomniałam sobie czyjś post, jakis smiesznie opisany obrazek na tumblrze lub zabawny komentarz…..

  17. I hear you, boy do I hear you, and I hope the important day went well 🙂

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