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Some say Richard Armitage is Wolverine

My sister insists the resemblence between Armitage and Jackman is stiking. I just don’t see it.

 Image: Nat

Sure, they are both tall, dark and handsome. They both rock a tux and look even better out of it.

I must admit Hugh (or Wolverine, as he is called in my neck of the woods) has never really done it for me.

Instead of focusing on their similarities, I think it’s their differences that give RA a clear edge.

♥First of all- The Nose

   Image: White Rose

♥ Second of all, The Voice


♥ Third of all The Facial Expessions

♥ Last, but not least The Roles

Therefore, Hugh Jackman fans, you are more than welcome to him. I think we can agree to disagree (which I’m OK with as I’m right… only kidding).

And if our paths ever cross in future, at least we know what the result will be…

Image: Aimo

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  1. I can definitely see a resemblance between the two actors, but I could not confuse one for the other. Hugh Jackman and Richard Armitage are extremely talented and good-looking although I too prefer the latter. 😀

    • So, you suggest I shall continue working on my sister? She’s already seen North and South and she really liked Spooks 🙂 Maybe I should continue the RA education until she gets the point!

  2. I agree that there is something of a resemblance between the two. Although Richard is more appealing to me–in looks, voice and role choices! 🙂 I have a friend who used to call Hugh Jackman “Hottie McHot Pants”. 😉

  3. I didn’t see the resemblance, either. Jackman reminds me somewhat of Chuck Norris, which is not a pleasant identification. *shrugs*

  4. hihihi I love the Chuck Norris comparison. I have NEVER got that vibe from RA 🙂

  5. they look a bit alike, I guess….but RA kills me with his voice and eyes. HJ doesn’t really register with my ladybits 🙂

  6. ambos são bons atores de cinema. Mas realmente prefiro o Richard armitage,tem algo que cativa qualquer uma. Não sei explicar essa sensação. Mas o Hugh jackman não fica atras. Mas mais uma vez não sei explicar.


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