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Get Thorinized for Halloween

Although  I’m still holding on to summer for as long as I can, it seems others are already thinking about Halloween.

We don’t really celebrate it here because November 1st is All Saint’s Day which serves a whole different purpose, but the few times I did get to play  Halloween costume dress-up, it was a blast.

I think it’s safe to predict that the cast of The Hobbit, and Thorin especially, are going to be popular this year, although I hope producers will have ironed out the look a bit by then.

For now it’s a pass from me…

Just so we’re clear what look we are aiming for, let me give everyone a quick Thorin refresher pic.

Masculine, furry, bulky, metaly… yup, I think I have a feel for what we’re going for here…

But how’s he going to dance dressed like that?

There’s something to be said about this dwarven boyband look, but does he have the moves?

More importantly, does it come with its own wind machine for that tousled look?

You can also go biblical…

There just aren’t enough dwarves in the old testament if you ask me.

Talking of bygone times:

If you’ve ever wondered what Guy would look like dressed up as Thorin…

You’re welcome!

By the way, sheriff Vasey is going as Gollum.

Shop bought Thorin costumes are not for everybody (might I dare suggest they’re not for anybody…).

You may just be better off sewing your own stuff from patterns.

Nothing will get you into that butch dwarf mindset like slaving away at the sewing machine.

But if you know deep in your heart you can never make a convincing Thorin, just pass the fur coat buck to your household pet…

Click on images to be linked their source.

thorin pumpkin

A film by any other name is still not on my screen…

A film by any other name is still not on my screen…


In the wee small hours of the morning, I had a mini blogging panic attack with regards to this post which had been scheduled to come out a few hours later.

My main assumption was that tornadoes are accompanied by rain, but this is no Kansas and the closest I’ve ever come to a tornado is that little whirl you get when you pull out the drain plug.

If there’s no rain, I was royally screwed!

I can now confirm that there are “rain-wrapped” tornadoes.

Gary Morris Armitage

Oh, and Richard is actually wet in this pic and that’s all the confirmation I need 🙂

So without further ado…

Armitage tornado1

There are clearly some issues with Richard’s project that he filmed last year in the US and that we’re still waiting on.

The movie has gone through a list of titles:

Category Six

Black Sky

Now we think (but who really knows…) that it’ll be called:

Into the Storm

My favourite by far is Bccmee’s Tornado of Love, but the film producers seem to be ignoring this far superior option.

So what if it would require minimising the main drizzly and windy plotline in favour of Richard getting hot and heavy with his leading lady?

(Release the weather puns…)

Now that’s a story that would sweep me away!

I actually encourage any shifts that will focus on the love part rather than the tornado one, do you catch my drift?

And if things get breezy and actors get disrobed in the process, I say go with the flow…

But seriously though, I really can’t wait for the tornado movie to come out, they say there’s a twist at the end.

 I though that maybe we should give a helping hand and offer some other title alternatives to speed the process up and get Richard onto out screens asap, because waiting is quite a blow!

So make sure your mind is not clouded or in a fog because we may have mist some great film title ideas.

How about:

 The Storm Chaser of Dibley

Harry rain_edytowany-3

There’s something about yellow rain gear that makes me giggle.

You can even protect the essentials from the rain… don’t want things getting damp…

Moving swiftly along… how about:

Gary Hood

Guy rain 1

Guy sure looks miserable enough to know a thing or two about dire conditions.

I can just imagine him standing there, sword in hand, ready to fight the tornado, at the same time blaming the sheriff for it.

Put on your willies, grab the torchlight, put your thinking waterproof cap on and tell me:

What are your tornado movie title ideas?

PS. Impromptu image for Perry

RA Dragon

And another quick one…

RA dragon 3

Soames Forsyte. The Man you Love to Hate


I’ve been meaning to write about The Forsyte Saga since the night I was up 10 hours straight till 6am watching it, but with all the build up I hardly think I can do it justice.

I saw the series floating around as recommendation to any North and South or Pride and Prejudice lover for some time, but I’ve aways found the word ‘saga’ a bit off-putting.

Nevermind, the gods of costume drama rolled the dice and deemed this summer the appropriate time to initiate me into the complex world of the Forsyte family.

And believe me, drama is the operative word proving that it’s always the most respectable families that have the most to hide.


The Forsyte Saga consists of eight episodes and then the story is continued in four episodes of The Forsyte Saga: To Let.

For anyone who’s interested in checking it out, you can watch the episodes on YT or read John Galsworthy’s book (free ebook link in sidebar).

Here is the first episode:

There’s just so much I want to say on this story and I’ll start with stating my disappointment that it hasn’t amassed a N&S type following.

There’s the odd post, article, one or two fanfics and I doubt this post will change things, but I’ll give it a try 🙂


Although the 2002 television series introduces a plethora of rich characters, today I will be focusing on the one that Blew. Me. Away!

Soames Forsyte, played by the dashing and ever so strangely sexy Damian Lewis, is an incredibly complex character.

On face value he’s the one you love to hate, a despicable possessive man with few redeeming qualities.

Enter Damian Lewis.


Don’t get me wrong, Soames is still morally corrupt and his actions throughout the series are questionable at best, but Lewis manages to instil in him an element that somehow evokes our pity.

Watching Lewis piece together this character makes for fascinating viewing and just proves British actor’s superior skills.

It’s the minute details that make Soames come alive and become three-dimensional.


We watch, episode after episode, as Soames’ carefully crafted persona, so highly regarded among his family and in society, unravels exposing a man who is riddled by insecurity and unable to upkeep the perfect picture he has created in his head.

His love for Irene (pronounced Irenee, which, as Servetus explains, is from the Greek pronunciation Ee-ray-nay), the woman he falls for and woos relentlessly, epitomises the notion that:

“It is better to love someone who loves you more”.

Despite there being little attraction on her part, Soames pursues her, blinded by his desire to possess her as yet another beautiful object in his collection.


It’s important to note that in this feminist age, Irene’s behaviour reads as passive at best.

She allows for events to happen to her rather than take charge of her own destiny, but she also possesses a skill that make men fall madly, deeply, truly head over heels with her and, some may say, she taken advantage of that.

I just see her as a Helen of Troy type, one that subconsciously hurts those who love her most and create turmoil around her.


The Forsyte Saga is a story of a love triangle or, at times, a love rectangle, but in my opinion what is at the heart of this tale is  Soames and Irene who are engaged in a duel, a life-long battle that merely features, and inevitably wounds, innocent bystanders.

Although they have so little in common with one another, they perform a complex tango and their actions bind them together in an awkward and, at times, disturbing manner.

This really is a guide in “What Not to Do in a Marriage”.


This is a tale of the consequences of bad decisions, but also about how we tend to dig deeper into the black hole our actions have created, and how little we are able to learn from our errors.

When watching Lewis’ character it is evident that Soames is destined to repeat all the bad mistakes , learning very little from them.


It’s this inability to draw conclusions from past events that is one of his downfalls, but there’s an evident loneliness and a need to stifle the object of his love that makes this character so raw and painful to watch.

Time and time again I’d find myself embarrassed by his actions and literally shouting at the screen.

Shame he never read “Wooing for Dummies” because never was there someone so desperately in need of guidance!


I want to leave Soames’ and Irene’s relationship for another post when I’ll be comparing them to some other characters you may have heard of, but I hope I’ve intrigued you enough to check the saga out.

Although I’ve focused on what I believe to be the central theme of the series, there are plenty more delicious plots offering endless entertainment.


Irene isn’t the only woman who is entangled in a stormy and difficult relationship with Soames.

Although he is regarded as a respectable, sensible man, and his family relies on his knowledge and expertise, he find communicating with women a tad testing.


The dynamic between him and his cousin’s daughter June is worthy of its own post.

If Irene’s passive behaviour makes your blood boil, you will find June in juxtaposition as she’s one feisty lady!

She’s one of the few people who stand up to Soames and proves to be shoulder for Irene to cry on, although with the way the story evolve, I bet she’d wished she hadn’t.

In many regards June is the voice of reason and truth, and her character undergoes the most  significant growth throughout the saga.


These are just a few scattered thought on a series that I found incredibly thought-provoking and I hope to return to some of the themes in subsequent posts 🙂

All of the caps come from Firthgirl’s picspam of the series and let me tell you, I was crying with laughter reading her interpretation, so check it out: Picspam 1, Picspam 2, Picspam 3, Picspam 4

King Richard Competiton: The Good, The Bad and The Right Darn Ugly

The comments on Day 6 of the King Richard Competition are now closed, I’ll be drawing the last name and congratulating the winner shortly.

Day 6 winner

I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has participated!

It’s you (yes, YOU!) who makes it fun, so thank you for helping me celebrate Armitage Day!

King Richard has left the busilding

As I’ve written in previous post, not everything (nothing more like…) has gone according to plan.

I had two types of jewellery: some that sealed the image with a cabochon and some that were covered in resin.

Let me tell you, both proved to be tricky!

Let me illustrate what “things going horribly wrong” looks like.

Step right up, ladies and gentlemen, so see the horror of:

The man spouting brown blobs!

RAbad 1

Oh this one was a disappointment!

It all looked relatively good the day I made it, perhaps a few smudges that I insist aren’t a mistake, but give it an antique look.

Imagine my horror when a brown blob appeared centre of the image!

Oh, but that’s antiqued peanuts in comparison to:

Richard caught in a whirlpool!

Only the barrel is missing…

RAbad 2

OK, this one may have been my fault.

After applying the resin, it dried all ripple and I though it a good solution to salvage the piece was too…. drumroll… pour more resin on it.

FYI, NOT the way to go…

I shall hang on to these and scare children come Halloween!

Not one piece of jewellery has really turned out perfect, but I really do hope the competition winners focus on the fact that it’s the thought that counts, my heart was in the right place etc.

Anyway, if you’d like to give this a go (and I am sooooo not giving up on making the perfect piece of jewellery, so look out resin, here I come!), here’s a great guide on how to apply the cabochon (with more success than me).

I’ve spent more of the post writing about what not to do, but let me tell you about someone who gets her projects right every freakin’ time!

Some of you make know Jen from Cake Wrecks, possibly one of the funniest websites around, but she laso has a site called Epbot which caters for her geeky, nerdy steampunky interests.

Last year she wowed us all with her Lady Vadore costume.

This year she has unveiled her White Rabbit project just in time for a ComicCon cosplay.

The whole costume is hand-made and Jen talks her readers through the process as you try to pick your jaw off the floor!

I literally spend hours reading through her posts and green with envy at her skills.

Anyway, thanks again to all who came out and played!

As always, you were so much fun.

I hope the next post will be on The Forsyte Saga, because that is loooong overdue!

King Richard Vegas Competition Day 6

It’s Day 6 of the King Richard Vegas Competition, and it will also be the last day.

Unfortunately, due to technical and RL issues, I’ve had to cut the competition a day short, but I just wanted to say a huge thank you to all of you who have played along, retweeted, and supported it.

I’ve loved reading comments, you are just a highly amusing bunch 😉

Let’s just say I owe you a competition day and I won’t forget it!

King Richard Week

I have drawn the name of the winner of Day 5’s competition.

Congratulations and I’ll be getting in touch shortly 🙂

Day 5 winner

The competition may be winding down, but here’s the last item up for grabs:


A John Thornton ring


The size is adjustable and will fit anyon

Here’s the thing:

The new Ben Rayner photos have cause quite a stir within our fandom, especially this one:

OK, so it’s not the most flattering look for Richard, but when taking into account that winter lasted 6 months here this year and there was still snow about in the second week of April, I think he looks snug and warm.

Is there room for improvement?

Sure, I think he should start shedding layer until I tell him to stop 😉

The question is:

What look/item of clothing/ fashion style would you absolutely loathe to see Richard in?

I CANNOT stand cowboy boots.

Hate them with a passion, especially on men.

Comments close tomorrow at 12 GMT when I will be announcing the last winner of this year’s Amitage Day competition!

Good Luck!

Day 6 winner

King Richard Vegas Competition Day 5

Congrats to the winner of Day 4 of the King Richard Competition.

I shall be getting in touch with you shortly 🙂

RA day4

Just wanted to take a moment to express how much I’m enjoying reading all your comments 🙂

I don’t respond to competition comments because I don’t want to be accused of favouritism, but you’re all making me giggle.

King Richard 2013

This is Day FIVE of the King Richard Vegas Competition!

Up for grabs today is:


A Richard pendant you can keep close to your heart.

This could be handy as the real one seems to be elusive and reluctant to go anywhere near our hearts, or any other part of our anatomy!

And I don’t mean in the metaphorical sense- he’s always lodged there 😉


Here’s the thing:

The news that Richard may be in London got me breaking into song!

Forget Fergie Ferg, it’s Agzy Agz!

He just really makes “My London Bridge wanna go down!” (whatever the heck that means…).

The question is:

Which line of a song best describes how Richard makes you feel?

I’ll just leave this right here for inspiration…

Richard Armitage Ben Rayner shoot

Comments will close at 12 GMT tomorrow when I will announce the winner and Day 6 competition will be out!

Good Luck!

Day 5 winner

King Richard Vegas Competition Day 4

Things are going from bad to worse with the prizes and on top of that my toner is dead as a dodo or as Richard’s chances of playing Batman.

I may have to rethink some prize ideas but, as always, I’ll just wait till the very last moment to make the decision.

Nothing like procrastination to get the blood pumping!

I really can’t wait to share the pieces of jewellery that has gone Oh so very wrong! with you.

It is really a sight to see!

I think I should hang on to them and hand them out as gifts on Halloween because it really is the Night of the Living Dead in handmade stuff 😉

King Richard week 6

Welcome to King Richard Week Vegas Competition Day 4

I can’t believe we’re half way there!

Congrats to all the winners so far and I hope the rest of you “beat the odds, against the odds”.

I have drawn the name of the winner of Day 3.

I will be contacting you shortly.

Day 3 winner

To read about the rules of the KRA Week Competition, please go HERE.

Up for grabs today is…


An RA brooch

Lemon used to stabilise the brooch while it dries not included, but severely limits photo options 😉


Here’s the thing:

We all know that Richard likes to supplement his income with the odd  voiceover in ads.

Don’t get me wrong, anything that features RA’s velvety voice (actually, anything at all!) get’s the seal of approval from my ears… and other parts of me.

The question for today is:

The advertisement for which product should feature a Richard Armitage voiceover? 

What product would benefit from Richard’s voice?

I’ve always dreamt of celebs providing the voice for the GPS navigation in the car.

Can you imagine Richard whispering: “Take the next left”.

I’d end up just driving around in circles all day, taking wrong turns just so Richard scorns me!

Comments close tomorrow at 12 GMT.

RA day4

King Richard Vegas Competition Day 3

Oh, it’s all going horribly wrong!

Turns out craftwork is not my cup of tea and the jewellery that seemed OK when I made it started displaying ugly traits when it dried the next day.

It’s like my little country cottage has turned into the Little Shop of Horrors 😦

Me. No. Likey!

Let’s just say that with the prizes, the term “It’s the thought that counts” fits perfectly.

I’ll still try to make a few new ones for the other competition days, but if that fails (a huge brown blob in the middle of Richard’s face is NOT an option), I shall quickly have to think of something else.

Just one of those days…

On the plus-side, I was crying with laughter reading the answers you had for the previous competition questions 🙂

King Richard week 4

Welcome to King Richard Week Vegas Competition Day 3

Comments for Day 2 are closed and I have drawn the name of the winner.

Congrats and I will be getting in touch shortly!

Day 2 winner

This is the Third day of the competition, and there’s a chance to win an Armitage goodie every day for the next 4 days!

To read about the rules, please go HERE.

Up for grabs today is…


A less than perfect RA brooch


In order to get your hands on a brooch with stroppy acting-out resin, please leave your ideas in comments.

Here’s the thing:

Richard has (allegedly) found his new digs in New York.

It would only be polite to offer him a Howdy Neighbour!

The question for today is:

What housewarming gift would you give Richard?

I’d go for a potted plant.

With all his travelling it would only be fair for me to offer to water it when he’s out of town 🙂

Please leave your ideas in comments!

Comments close at 12 GMT tomorrow.

Luck be a lady tonight!

Day 3 winner

King Richard Vegas Competition Day 2

King Richard Week 1

Welcome to King Richard Week Vegas Competition Day 2

I really enjoyed reading comments from the previous day, proving that this bunch is hilarious and creative 🙂

Congrats to the winner of yesterday’s competition, I will be getting in touch shortly.

winner day 1

This is the SECOND day of the competition, and there’s a chance to win an Armitage goodie every day for the next 7 days!

To read about the rules, please go HERE.

Up for grabs today is…


A John Thornton pendant


Here’s the thing.

The bats out of the cave and we know that there won’t be any Armibat.

I for one think Richard has the qualities to portray the batwonder, and the choice of Ben Affleck… No baby, no….

No matter, there are more capes, tights and masks RA could squeeze into.

The question for today is:

What superhero would Richard be and what super powers would he possess?

Feel free to make up your own superhero.

I’d love to see him be Thunderthighs!

The superhero who crushes his enemies by squeezing them between his firm muscular thighs 🙂

Please leave your ideas for made-up superheroes in comments.

Good Luck!!!

Comments close tomorrow at 12 GMT when the next prize is up for grabs and I announce the winner of Day 2.

Comments are now closed!

Day 2 winner

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