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On Richard Armitage and Lee Pace

I was going to write a post on Lee Pace, and how his friendship with Richard Armitage made me want to learn more about him as an actor.

He’s playing Thranduil the Elven King in the Hobbit, and I remember him from Pushing Daisies.

They seem to have become friends during the filming in NZ, and were even seen catching the movie Prometheus together (oh shock, oh horror! Actually seeing a movie WITH ANOTHER PERSON! Unheard of!).

In my naïvety, I ventured out to see what was the buzz online.

Big mistake!

I mean ‘gouge my eyes out so I don’t have to read your nasty malice, but it’s etched on my brain’ mistake!

Apart from the obvious, and predictable, gay rumours, there are whole strings of bitchiness and inappropriate comments, both about Richard Armitage in relation to Lee Pace, and about the RArmy (rabid is the word used).

I found it quite ironic that, although RA fans were portrayed as hormonal loonies, I saw lines crossed that would NEVER have been in our fandom.

I’m not linking the forum, becasue I don’t want to give them a wider audience.

Before I go any further, let me make this point clear.

I don’t care either way if there’s something more going on.

That’s because:

1. It’s none of anyone’s business.

2. If they are together, they make an adorable couple, but see point 1.

3. Two men being friends doesn’t mean they are romantically linked, but see point 2 and point 1.

Seriously, what’s wrong with people?

Is it the anonymity of the internet that switches off the natural censor buffer between the brain and the gob?

I don’t want, or need Richard Armitage to have to explain or divulge his sexuality!

He doesn’t have to justify any friendship or relationship to me as a fan, or to anyone else.

If you feel the need to speculate, at least have the decency to conduct it in a polite and respectful manner!

I’m leaving comments open, although I ask that this doesn’t become a “is he gay?’ discussion.

I think we can all agree that it’s none of our beeswax!

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  1. I agree with points 1, 2, and 3 .. nicely said … 🙂

    Are we therefore presuming Lee Pace is gay then ?

    Not being aware of all the latest gossip , … but to reiterate, if Lee is … … see points 1,2,and 3 !!!

    BTW …We have a friend who is gay .. when my partner goes out for an evening with him, am I to presume my partner is gay too ?

    • LOL! I have a GBFF who thinks ALL hot men are gay 😉 He won’t leave us ladies even one sexy actor who like to fiddle with a female.
      I guess it all comes with being a famous actor, and people need to get their kicks in different ways.
      RE your partner. Did they see Prometheus together? If so, then I’m afraid he is gay 😉 LOL!

    • Snicker's Mom

      Lee Pace IS gay and has a long term boyfriend. Unless he’s cheating on his boyfriend I think him and RA are just friends.

      • In that case, I am very happy he has love in his life, and that he’s made a new friend on the set of the Hobbit.

      • Actually, I’m pretty sure that Lee Pace has never commented publicly on his private life. What is out there is merely rumor and speculation.

        Whether he is gay or straight is of no consequence to me as a fan but, in the context of this blog discussion, it seems relevant to point out.

        • Snicker's Mom

          Good point. I don’t comment on my sexuality but still people know what it is based on who I date.

          • I’m curious as to how you know who he’s dated? I mean, if he doesn’t talk about it? Is his boyfriend talking about it? Has some shady paparazzo caught them snogging?
            I’m not saying this to be defensive or accusatory so please don’t read it with that intent. I”m just saying I think we have to be careful when were discussing things most of us can’t possibly know for sure.

        • Jim Parsons, Matt Bomer and Zach Quinto, until recently, had not commented on their personal lives until recently but they did not hide their partners or who they dated. Jim Parsons even thanked his guy at an awards ceremony last year. Sometimes other people just don’t see what’s in front of them.

          • Sorry, I really didn’t intend to have a debate here, but I feel like you’re missing the point. My point is that if I say I know he IS, I need to have more to back that up than who he has been seen with & who his friends are. There is a big difference between our opinions and speculations, and what has been confirmed. I don’t need you to prove why you have the OPINION that Lee Pace is gay (I actually have the same opinion, but it is just my opinion.) You may think it seems obvious, but you can’t possibly know for sure what his relationship is with anyone.

          • I remember when I was teaching there was a student who gave a presentation in his speech and drama class on collecting Beanie Babies. Immediately some of the other students started joking and calling him “gay.”
            The teacher of that class spoke to those students privately and said, “How do you know he’s gay? He may very well be, and that’s his business, but what absolute proof do you have that he is? Gay and straight people collect these items. Has he told any of you he was gay? Do you have some first hand knowledge regarding his sexual preferences? Perhaps you should be more careful about what you say about others.”

            Of course, they didn’t or at least didn’t admit to having any actual proof. They just “assumed” it was so.

            I think we do have to be careful what we say about people in public in such situations.
            Not meaning at all to cause any argument, God knows there has been enough drama in my life recently as it is, 😉 just an observation.

            BTW the students, girls and guys alike, all loved M’s presentation, I was told. So they didn’t think it was “too gay” to enjoy. 😉

          • Snicker's Mom

            I think you are missing my point. My boyfriend’s best friend’s sister is an actress and all I’ll say about that is the majority of things actually going on in Hollyweird are not “confirmed’.

          • Your point seems to be that you want to be right, so, here ya go! Whatever you say is true! FFS
            I think I’m done here.

    • There will certainly be people that tell you that being with a woman is absolutely no evidence that a guy isn’t gay. Even if the woman thinks everything is perfectly normal. So it doesn’t really matter if RA as has a girlfriend or not – lots of actors with wives and girlfriends and kids are speculated to be gay.

      • In the old days of the Hollywood studio system, gay actors were regularly sent out on dates with females so they would be seen and photographed in the company of females. Rock Hudson was even pushed into an ill-fated marriage to try to help protect his leading man image with the public (his homesexuality was an open secret in Hollywood).
        A lot of actors who later revealed themselves to be gay or who were outed were married and had kids. And I am quite sure it’s still going on. Jane’s right, it’s definitely not proof one way or another.

        • In those discussions there is always someone to remind posters of Rock Hudson and it is assumed that those arranged relationships and marriages are still going on. Almost all women that date or marry Hollywood stars are accused of being beards as almost all male stars are suspected to be gay. Not that I think they all are, but that is how it works. So should we learn now, on the brick of stardom, that RA has a girlfriend and intends to marry, that would raise a few eyebrows and even I would wonder about the convenient timing.

          • I agree. It would look odd timing-wise if RA produced a girlfriend/fiancee out of the blue.

            Just as having Luke Evans, who appears to be on the brink of true stardom, suddenly have a girlfriend after publicly referring to the fact everyone knew he was a gay man seems more than a little fishy to me. And he said gay, not bisexual or “experimenting” or whatever.

            And don’t get me wrong; I like Evans, I think he is a good actor and I frankly don’t care whether or not he is gay. I can say he certainly plays heterosexual convincingly.

            But it looks like an attempt at deception on someone’s part. Whether or not he was pressured into this by publicist/agent/studio, who knows.

  2. Absolutely. Let’s stay true to ourselves ie. support each other and RA’s work.

  3. I agree with you. This is none of anyone’s business. But they would make an adorable couple and well, it would be great… But two men CAN be friends without it having to be anything else there… However, this makes me want to see “Prometheus”! Since it is a Swedish actress in it… Almost like Richard has been here now… LOL.

    • LOL! Very adorable! Then again Richard Armitage has also gone to the theatre with Billy Connolly… 🙂
      That’s what I like about being an RA fan, and part of the fandom. It makes me watch films, read books, learn about things I wouldn’t have otherwise.
      I’ll still write that post about Lee Pace, I just need to emotionally wash the dirt off my hands from that forum.

  4. Exactement, dear Pinup Girl! ) They’re both gorgeous and talented men and should be allowed to be friends without anyone pondering their sexuality.

    I have to smile at some of your expressions – sometimes you sound so English and then the next minute, you’re more like an American! I’m an Australian BTW, so I use English spelling, grammar and punctuation.

    • I’m sorry Kathryn, your comments seem to go straight to spam, and I don’t know how to stop it!
      My English is undergoing a bit of a change. British English is what I was raised with, but I’m studying American culture, and I’m expected to use the American spelling etc. Doesn’t help that WordPress favours American English spelling too 😉
      They are both gorgeous men! I’m delighted that RA had a friend on set, as shooting so far away from home couldn’t have been easy.

  5. Well said!! I couldn’t agree more with your points 1,2 and 3!!! By they way, I often go to the theatre/opera/cinema – sometimes with a female friend, sometimes with a male friend. What does that make me? Should I be worried??? LOL! 🙂

    • I do feel I need to underline that it seems viewing Prometheus in the cinema with a friend of the same sex can make you gay. You need to cast your mind back to who you saw this film with. If it was a female friend, that would mean you are in a gay relationship. I am yet to see it on DVD, but knowing the rules of the game, I shall pick my viewing companion with care. I might see it with just my 2 dogs, but I really don’t know what that would say about me LOL!

  6. Is it only my impression or nowadays people are too concerned about the sexual lives of each other? I think this is totally private and should remain this way!
    Anyway, I had never heard of Lee Pace (I’m very conscious of my ignorance)!! Guess ‘The Hobbit’ is going to be a good opportunity to know many artists’ work!!!
    By the way, I began to watch ‘Sparkhouse’ yesterday and it wasn’t just because of RA, but specially because of a post you wrote in June!! 😉

    • Yes, but you know what they say. The less you have it, the more you talk about it!
      I’m looking forward to experiencing some new actors, especially that I’m sometimes stubborn and don’t give things a try, unless it’s recommended by someone.
      Re Sparkhouse, I think you’ll enjoy it, and I’m happy my post made you think it was worth your time 🙂

      • I was already interested in watching Sparkhouse and after reading your post I became more curious about it. As I had heard I would find it in youtube (not the best option, but the only one available), I looked for it and already watched part 1 and 2. 😉

  7. Amen Sister:D
    Chciałabym jeszcze dodać ze każda ejakulacja Richarda Armitage zasługuje na imię!:)
    Miałam to napisać w “Richard Armitage Confession” ale trochę się wstydam.
    P.S: Niezły ten Lee Pace<3

    • LOL! Nie ma co się dziwić, bardzo przyzwoity ten Pace 😉 Niestety Confessions na razie zdecydowało się oczyścić ton spowiedzi, więc ejakulacja by nie przeszła, chybe że kontekst byłby czysto medyczny!

  8. I was so troubled when I opened this post this morning, and I wanted to think a couple of hours before I responded or to decide whether to post a comment at all.

    But when all was said and done, I had this salient thought, and I think this is the bottom line:

    “Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.”

    That’s in Philippians 4:8, and regardless of your religious beliefs or non-beliefs, I think it’s the best rule of thumb. It’s become my personal mantra of late, especially in regards to what is on the Internet.

    If it doesn’t meet that criteria, I just don’t associate, engage, go there — or try my hardest to employ the self-discipline not to do it.

    From what I’ve read about RA, he’s an elegant individual, and his withdrawal from the fan base seems to be rooted in avoiding this type of garbage. We can follow that example and just stay away.

    As far as “protecting” him … I think this guy has broad shoulders to handle it himself. Just enjoy his movies and let the rest fly by you.

    Life is short, and too much of dwelling on this robs us of so much joy and peace.

    Hope this wasn’t too much of a sermon. Thanks.


    • Heidi, beautifully put!

    • I was going to stay out of this for various reasons, but I really am getting tired of reading about how if fans would just behave differently, Armitage would have a different relationship with his fan base, wouldn’t be so distant, whatever. The best relationship for any actor to have with his fans is a detached one. And the bigger his career, the more distant it should be. I hope he has learned that by now. Thinking that anything we say or do affects how Armitage behaves in any meaningful way is not only magical thinking, it is also an attempt at manipulation, pure and simple.

      • No need to get defensive. I wasn’t even referring to your blog, but if you choose to make it about that, so be it.

        • Snort.

        • Snicker's Mom

          She didn’t mention her blog but you sure did.

          • I thought the same thing, Snicker’s Mom. Having an opinion doesn’t automatically mean that someone is defensive. And snark certainly doesn’t move the conversation in a productive direction.

          • Oh please. Really? Girls, if you’re going to get all high school on this, then your critics are correct. This “Army” of yours is just a bunch of middle-aged women with a penchant for drama. Unbelievable.


            I mentioned the blog because that was her inference, and anyone who is in this community and pretends that her comment wasn’t about that it is being disingenuous, including the mighty Severus.

            So sue me.

            I think her blog is smut. There ya go. Have a nice day.

          • ilovemrthornton, it’s kind of unfair to Agzy put this sort kind of comment on the post of a neutral third party. She didn’t ask for it, and though I love her blog it’s not her job to fend off criticism of me or anyone else. If you want to disagree with my opinion as I express it here, go for it. That’s one thing blogs are for — expository discussion and criticism of specific ideas. If, however, you have some problem with the content of my blog or me personally, the place to address that is either on my blog for content issues, or else to me personally for personal issues. Agzy’s not responsible for those things. If you need to talk to me, you’ll find my email address in the section entitled “About Blog and Blogger” on my blog. Let me know if you need the URL — I’m not putting it in here because I don’t want this comment sent to spam accidentally.

      • Heidi and Sevetus! You know how fond I am of both of you, and it pains me to remind you that no matter what views we hold, as RA fans we’re all on the same side, which is the admiration and support of a certain handsome actor within the structure of a fandom that is based on the mutual respect of its members.
        Heidi was referring to an ongoing discussion we’ve been having on visiting places like the IMDB messageboard, and how if you can’t change anything, it’s best to stay away.
        We have also been talking about how Richard’s situation differs from that of Tom H. who is very close to his fans, and often has to pay the consequences. We weren’t saying that Richard stays away because of something that happened within his fandom. We were merely saying that as fans, we’re fortunate that he has maintained his privacy, which makes it so much easier to support him as an actor and (what seems like) a wonderful man.
        I hope this clears things up!

        • That’s the discussion I was referring to, as well.

        • Agzym, I think we’ve just seen an unfortunate demonstration of some fans who don’t feel admiration and support of a certain handsome actor within the structure of a fandom includes respect of other members. Unfortunately that attitude is the bane of fandoms, but is more glaringly apparent in this community because of its relative smallness.

          I agree with everything you stated in your post. Datalounge and Topix are forums that cater to the lowest common denominator and people trying to out troll each other. IMBd isn’t that much better but there is an attempt to keep things slightly classier. IMO, the personal issues and emotional investment of the people arguing are more telling than what they are arguing about.

          As for the gay issue, the question will always be around, no matter what actor it is. An actor will be scrutinized if he isn’t following an expected pattern. “I don’t see him squiring females, is he gay?” “Is she a beard?” In 2012, I suspect the issue isn’t so much “which sex is he sleeping with?” than it is “Is he lying?” I think each fan will have to look within him or herself on that issue. Personally, I agree with Fedoralady; if his sexuality affects a person’s status as a fan, then he or she wasn’t much of a fan to begin with.

  9. Oy….it just continues. I don’t know why this is an obsession. I mean, guess what, more than likely these concerned insividuals will never meet Richard, & if they do, it is not like anything is going to progress from there, you know? So why do we care? I still love Neil Patrick Harris & he’s gay. I love Hugh Jackman, but he is happily married. Just because I have no “access” doesn’t mean I can’t still appreciate their work & ogle them. ;). I think people need to get off these “forums” & get out & interact with some real people in real life…..just sayin’.

    • Very good point Triski! But then, many ugly things lurk in the shadows until we pour some light on them. I hope this post is a little ray of light in a very grim situation.

  10. Did you go on the Data Lounge web site? It is so bitchy, please everyone ignore it!!

    • Yup, got it in one, Mers!

      • I discovered that some time ago and while it is a nasty place it is interesting to study the logic that is behind all those rumours.

        • Honestly, given the ridiculousness of the stuff that appears there regularly, you have to assume that people type nonsense in because they know fans will respond. It’s just like teasing on the playground — when you respond, you give the teaser power. I’m disappointed at myself for falling into situations like that, even though I still do it occasionally. I hope I’m learning.

          • I avoid these kinds of places anyway, but if I do visit and I do read some of the comments, I never respond anymore. It’s not worth it. They want you to argue with them. I used to have to help police the newspaper website and to see the infantile lows some people would stoop to was disheartening. I had to do that as part of my job. Well, now I don’t.

          • That is why I deleted my IMDb account.

  11. Tak mało jest nieprzyjemnych rzeczy i ludzi w realnym świecie których mogę unikać droga Agzym . Jak dobrze ze istnieje ten mały czerwony x w górnym prawym rogu ekranu komputera. Ograniczyłam się w RAświecie do kilkunastu kulturalnych,twórczych ,inteligentnych i życzliwych ludzi, tak jest mi dobrze, jak w wannie z ciepłą pachnącą wodą.:)

    • Tak, nie spodziewałam się tego co znalazłam. Szukałam tylko ewentualnych zdjęć do postu, może jakiejś wzmianki że kręcą razem scenę, takie tam. Zabawne jest to że zawsze odradzam odwiedzanie podejrzanych stron, szkoda czasu! Co Ci powiem, taki dzień! Skończyłam podlewać ogród, to deszcz zaczął padać. Zwinęłam, węża, to przestał. Oj, taki już dzień mierny 😉

  12. Garbage in, garbage out. That’s what a great many people spew on the Internet whenever and wherever they can. And that’s what we should view it as.

    I don’t care to hang out in a pile of garbage. I don’t go to those places because my blood pressure is a bit precarious as it is, and I don’t care to need to double my medication.

    And I have zero respect for people who display such malice, jealousy, and hatred and do it under the cloak of anonymity. If you are going to be a hatemonger, own up to it. Don’t hide under a white hood OR behind a keeyboard.
    Oh, but that might mean you’d be challenged for your views if people knew who you are.

    I have written about Lee before on my own blog spotlighting him as a very, very talented actor who is appearing in The Hobbit. I have been a fan of Lee’s for a while and he is a seemingly delightful human being–witty, charming, insightful, dedicated to his work not to mention cute as a button.

    I am happy he and RA got to work together. I hope they get to do so again. I am glad they’re friends. I hope they had a great time at the movies! Gee, I’ve been to movies with co-workers before, too–of the same and opposite sex. Want to imply something from that?

    I don’t speculate as to what the nature of Lee and RA’s friendship is. Ain’t none o’ mine. Ain’t none o’ anybody’s except theirs.

    I just know I like and respect and admire them both and I wish them well in both their professional and personal lives, wherever those roads may take these gentlemen.

    The truth is, people can be absolute idiots sometimes. And now, thanks to cyberspace, they can display their ignorance for the world to see.

    Garbage in, garbage out.

  13. Well, you know this was going to come up. It does every so often. But regardless, people are going to speculate, myself included. I mean no malice and have no delusions about being any one celebrity’s real love. I am curious and I do read what is out there. I have not read this but it sounds like some hating was going on. I think it is human nature to speculate and as long as it stays respectful and crazy-free, then I think it is okay to talk about it. Unfortunately, many people cross boundaries and the internet is just a great way for said people to get out of hand. It happens in RL all the time and the web is just a free for all.

    If he was seen going to the movies with a woman, there would be speculation. If he goes with a man, more speculation. If he is alone, more speculation. As far as I am concerned, I want him to do whatever is good for him.

  14. This is most certainly just the beginning. No matter how true or untrue, a guy is RA’s position has no chance to escape gay rumours. Besides, what evidence is there that he and LP are friends? Just because they saw a movie together? With whom are they supposed to go out far away from family and friends if not with a colleague? And this happens to be an almost all male cast. They can’t all go out with Evangeline Lily (who has a partner and a baby). We don’t even know if others were there as well or if they did hang out together off set regularly. Not that there would be the anything wrong with it, just saying that there is no evidence except a tweet from someone who knows someone who saw them once.

    • OMG Jane, I just had a vision that everyone on set would use Evangeline Lily as their beard 🙂 Sorry, but I really needed that giggle!

  15. I completely agree with you Agzym on all counts.. If there is anything going on between the two them it’s nobody’s business but theirs. They would make a gorgeous and very tall couple! 🙂 One thing I’m concerned about is that while a lot of celebrities/actors etc.choose to “come out” these days (and I’m completely OK with it) it should not be made the “norm”. I mean, nobody should be “outed” against his/her will. If they choose to keep their sexual orientation private, they should be allowed to do just that. We (the public) do not need to know everything really. There’s no need to shout from the rooftops whether you’re gay or not. A famous actor said (can’t remember who) that the less we know about an actor’s private life, the better it is, because knowing too much about an actor as a person can distract from the performance he/she gives in a film.

    • And now we’ve got supposedly out actors seeming to try to retract their statements (because of pressure from publicists and studios, perhaps??) and it’s a bloody mess. If you are comfortable with revealing/discussing your sexuality in public, fine; but if you aren’t, that should be fine, too. Why do we have to know? What difference does it truly make?

      Does this make a person’s performance on their job, whether it’s driving a bus or teaching a class or acting in a film, less or more worthy because of their sexuality?

      And I believe it was Agzy who said if discovering someone’s sexual orientation turns out to be different from your expectations and you don’t like them any longer, then you were never much of a fan to begin with.

      • It makes a difference for the gay community, not just because, like us, they fancy hot actors and would like to think of them as available, they want them to be roles models. If someone chooses to be, like Sir Ian, it is a great thing. But does everyone has to be be? Do those that put their career first deserve to be outed against their will (even if they are not gay after all!) and hunted down for being liars and cowards?

        • Just let people do their jobs, live their lives and don’t spread lies about them. I’ve had lies spread about me and I know how rotten that feels, no matter what shape the lie may take. Sometimes it seems to have hurt certain actors’ careers when they chose to come out (Rupert Everett could be considered an example; that is open to debate).

          Some audience members can’t or won’t seem to accept the performer being something other than what they wanted/believed them to be, whether that’s a gay person who has been assumed straight or a straight person believed to be gay by those who long for him/her to be so. it’s as if these fans feel they’ve been duped, somehow, It’s illogical but then people are not always rational, are they?

          It don’t think it’s right or fair but it does seem to happen. And yeah, poor RA is going to be subject to more and more of this kind of crap because the more well-known you are, the more stuff like this happens.

          • Yes, it crossed my mind that the situation is actually comparable. To be honest, when people say they fear RA will loose his privacy, this is the thing to worry about, not being bothered by autograph hunters or being photographed by paparazzi in mundane situations. Rumours will explode and it is probably best if he doesn’t comment on his private life at all, because otherwise he will be accused of lying. I just hope he is prepared to handle that part of fame. I also hope Sir Ian has some advise for some of his co-stars (as there are more in the cast that are concerned by this question).

          • Yeah, you can survive OK being photographed grocery shopping at Safeway or grabbing a coffee at Starbucks. or leaving the gym after a workout. Truth be told, with the advent of cameras on cellphones, tablets, etc., there are papparazzi everywhere nowadays, professional and otherwise. I think it’s just an annoying but realistic part of what celebs can expect to deal with.

            I think it’s better to keep your private life private as much as possible and realize there will always be people out there speculating and assuming and that you can’t dwell on that.

            Luke Evans, who is also in the cast, is the person who seemingly came out in an interview a few years ago with a legitimate media source, identifying himself as a gay man. Yet, recently, with his star rising, his Wikipedia entry was altered and references were made to indicate he is dating a woman currently. And his publicist made statements that seemed to soft pedal Evans’ earlier comments. So it looks as if somebody’s been fudging about the truth.

            I would not want to see RA embroiled in this kind of embarrassing situation.

  16. These two classy men are rising stars and ridiculously gorgeous, i actually enjoy watching them burning the jealous bitches down by being BFF. Charming.

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  19. if lee pace gay and that his problem and not yours
    extremely nasty comment to the lee fan I am sad and angry
    and he and Casey labow also get along well until she made ​​a declaration of love for lee on twitter

    • Hi Nayla, I’m not sure I understand what nasty comments you are referring to. From what I can see the general consensus was that it’s no ones business either way. Also, if they are gay, they still have our admiration and support. Could you specify what offended you?

      • I agree! The fans of the two fine actors are very appreciative. Its so stupid if I turn away from them just because they are gay (if true). They are exceptionally talented and beautiful it’s hard to ignore them. I loved it that they are chosen by Peter Jackson instead of actors who don’t have gay rumours. That’s what ignites the childish comments in that site. Maybe they’re hardcore fans of other actors who they hoped to be in the movie. Smell nothing but jealousy. Love from Asia.

        • Hello Asia *waves*
          I think most male actors are said to be gay at one point or another. Maybe it’s a sign you’ve ‘made it’ in the industry?

        • Yes it is great that PJ did not shy away from casting several actors that are gay or surrounded by gay rumours. Luke Evans anyone? Whatever he is trying, he can’t deny what he said in the past, and it doesn’t really seem to hurt his career.

  20. Can I just say they could play brothers in a film, I would def go and watch that.

    • If they were brothers, I’d like to get more info about the gene pool, because clearly look-wise it would be superior to anything else out there 😉
      See the film, buy the DVD, T-shirt and mug LOL!

  21. Nayla emanuele

    yeah. talk about this on the internet can cause discomfort for both players since it just because they act in the movie the hobbit that will be released later this year

    • Pairing up people who act together in a film is a stange but popular occurance. Didn’t work very weel for the two stars of Twilight 🙂 I think my main point was that whatever two adults do, it’s their business. As fans, we never really know the actor we admire, and although there may be speculation, what we should do is support them as actors. I think that most people who commeneted are Richard Armitage fans, therefore you can easily change ‘Lee Pace’ for any other name that has been linked to our beloved actor. It wasn’t so much a discussion about Pace, s his friendship / relationship with Armitage.

      • I know this Nayla girl, forgive her for her confusion. She indeed has a very strange+bizarre way of supporting her favourite actor i must say, I sometimes get confused I use to suspect her as a slick hater. LOL forgive me Nayla! May I remind you that this is Richard Armitage blog. 🙂

        • LOL, believe me, the Richard Armitage community is wonderful, but, as always, there are people from different walks of life, different views and opinions, as you can see with other comments. We usually respect and support each other, but when the claws come out… heaven help us!
          I really don’t mind the comments, I just didn’t understand, and as I don’t really know Pace, it was difficult for me to catch the context.

  22. Nayla emanuele

    And the Brazilian sites that published the declaration of casey labow on twitter talking about lee said they may be having an affair

  23. Nayla emanuele

    In casey labow and romantic new pair of lee pace in the new movie twilight saga

  24. It is lovely to read that LP’s co-star likes him so much. He must be a nice guy. Actually that is something he has in common with RA, many of his female co-stars have praised him. But I don’t think we can conclude anything from it. Just like we can’t conclude anything from LP and RA spending time toghether. It is nice if co-workers get along well and if they become friends when they are away from home. Makes working abroad and with different people every few months much easier. But beyond that we just don’t know.

    • I think Jane, that we have encountered the Lee Pace fandom version of KiplingK, so I suggest we let her be… So it’s true that each fandom has one. Oh dear…

  25. nayla emanuele

    and truth do not know then please do not stay talking of his personal life if they want to talk about richard armitage okay. but the fans of lee did not appreciate

    • I’m sorry, but I hear the voice of one Lee Pace ” fan”, so unless you have the authority to speak on behalf os ALL Lee Pace fans, I suggest you stop.
      I don’t know anything really about either one of them, and neither do you, but you seem to be speaking in the name of someone you don’t know.
      It is much worse to speak for someone you don’t know than to speak about someone you don’t know.
      If you don’t like what is written here, I suggest you don’t read it. As far as I can tell, there is freedom to express opinion, nothing was said to offened either actors, so you need to take your battle somewhere else.

      • Glad you said this, Agzy. Honestly, I don’t see where anyone here said anything disparaging about Lee; in fact, a lot of us obviously like him and simply DON”T CARE about the whole issue of guy or straight or whatever.

        I don’t think either Lee or Richard need any of us to be their mouthpieces. They are both intelligent, capable adults fully able to speak and think for themselves. I was trying to allow for the fact this individual obviously does not have a firm grasp of the English language, but she just doesn’t want to let this go and seems determined to start a fight. *shakes head* You’ve tried to play nice and be diplomatic, but she isn’t playing well with others.

        All this reminded me of something. I encountered a Jonas Armstrong “fan” in several places who insisted that no one ever breathe a word of anything SHE construed to be disparaging of the gentleman. She went on numerous RA sites and commented on RA fanvids, etc. under various names promoting JA and disparaging RA whenever and however she could (she seemed to believe WAS Guy and had actually murdered Lucy/Marian. Er. Hello, It is a TV show!),

        If I’d been poor Jonas, this is one fan I could have done without. And this one might be one Lee could do without, too.

        • It’s a bit bizarre. I’m really trying to be nice, but it’s getting harder. Obviously th person hasn’t read a word of the post, or understood even a bit of the message in it. From what I gather, she’s the Pace fandoms KK, like we need another one! They should all gather and create a ‘Prim and proper Fan’ fandom, but they’d argue, fight, and abuse each other. Oh dear!

          • With fans like these . . . *sigh* As I said to my dear husband the other day, I fear it’s only going to get worse the more well-known RA becomes. “I feel sorry for that guy sometimes,” he said. Me, too, honey, me, too. As I said, you’ve tried but it’s obviously not sinking in or getting through. She has an agenda and she’s stickin’ to it!! 😉
            I personally think there should be a Prim and Proper Prude Brigade for all these folks to join, but they’d likely never get past the first meeting. *rolls eyes*

          • I’m trying to be nice and give people with different views a chance to speak their minds. Is it my fault that these people also happen to be very rude, ignorant of others, and bent on picking a fight? Don’t they understand that it’s not so much what they say, but how they say it, that annoys people?

          • I think it’s that demanding sort of tone in what they say. The feeling it’s in the imperative in spirit, the sort of “You must think as I think and do as I say, because it’s MY way or the highway!” vibe is what I am getting. They want the right to express their opinion AND to squash anybody else’s. To me, it’s another form of bullying. And you know how I feel about THAT. 😉

          • It’s the preaching tone I just can’t stand. Time to disable comments, I think!

  26. nayla emanuele

    forgive me if you do not understand and that I’m really sad people speak of personal life of lee I am against this exhibition of celebrity I think you and a good actor so this matter, no matter who you sleep
    I’m a fan of Lee’s work and also the way he handles his private life

    • Honey, I think you really need to go back and read my post again. And UNDERSTAND what is written there. You should pay special attention to the 3 points I highlighted there. Really. if you’re commenting on a post, and opposing the arguments by defending the exact same arguments, we’re going round in circles.

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