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Thorin is spreading and I can’t make him stop (where are Orcs when you need them!!!)

I don’t know about you, but I always enjoy posts which feature pics of bloggers in their natural habitat and am often confused that they actually exist in RL in oppose to being conveniently placed right inside my laptop.

Today I will be posting tiny peeks into Chez AgzyM, dust bunnies, vinyl wallpapers and all 😉

There’s a room in my flat which has  a set of shelves on the left hand side as you enter.

chez1Even before I move in, I started collecting fancy little shoe figurines and added the Andy Warhol Shoe book of illustration to the mix.

It was a cute feature, but it was time for a change…

You see, I’ve been fiddling about and in the meantime my Erebor has been slowly taken over!

 Thorin had been creeping into my flat (I have a sneaking suspicion he found my secret dwarf door and just used his key…and I don’t mean that in a dirty way…).

It started with London Thorin, a gift from my BFF while we were in London in 2012 to see The Hobbit AUJ.

chez 2

Then this Christmas I added Anime Thorin to the collection (thanks not-so-secret- Santa!).

chez 3

Then a beautiful Thorin stamp rounded things up (I’ll be changing the stamp background today, I think I can do a bit better and it certainly deserves it…).

chez 4

OK, three is hardly a company of dwarves, so Lego Thorin was added to strengthen the group.

chez 5

When you’ve already let decency go, it’s easy to go from four to five, so that’s how I ended up with Heroclix Thorin.

chez 6

If we add my own Stockingface Thorin who remains blind, so he won’t be battling dragons any time soon…

chez 7

….that makes SIX Thorins in one woman’s flat!

Slightly excessive, no?

I gathered my company of dwarves on my bookshelves, but the written word started to fight back, so I’ve succumbed and gave the shoes the boot…

chez 8

One bookshelf is hardly excessive, but then, if I’m honest, that’s not the only place where RA pops up.

There’s an Action Figure Gizzy on the way (and I’m still not ready to talk about that particular impulse buy…).

Gizzy will come stomping his feet, clad in squeaking leather, wielding his sword, and will find the lodgings somewhat cramped…

There’s my Pop Art Richard Pic that’s standing right by my front door (and contrasts the authentic 20s telephone pretty nicely, right?):

chez 9Then there’s the kitchen.

I really liked the beautiful card from Guylty and thought it’s go well with my 60s Polish ĆmielĂłw figurines that are right above my cooker:

chez 10

I dare not think who else will set up camp in Chez AgzyM (although I’m certain it won’t be Weta Thorin, at least till I win the lottery…).

Other RA items are put away, for now, although last night I dreamed up a board where I could display all the beautiful cards I’ve received from my Armitage Admirer friends.

I’ll keep you posted…

Oh, and Sir PJ, as you vacation in luxurious exotic locations and I freeze my bollocks off, you’re very welcome 😉


I think Stamp Thorin looks much better… onto the shelf it goes!

chez 11

Love doesn’t cost a thing, but admiring Thorin doesn’t come cheap…

The time has come for the good folks behind The Hobbit to start digging in our pockets.

Good luck trying to squeeze a penny out of me, as all they’ll find in mine is a used-up tissue and some lint 😉

It’s been wonderful reading about all the purchases though!

Seba just received his The Hobbit Annual 2013.

It looks absolutely beautiful!

You can’t beat gorgeous images on high-quality glossy paper.

Check out the lovely pics he’s posted, like the one on top 🙂

A few days ago Servetus shared her thoughts on the WETA Thorin figure she’s bought, and it really is a thing of beauty!

It’s in three parts, and let me tell you, if you haven’t read it, you must make the time!

I was so moved, I didn’t dare leave a comment.

In Part One she shares her conflicting thoughts on the character, Part Two offers thoughts on the figure,  Part Three had me in tears.

Jas has listed Thorin items that you can purchase and urges you to crack open the piggy bank.

Some speak to me more than others, although the one I’d spend my money on isn’t (as of yet) on offer.

I’d love a Thorin Bobblehead!

Don’t ask me why, I just would.

It could just sit on my desk or by my bed, agreeing with me all day!

Thanks Jas for making my Thorin Bobblehead dream come true!

I was wondering what I will end up buying, apart from the DVD’s.

A poster is out of the question, as I wouldn’t actually hang it up, and I can’t afford the WETA figure.

The Gentle Giant Bust looks too scary, plus why get the Armitage as Thorin image if it’s not his whole body?

Yes, I do understand the concept of ‘the bust’, but what about those sexy dwarf thighs and bum?

And does he have to look like he’s driven that sword right through his foot?

Don’t get me wrong, it looks like it’s made beautifully, but perhaps not a must for a Richard Armitage fan.

I also have to bear in ming my other Hobbit crush meaning Aidan Turner who plays Kili.

Yeah, I’m going to give that a miss too…

Unless they’d let me pick n’ mix and I could get just the Thorin and Kili figure from this set:

Images from The Fwoosh

Apart from the WETA figure, nothing on offer has screamed at me as of yet.

I’ll get a Thorin mug made soon, and I’ll design a few T-shirts for the Hobbit premier, but as far as I can tell, that’s all for now.

Having said that, there’s probably tons of yummy Thorin Oakenshield merchandise ahead, so never say never!

Best start diving between the sofa cushions and saving up those pennies 🙂

What will you be getting?

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