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Dear Ladies, xx Kisses from Richard xx

Happy International Woman’s Day!

Let’s seal it with an Armitage kiss 🙂

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Happy Woman’s Day!

It’s March 8th

Happy Woman’s Day!

Although it was originally called International Working Woman’s Day and started as a Socialist political event, it has since blended into a  day of appreciation for women and has lost its political flavour.

During communism the standard gift women received were carnations and nylon stockings.

Nowadays we settle for a bunch of tulips and a box of chocolates 🙂

Here are some WWII posters from the USA

And here are some from the other side of the Iron Curtain

Dobrobyt wsi, to dobrobyt miast

Pozdrawiamy kobiety pracujące

Chodź! razem z nami

Uprzejmie i szybko obsługujemy ludzi pracy

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