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Richard’s a Big Boy and he dresses himself :)

I’ve already revealed my desire to dress and undress Richard, but I guess I’m only too happy to watch him do it all by himself ūüėČ

I wonder if, like me, he first get’s dressed and then washes his teeth, leaving toothpaste drool on his clothes.

Richard Armitage I dress myselfsmall

What’s his “around the house” outfit?

Is there a stretched out/shrunk T-shirt that should have been binned a decade ago and a pair of comfy tracksuit bottoms he puts on when he gets home?

Does he separate his wardrobe into “good clothes” and “normal clothes” you wear every day, or is that just a post communistic thing?

What does he wear to feel snug after a tough day?

Slippers or barefoot?

Iron everything or nothing at all?

Maybe hang stuff in the bathroom so the steam gets the biggest creases out?

Dress so¬†he’s never too hot or never too cold?

Does he pair socks the moment they come off the washing line, or is every morning a dash to find two identical ones?

So many questions that I’d like to know the answers to¬†for no other reason than to quench my nosey fangirl¬†thirst!

The Elusive Tornado

I’ve been thinking¬†quite a lot about what’s next for Richard Armitage.

OK, I’ve been thinking a lot about Richard, and one of the topics, apart from those thunder thighs donned in a gorgeous suit,¬† is what’s in store for him.

Remember when the wonderful Bccmee made this poster a year ago almost to the day?

We still didn’t know what would be its title, although Category Six was the working title.

A year has passed, and it all seems as muddled now as it did back then.

RAFrenzy wrote about whether it’s time to get our tornado gear ready for Black Sky, and I was already getting my willies (LOL! typo¬†and it’s staying there!)¬†out of the fangirling wardrobe…

Then this popped up in my Twitter feed:

Black Sky Twitter

As far as I know, no reply to the last question came.

What does it all mean?

Did Nathan Kress, who stars alongside Richard in Black Sky, simply get his dates wrong?

Are we to wait another year while things get settled?

As far as I know ( and please feel free to correct me if I’m wrong), but it seems that everyone is staying mum on the topic of the release date.

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