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This needed to be done…

Richard Armitage New York glamour December 2012 glasses taxi

I just have time for a quick post today.

The following needed to be done badly…

Richard Armitage glasses

I can only regret that it stylists didn’t see fit to incorporate the glasses, therefore forcing me to bend reality using my trusty Photoshop.

We’ve waited forever for people to realise what a wonderful actor Richard is, now I’ll be waiting eternity for some stylist to realise he looks amazing in glasses.

People need to go back and rewatch Armitage stuff, like a certain John pretending to be Lucas pretending to be a Russian millionaire…

Richard Armitage Glamour photo shoot glasses

This girl could really make passes at such a guy wearing glasses…

Dear stylists, snap to it 🙂

Richard Armitage cardigan glasses New York The Hobbit

A Post in which I Play Catch-Up

Sorry I’ve been away for a few day.

My regular readers will remember that I’ve been moaning about writing the first chapter of my thesis paper all summer.

I extended my first deadline, missed the second and ignored the official one that was set for last Saturday.

On Sunday I got a semi-angry email from my professor basically asking WTF!

Nothing inspires you more than a good old shock to the system, and seeing as I was blocked with half the writing already done, I sat down on Monday to finish that annoying thing that’s been looming over me for almost 3 months.

The final deadline I set for myself was Thursday, and I’m happy to report I was able to email the chapter that evening.

What’s even better is the positive feedback I got after my professor read it.

Although I have no doubt it will come back dripping with red ink, she really liked what I had written, much to my relief.

Sitting down and typing isn’t a natural activity for me.

I’ll usually write a paragraph, get up, empty the dishwasher, get started on dinner, sit down and write some more, pop out to the shop, check my emails, write another paragraph…

I’m just happy the block is over.

While I was busy with my thesis, there were a few things I’d been meaning to write and a few projects using PS that I had an idea for, so I hope I’ll have time at the weekend to fiddle with them.

tThere was even a post I didn’t finish and publish on Tuesday, so let me play catch-up and, with a few alterations, dump them all here.

If someone had told me a month ago that a cuddly soft version of Thorin would be available, I’d think I’d be all over it.

It really is cute, although I’m disappointed with the tamed mane and beard.

Would it have hurt them to make the hair a little longer?

Isn’t that a characteristic feature of our favorite dwarf?

They’ve got the angry eyes down to a tee though!

The mascot really is adorable and I think the design is well executed.

The truth is, as I’m on a tight budget right now, I need to pick and choose which Oakenshield merchandise I’d like to send my money on.

Maybe if I didn’t have the financial constraints, I’d be able to buy anything that had The Hobbit/Armitage image on it.

I’d be sitting around waiting for the postman to bring my fan goodies which I could photograph and display here 🙂

Well, I don’t think I’d be buying anything with Thorin on it.

Posters and calendars are out of the question, as my flat has a serene minimalistic theme, and I’d like to keep it that way.

I adore Thorin, but I loathe clutter more.

Another aspect of my reluctance to buy any of the Thorin items is exclusivity.

In the past only a handful of lucky fans managed to get their hands on merchandise connected to Richard Armitage.

ItsJSfor Me  is the proud owner of a number of Guy of Gisborne figures, and created my favorite band of rascals, The Lils!

What made them unique (apart from leading a jet-set lifestyle that I for one am jealous of) is that most of us wouldn’t be able to buy a Plastic Gizzy, even if we tried.

Talk about getting your hands on an incredibly special item, I laughed, and cry, when reading Servetus‘ thoughts after she received her WETA Thorin Oakenshield figure.

Let’s not forget the Captain America Costume Card which I didn’t even knew existed, until Servetus spilled the beans that she was the proud owner of.

The truth is, I feel like it’s all or nothing.

I’m afraid that if I say yes to one item, I’ll want the others and the Hobbit merchandise really does seem endless.

A cute Thorin mascot means figure means books means mugs….

Where does it end?

Maybe I just haven’t come across Thorin merchandise that I’d like to stick on my Birthday or Christmas wish list yet.

I’m sure the good people being The Hobbit merchandise are working hard to remedy that 😉

Maybe subconsciously I’m trying to pace myself as many MANY other items will become available and there’ll be more to choose from.

There’s a possibility that once the Thorin merchandise floodgates open, I’m be living in a Oakenshield hoarding paradise.

Is anyone else getting these feelings?

Are you all in the throes of fanguring heaven, dropping your hard-earned dosh? 

Should I just shut up and start spending?

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