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Armitage Weekly Round-Up Week 8

armitage 8

Welcome to week 8 of the Armitage Weekly Round-up.

 Guylty almost developed a case of sprained finger and wrist from clicking up and down the Tumblr feed to pick out the best of microblogging, so check out the Tumblr Round-Up for week 8.


Here are the RA/Hobbit/OT posts, I hope they brighten up your day 🙂

Still spReAding the love!

ZaRYSIOwana serves up some Heartbreaking Guy (Polish, breathtaking photos)

Some more Guy, courtesy of Zan, sunny-side up

A Guy waking dream is enough to brighten up the day

The best image to recommend John Porter apart from naked Porter abs and pecks

Need a portable RA shrine? Guylty’s got it covered

Prue Batten’s Guy of Gisborne’s books really can be a Friday Favorite

Does Richard suffer from gynopogonophobia? *checks for stray chin hairs*

On Nazgûl’s– I love a man in black…


Hey, have you ever wondered if you might be *gulp* Smaug?

Grati looks at the simple gifts of love.

The RA thumb appreciation society seems to be growing, right Siriouslygrednforge? And a word/image from the RATAS founder

Dwarf+Brainstorming= This

The perfect hot beverage to sip on when reading The Hobbit

It warms my heart when Richard is included in a “perfect casting” pick. Make it so!

I really need to pack a suitcase and head to Hobbiton (and yes, I know I say that almost every week)


Will Comic Con get the dwarf treatment in 2014? Here’s to hoping!

To celebrate, how about a Dwarvicise video to build up a sweat (an oldie but goodie).

Hey dwarves, let’s get physical!

Don’t forget to check out Guylty’s Tumblr Round-Up!

Armitage Weekly Round-Up Week 7

armitage 7 valentine

This is week 7 of the Armitage Weekly Round-Up.

To see what the written word was up to this week, check out Arkenstone’s fanfiction round-up.

As always, Tumblr has been buzzing with excitement and Guylty has compiled a list of the  cream-of-the-crop posts.

This is a special edition of the RA Weekly Round-Up as we celebrate Valentine’s day and nothing brings to mind a little bit of good ol’ fashioned luvvvv like Richard Armitage!

Thorin 5

This week sees the first RAworld Secret Valentine, as lovingly created by Guylty (thanks Miss!).

I don’t know about you, but I really enjoyed going through all the cards, vids and letters and it warmed the cockles of my frozen heart to see evidence of friendship, affection and a heavy sprinkling of RA admiration.

But then we’ve been spReAding the love for a while now!

Valentine’s / Love posts

Here’s a Richard Armitage fan message video from The Anglophile:

Guylty celebrates Valentine’s with pizzazz

I agree with Obscura, nothing says love like a bit of blood sacrifice!

With two extremely hunky Valentine’s from fantasy land no bother there are no RL ones to just pale in comparison

The only thing better than an RA bum post is if it’s placed in a Valentine context. The perfect storm

If you know what I do for a living, you’ll have little doubt I regard grammar as a bit of a turn on 😉

Shut Up and Kiss Me! is an entirely appropriate thing to tell Richard on Valentine’s Day!

Perfect song for Valentine’s Day AND a Friday! Good one Kelbel!

Celebrate Valentine’s like a Fangirl! (advice for next year!)



Uttering: “Richard, I’m behind you” may be a dream come true or cause to call the authorities 😉 Anyway, congrats Magwi!

No catchphrase can beat the original: “Hey, Richard Armitage, I think your G-string is a bit tight…” (even stranger still, my spell-check insists it should be “you’re g-string”…).

Is Thornton a man of low self-esteem? I wish I could kiss it and make it all better…

If Harry is your pen/email pal, you’re in luck! Plenty of news from Dibley

And he’ll cook the books for you too!

I always thought Richard was a Beanie Baby 😉

More on Richard’s sartorial decisions! (if good-looking people don’t know how to dress well, I say they should just go around in their undies/nude!).

*grabby hands* No, I don’t need that Moleskin Hobbit notebook, shut up, I want it, my precious…!

All together now:

Hey Ricky, you’re so fine, you’re so fine you blow my mind!

Hey Ricky! *claps hands” Hey Ricky!

Talking about music, here are the notes of Middle Earth

On misogyny and being a geek

Armitage Army card

I hope you have a great week and I’ll be back tomorrow to show you what I got from my Tumblr Valentine from Switzerland (yes, there’s chocolate involved!).

Armitage Weekly Round-Up Week 6

armitage 6

Welcome to week 6 of the Armitage Weekly Round-Up.

As always the list is by no means exhaustive so please leave links in comments to posts you found interesting and I did not include.

Arkenstone proves that the pen is mightier than the sword (sorry Guy) and has compiled the hottest fanfiction offerings of the week.

Guylty put aside Valentine’s issues long enough to compile a list of what Tumblr so lovingly provided.

It might not have been the best week for many of us (please remember that there are people you can talk to), but thanks to a good Armitage cheer even the most gloomy of days become brighter.


Case in point, Guylty is going full (luv) steam ahead with the RAworld Secret Valentine!

I’m super excited about it, especially that I can’t remember blogs ever collectively celebrating Valentine’s Day and yet we spend the rest of the year sharing our Armitage luvvv!

If you haven’t signed up but have had a change of heart and would like to participate, I’m sure Guylty wouldn’t turn you away, so come join us!

Talking about a little love:


Time Square? More like Smooch Square!

And on the topic feelings, we are still spReAding the love!


RA/Hobbit/OT posts:

Fedoralady relies on an old friend to keep her warm

Talking on Gizzy, he can give a jumper a beating, right?

Sometimes a gal just has to take a step back (but hopefully will come back soon)

Not sure about Captain America without the dashing geeky Heinz Kruger…

Guy of Gisborne counts down the days

Swooning Maruca on being a bunch short of a fruit basket for your online crush

Moody Thorin has finally reached his final destination and is guarding a very special place of fangirl worship

Not good when it says strapping and you accidentally read it as strap-on…

And the award to the thief of my heart goes to…. Oh, and the Anglophile thingy too

Kelbel75 is still on her Alphabet Movie challenge and she visits the Dales and uncovers some hidden treasures


Thank You for traveling with Armitage Airways!

I’m tempted to pack my bags and go live in a hole

Dream a little dream of Richard (and what could be better…)

OT: KatherineD recs the best Aussie show TV has to offer

I can’t help hearting that sassy elf!

Welcome to the world of blogging, Girl who stumbled over Richard!

I guess that’s a no to Armitage, Richard Armitage!

Malice Aforethought dodgy mustache coming right up…

…with a side-dish of Richard booty!

OMG Obscura, that just gave me feels

OT: Nothing wrong with a bit of Tom on the side!

For those who know “period drama” doesn’t refer to PMS!


Golden Oldies:

This post on (alleged) clothes swapping between Thraduil Lee and Thorin Richard reminded me how much I love to read posts about celebs and their fashion choices.


One of the most interesting blogs that specializes in nitpicking Richard’s attire is Jonia’s RA Vogue and Style!

(photos open OK in explorer but not in firefox for some reason…)

Jonia digs deep and takes one for the team to stare at Armitage pictures and try to determine what clothes he’s wearing.

I hope there’s plenty more to come, so continue digging Jonia 🙂

I hope you enjoyed week 6 and I’ll see you next week for another round-up!

Armitage Weekly Round-Up Week 3

Armitage 3

This round-up will be a little on the lean side.

I’ve had a tough week and I’m hoping that you will educate my ignorant arse as to the comings and goings of Mr A this week by adding links I’ve missed in comments 😉

the arkenstone weekly woun-up fanfiction

Arkentone has swept like a literature eagle to come up with the most tempting fanfiction reads of the week.

I have been reading fanfiction on Dreamer Fiction and I highly recommend it.

Guylty armitage weekly round-up tumblr

Guylty dishes out treats that have appeared on Tumblr, so catch up on the best, craziest or plain odd stuff peeps have been coming up with.

RAflash event

The RA Flash Fan Event, as dreamed up by Frenzy, will run till the 19th of January.

Although I will not be linking separately to the posts, there are so many great ones which are inspired by the theme of “I Saw Something Fine!” so I highly recommend you check it out!


It seems that it’s this week (of all weeks….) Richard got his thespian on in NY.


Here are links to posts that are connected with the event:

The event name should have been changed from Pinter/Proust to Me/Jealous, but reading Perry’s account made it much better.

On how Richard is a heart thief! (tumblr)

And EVEN MORE stealing! I’m starting to see a pattern, Richard!

Marie has the Armitage blues 😦

I’d imagine sitting on Richard’s lap must be the best seat in the house!

Thoughts on “On Stage” Richard

How about some beautiful pics of “Stage Door” Richard?

Some lovely Armitage/event pics courtesy of Russian Armitage Fans

More beautiful shots of our precious…

And THE BEST picture I’ve seen: Z and Richard make a dashing pair!

All together now:

Z and Richard sittin’ in a tree…


tumblr_mzk8fxaM6z1qly4zao1_500Source: Sketchavie

Here are general Armitage/Hobbit/OT posts:

Will Smaug get its claws on any more gold (maybe in the shape of a little metallic man)?

Like I need ANOTHER Armitage daydream to contemplate!!

All signs point to a possible visit from Richard (at least that’s what Obscura thinks…)

Jazz marks the day when A03 (a fanfiction site) is the best source of reliable news

More on Proust… kinda…

I though A is for Armitage!

Thou shall be smouldering hot! and other commandments

I’ve always said Richard is a tall glass of water 😉

Serv unearths this interesting piece on how Chinese women can’t get enough of slash… welcome on board ladies!

Richard and apples (ps. did I mention Richard’s mum looks eerily just like mine…)

Maria Grazia interviews photographer to the stars

Richard can converse with me whichever way he likes!

The stages of Armitage Fever (aspirin doesn’t help…)

The passing of the man who created the hilarious character of Owen in The Vicar Of Dibley made me very sad 😦

Spread the love 1 Richard Armitage

We are still spReAding the love!

Don’t forget to note your act of kindness to ensure we snag the whole 200 GBP for Richard’s JustGiving charities!

thorin stockingface

No Golden Oldies this week, but I’ll be back next week with a double dose, OK?

Don’t forget to check out the fanfiction round-up by Arkie and Guylty’s Tumblr best.

See you next week 🙂

Armitage Weekly Round-Up Week 1

I’m introducing a new series to IWantToBeAPinUp that will appear each weekend and will feature RA blog posts that have caught my eye in the past seven days.

I have enlisted the cooperation of Arkenstone and Guylty to comb through the internet in search of RA, OT, Hobbit and fandom-related goodies.

We’re busy bees so we can’t be everywhere at all times, not to mention that I personally have the attention span of a drunk ant, so please feel free to add links to things that you’d like to share both here or over at the other two blogs.

You can also check out my BlogSpot blogroll to find out what bloggers have posted recently.

Please consider leaving comments and likes at blogs you visit 🙂

Armitage Weekly round-up week 1

Armitage Weekly Round-Up Week 1

This week is going to be a bit of a mess.

I’ve included some Christmas posts in the round-up and may have linked to posts that have already done the rounds, so forgive me, next week should be better organized.

I’ve ended up including things from almost 2 weeks, so there’s plenty to pick through.

I’m also introducing a Golden Oldies section that will highlight a few amazing  posts from the past.

the arkenstone weekly woun-up fanfiction

Arkenstone is doing an Armitage Weekly Round-Up: Fanfiction which features some of the highlights of what our writer fandom friends have to offer.

Guylty armitage weekly round-up tumblr

Guylty has braved the wildest of jungles to compile the Armitage Weekly Round-up: Tumblr so you can catch up on the mayhem that corner of Armitageville has to offer.

Spread the love 1 Richard Armitage

January sees the kick-off of the spReAd the love campaign (click here to learn more about it).

It will last throughout 2014 and celebrates the generosity of this fandom in local communities.

Additionally, each donation or act of kindness noted till the end of February here or here will mean a £1 donation to Armitage’s Just Giving Charities (to a £200 max).

All you have to do is leave a comment at either Jazz’s or Obscura’s blog (anonymously if you like) or send them an email.

Thank you to the generous collaboRAtor who has pledged this sum!

And remember, a good way to spReAd the love is to spReAd the word 🙂

xmas goodies

Christmas/New Year’s Goodies:

Firstly, Christmas courtesy of Richard Armitage Bulgaria Facebook, came a little late this year.

I definitely approve of this Guy of Gisborne prequel stuffed in my stocking!


Angie reminisces about Christmases past (very moving) and there’s a new video to celebrate the season too.

This Cinderella will go to the ball!

  Morrighansmuse knows, much like a wizard, an RA Christmas video is never late, she also reflects on fangirling in 2014

Guylty’s present from her hubby may well take the cake. Well played Sir!

Herba offers a counter-offer present. Again, well played Madam!

This is one lapland I wouldn’t mind visiting

Frenzy gives herself a treat

No more fear, no more guilt, no more shame! Hear, Hear!

Grati celebrates the end of the year with an important anniversary (Congrats!)

Christine has had quite the year, so spread a bit of love her way

Siriuslygrednforge reflects on her year of Richarding and blogging

ra and ot

Non-Xmas posts:

Can someone tell me why KatherineD doesn’t have her own blog? She takes on the BBC in a guest post

CDoart weighs in on the fourth wall issue, so does Frenzy

KatherineD has got her mind on the (hobbit) money and the money on her mind

I didn’t think Richard is old enough to be of interest to an archaeologist

An amazing Geek calendar for 2014 featuring a few familiar faces

A bit OT, I think Smaug needs mouthwash

Surely being spoofed is a sign of success?

Talking about twisting reality, I hope Richard’s dog Spinee is OK

Jonia’s Armitage wine is coming along nicely. Bottom’s up!

 I’m sure time would fly if a certain MI5 operative was keeping tabs, but what happens if you especially love a particular picture? get stuck on that month?

Thorin get’s royally screwed

Grimmella takes on the issue of Tolkien and gender

Fabolaktuko goes on her own unexpected journey and takes on another Middle Earth challenge (heavy page)

This is why Richard wears such tight pants!

Slightly OT: does anyone else think Bard is a bit huba-huba?

Morrighansmuse plays the Hobbit number game

Richard suits up for DOS rounds

Not enough arrows in the world could point to where I’d do it…

The Durin Boys have been having a tough time of it lately

Fandom Compulsion, it always starts off so innocently but the process is the same no matter who the object of your affections is…

I agree with Kathrynruthd, RL stuff such as working interferes too much with fangirling!

Bloggers celebrate their annual blogging results: Serv, Fedoralady and Knightleyemma.

Congrats and many more!

Golden Oldies

Golden Oldies:

Each week I will be dusting off some of the best posts that have been published within the RA fandom.

If you’d like to suggest a post/series please link in comments.


Have you met Stick-figure Richard?

You can check out his entire history here.

He resides over at Nat’s place and is the lothario of the stick-figure world.

You can even follow him on Twitter, although he’s rather too busy living his jet-set lifestyle to be tweeting about it.

Check out other Armitage Weekly Round-up’s courtesy of Arky and Guylty.

Also, please include any other links I may have missed in comments.

 See you next week 🙂

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