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You and Me Thorin! It’s a Date! And Kili can tag along too…

Just a quick post for now.

There are a few that I’ve started and saved as drafts as I’ve been struggling to string words together as of late.

I hope it’ll pass and my thoughts become a tad clearer.

I wanted to ask how many people have booked their Hobbit tickets


 ticket to sit and drool at Richard Armitage and Aidan Turner for 3 hours in a dark room surrounded by strangers you will hopefully never see again in your life.

I know they are out and I’ve been researching tickets for the 13th of December in London, which I will hopefully be seeing with my lovely fellow Richard Armitage admirers 🙂

I noticed that they are showing the movies starting 8am and continue throughout the day.

This means that there probably won’t be a problem with finding a nice cinema seat to place your bottom on and drool your way through Middle Earth.

Having said that, I’d probably feel much better with the tickets booked.

To my lovely fellow travellers I will have the absolute pleasure of meeting and Armitaging with:

Will we be booking/reserving tickets now for the 13th?

I was checking out the cinemas and The Odeon in Leicester Square jumped out.

They have a viewing at 3pm, which would be perfect for me to fly in, get to my hotel room, and get Hobbiting.

Anyway, let me know 🙂

Going back to the tickets, here’s the question for today:

Then there’s the question that I’ll be returning to closer to the date.

What snacks does one take to watch Richard Armitage on the big screen in 3D?

I’m guessing that due to the high risk of choking, maybe nothing would be best, but as I LOVE British junk food, especially Cadbury’s chocolate and cocktail prawn crisps, that’s not going to be an option 😉

Exciting Hobbity times are ahead of us!

I can’t freakin’ wait and I’m doing my happy excited dance in my head as I type 😉

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  1. Your polls are hilarious! Good luck for the booking of tickets and the meeting at the cinema. Looking forward to reading your post after the event 🙂

    • Thanks!!! I just KNOW we’ll have the best time ever, and although it’ll be the first time I meet an RA fan in RL, I know they will be lovely!
      We are Richard Armitage fans after all, and I challenge anyone to find a better group of people anywhere! 🙂

  2. I hope you have a great time!
    Here in Andalucia, none of the cinemas that show VOSE films has announced The Hobbit, let alone offered advance tickets. I did hear from one person that “The Hobbit” trailer was shown at a showing of “Skyfall” in English. All I can do is hang on and hope.

    • I was talking to a Sopaniard yesterday. He had no idea who Tolkien was, let alone The Hobbit, but I set him straight! Anyway, he says he’s seen the trailers on Spanish TV which is more than the Polish can say.
      I was joking that it’s a Catholic conspiracy as two of the most religious countries meaning Poland and Spain won’t get to see the film before Christmas. Celebrate the Catholic holiday first, with your full attention, then fiddle about with magic and goblins LOL!

  3. Well that’s just my problem. I DO NOT KNOW whether I have a ticket or not! I mean, I THOUGHT I had bought a ticket on the CTBF website for the Royal Premiere,the money (quite a lot of it) was taken off my credit card account and I got an email thanking me for the purchase. Fine, great, done and dusted.. HOWEVER some days later, I received an email from the organizers warning me that only members of the fund can buy tickets for the premiere. OK,no problem, I went and bought a 1-year membership. Then I emailed CTBF straight away and asked them to confirm that my ticket was going to be all right now that I purchased the membership as well as the ticket (though not in the right order !). That was 2 weeks ago and I haven’t heard from them since, though I sent them yet another enquiry last week. I’m really getting anxious and rather annoyed.

    • That really is crap! I really do hope theuy sort this out. What’s the point of allowing non-members to buy tickets and then once they’ve transfered the money mention they can’t!
      I’m keeping my fingers crossed and I’m sure things will work themselves out.
      I understand that you’ll want to see the film the following day (as in I really hope we can see it together…).
      I was shocked to learn the tickets are £20! That’s A LOT of money to see a film, even if it’s 3D, 48 something and has fireworks shooting out the actors bums (I may have made the last part up…).
      We were just wondering how much the DVD boxset will end up costing…
      Anyway, keep me posted and I really hope you’ll get good news soon!

      • Exactly. Really they should have set their booking system in a way that would not allow non-members to purchase tickets. Linda60 has the same problem! If you think GBP 20 is expensive then I’m not going to tell you how much I paid for the Royal Premiere ticket…*hides behind a bush*

        • I’m so sorry, I really am! I know how much they cost because I was thinking I might be able to swing it. In many ways you’re paying to see it a few hours before the rest and to sit in the same room as the cast (shame you can’t throw in a few extra quid and sit on Richard’s lap throughout the movie… Ya know… for charity…). I really believe that the problem will be solved, although it leave a bitter taste that they are so badly organised!
          PLENTY of positive energy for the 2 of you!!!

          • Thanks I really appreciate it! I do hope things will work out.. I hope my comment didn’t sound as if I was complaining about the price of the ticket.. CTBF are definitely not very well organized..

          • No Judit, I always seem to be moaning about money 🙂 It’ll be OK, please keep me posted and I’ll keep my fingers crossed!

          • Btw it would be really nice to sit on Richard’s lap for the duration of the film (and stay there forever after LOL) but what would the Queen think???

          • Meaning she would probably want to sit on Richard’s lap too? I think you could take an 80 year old granny 😉

        • As I now can see on my credit card statement, CTBF charged off the money for the premiere ticket already the next day after I’ve ordered it online. Meaning the business is herewith certified!! It should be by German standards! I’ve no idea about the English standards!! 😉 I’ll give CTBF a call the next days to reassure myself.
          Agzy, of course, we will sit hopefully 3 hours next to each other in one of this cinema-palaces, provided I’m still alive on Dec13th, not having suffered a heart attack the evening before or not having eloped with a certain RA (which definitely would take priority!!!). We rapidly have to email about the timing!!

          • LOL! Our poor little hearts will barely be able to handle those few days mid December 🙂
            I really do believe things will work out with CTBF. Call them, molest them with emails and tell them to pull their heads from their bottoms and stop making the process of seeing Richard so hard!!!

  4. I wish you have the best time of your life! Meanwhile, I’ll stay here very envious!!!

  5. Bottle of bubbly and…my fingers! 😀
    PS: Have fun girls!!! I wanna know details;)

  6. Enjoy your trip. All the work to plan it will be worth it. If only you all would meet RA. Did you make a special countdown tool to mark off? Don’t forget any of the vintage shops and the stores that aren’t in your area. I don’t know if you are a vintage girl or not. Do I dare say finding at least one pair of shoes or a trip to Mac Cosemetics if the trip budget allows it?

  7. Hi Agzy,

    I have been following your blog for sometime, and I think its fabulous. I also have a ticket for the Royal Premier, because of the price of the ticket none of my friends want to spend that kind of money so close to Christmas, so I will be on my own. I wonder would Judit and Linda like to meet up with me?. It would be great to meet and talk with other supporters of Richard.


    • That’s wonderful June! I’m sure they will really enjoy that and we’ll be seeing the movie together the following day, if you’d like to join us that would be great 🙂

  8. I’m heading up to NYC to meet up w others who will go to the premiere, but my ticket & other RA fan’s will be for the Sunday night after the opening in Philly mainly because the mall traffic will be hell holiday season Fri & Sat night! You gals have fun in London!

  9. Agzy I would love to join you, if I’m not exhausted from all the excitement the day before. Thank you for your invitation.
    Judit and Linda I’m sorry you have experienced problems with the CTBF, I would urge you both to call them asap to find out what is happening. I feel that as they have not given you a refund that all will be ok.

    • Hello June! I received my silver membership card from CTBF earlier this week.So the ticket should be OK as well, except that I purchased the it first and then paid the membership fee some days later… It should have been the other way round! You’re right, I should call them rather than email.. I sent them some enquiries by email already but they haven’t answered so a call would be better I suppose. I’d love to meet up with you, so please get in touch (Agzy has my email address)!

    • Sorry I haven’t responded to your comment. It got lost in the shuffle and now I feel bad We’d love to meet up in London. We’re catching The Hobbit on Thu at 4pm, so will probably be ready to hit the pub about 7.30pm, so if at any time you’d like to join us for mad gushing, you are very welcome!

  10. Hello Judit. I hope you now have everything sorted out with the CTBF. Its a good sign that you have received your membership. I assume Agzy has my email address as well, it would be great to be in touch.

  11. A co my mamy powiedziec jak nasi dystrybutorzy 2 tygodnie po swiatowej premierze zamierzaja udostepnic film w Polsce?

    • I bardzo dobrze! Niech każdy spędzi te 2 tygodnie przed świętami BN szykując się na ten ważny czas, a nie tam karły i smoki w głowie 😉
      Do garów, do galerii handlowych, do okien mycia się zabierać, a nie czarna magia w 3D w głowie 😉


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